When the ghost heard the strange call, his face was full of panic, and he was so squeal that he disappeared in vain.
Mrs. Meng narrowly escaped death and was in shock. She recognized that the strange call should be from the ghost king.
Although I don’t know that there is a change that scares the ghost king, Mrs. Meng doesn’t want to visit Bai.
Afraid that the ghost would come back, she didn’t dare to rest, but flew out of here more quickly.
Seeing that the Ghost King was not able to earn from the soft fingers for a while was overjoyed. Yang Xiu did not consider the spiritual consumption, and the whole body flashed with a roar. Seeing that Yang Xiu’s body suddenly soared (the dark green cassock is a magic weapon, but he can wear Yang Xiu’s body shape change without worrying about it), he is taller than one, his legs are like pillars, and there are adults with thick waist and muscles, and his face is covered with fine blood. The blue veins are exposed, but he has made use of the magical power "Giant Base Technique" attached to "Been Earth Tactics"
After the operation of the giant base, the spiritual power was consumed just now. Now Yang Xiuti’s aura is less than a quarter of the original aura, but he is not worried that he still has a lot of body fluid.
Yang Xiu’s transformation from the giant base suddenly felt that his body was full of poor power. Some loose fingers and soft fingers trapped the ghost king even more tightly, making it completely unable to escape the burning of hot red sand and howl in the hot red sand.
Just as Yang Xiu controlled the soft fingers and purple jade gourd, there was another loud noise behind him, but it turned out that the ghost of heaven came back and bombarded the younger generation of Yang Xiu. Every time he caught the dragon pattern match and the dark blue robe in Yang Xiu, the screen was dark, but it finally persisted.
This Yang Xiu heart decided to hide anyway, but the ghost attack simply attacked the ghost and at the same time increased the bondage and burning of the ghost king
Yang Xiu also desperately vowed to kill the ghost king first before the day ghost broke the dragon pattern match and the deep blue robe defense.
Yang Xiu’s simultaneous control of so many magic weapons, reiki and divine knowledge consumption is not comparable to flat production.
Reiki is forget it. He has ten thousand years’ spirit fluid, but the consumption of god knowledge still can’t be mended for a while. Yang Xiu is very confused and dizzy.
However, he dared not let himself faint in the heat, and his teeth had bitten deeply into his lips and tried to stay awake.
God knows that the ghost king is about to be attacked when he hears the cry of the ghost king and has induction with each other.
It didn’t take long for Yang Xiu’s waist dragon pattern to become dim.
Listen to "Ding", a crunchy dragon pattern match will complete its mission.
Chapter 14 Help
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Yang Xiu look the same or cling to control the ghost king.
However, he has felt that the ghost king is struggling in the hot red sand, and his strength is getting smaller and smaller to protect his body, and his black spirit is getting weaker and weaker. Now he is not worried that the ghost king will be able to break free from the shackles of soft fingers.
This moment is when Yang Xiu and Tiangui fight. See if he refines the ghost king first or Tiangui breaks the defense of the dark blue cassock first.
But now it is obvious that the ghost king will be the first to be exhausted and trapped in the hot red sand. It is already a spent force and even it will not last long.
And after Yang Xiu’s deep green robe is finished, he can resist the ghost’s bones and claws for a while.
A cloud of smoke changed, and a burst of green light emerged from the ghost. When Yang Xiu saw it, he wondered, "Is it possible that things have changed again? Is there any powerful spell that the ghost hasn’t made this day?"
After seeing the power of the ghost, Yang Xiu’s heart is about to decide the outcome. Finally, his head is somewhat worried
Demon cloud green light dispersed present situation another Yang Xiu remained.
It’s not that I’m going to use any magic, but that the original tall and hideous ghost has returned to the prototype and turned into a pink and chubby cute baby floating in the middle of the room and crying.
In a moment, the baby’s pink face will be gutted by tears. This situation is simply pitiful. Where is the fierce gesture just now, people can’t help but feel pity, which means that the most vicious monster will probably not have the heart to treat this cute little baby.
Yang Xiu saw the prototype of the ghost in the sky, and I thought it should be that the ghost king was trapped in the hot red sand, and the resistance could not control the attack of the ghost, so this day the ghost would be like this.
Opportunity is rare for fear of giving birth to any variables. Of course, Yang Xiu won’t let go, and he won’t have any compassion. Raise his hand and imprison the ghost in the hands of Gan Kun.
After observing for a while, the ghost didn’t wear it in the hands of Gan Kun, and didn’t hurt Jiman and the host of the cloud-controlled soul beast to hang up.
The ghost king felt that the ghost was about to be in trouble and wanted to rush out of the hot red sand, but his body was trapped by the soft fingers and the hot red sand hurt him for a long time, and he even lost his roaring strength. It was a low cry, full of nai and grief, and the other listener did not cry.
"alas! This ghost king already has feelings! " Yang Xiu was a little surprised to plan the horse to make it go up in smoke. At this moment, my heart suddenly had another calculation.
This ghost king has been no less than the Godsworn in the Dan period, and he can also control the fate of the ghost. If he can take the ghost king away, what resistance will it be!
Although now the ghost king looks with his last breath, Yang Xiu can’t be careless if he lets it escape, the consequences are really unbearable.
"I know you can understand me. If you are willing to submit to me, I will withdraw this hot red sand and spare your life." Yang Xiuyin is so cold that he doesn’t have any feelings. If there is a disagreement, let it pass away.
"You’ve loosened my bondage and I’m willing to submit to you." I didn’t expect the ghost king to be able to spit out people’s words. Although the sound is slow, dry and hoarse, it makes people feel goose bumps like grinding their teeth, but now that they can communicate normally, things will be easy.
"I think you’ve been doing ghosts for a long time and your head has become dull. Do you think I’ll let you out so easily?" Yang Xiu a sneer or said anyway, the longer the delay, the more dangerous the ghost king will be, and the better for Yang Xiu.
"There want me? Now that I’m like this, are you still worried that I can still hurt you? " Ghost king some weak and some nai way.
"I heard that you ghosts each have a soul spirit. I’m a little curious at first sight. I wonder if you can satisfy my curiosity and show your soul spirit?"
Yang Xiu is still unhurried and insipid, but when he speaks, he makes the ghost king’s fierce face show panic and fear.
Although the terrible ghost king, but still car-scrapping way