You know, when Yuan Heng spent all his years in a dark world with chaos and silence, he didn’t collapse, melted chaotic nutrients and was able to temper a great will. How could it be without such a strong heart?
Unfortunately, theory is always just theoretical hardware, and it must be supported by software.
"Hey, if that’s the case …"
Suddenly, Yuan Heng felt a shock in his heart. He suddenly thought of a problem that he had never thought about …
Great law!
This Yuanheng got the only set of great magical powers from his own companion Lingbao.
In fact, since Yuan Heng’s spiritual path is getting deeper and higher, and correspondingly, when the magical power he created is getting stronger and stronger, the number of times that Yuan Heng made the magical power along with his own magical power is getting less and less.
It’s not that the great law is not strong enough, but it seems to be less and less powerful to the enemy Yuan Heng has to face at this time.
How high is Yuanheng’s strength now?
Yuan Heng’s strength has soared a lot since he was hidden from that avenue god. I’m afraid even Yuan Heng himself is a little fuzzy about how strong he is after he woke up.
Therefore, Yuan Heng’s present degree can pose a threat to him, and only the mixed element series is powerful.
And in the face of this level, the great laws of the strong can be played less and less-although in the face of the god of pick, it is almost a must …
But is the real power of the great law really only so much?
Genesis contains the only great magical power. According to Yuan Heng’s knowledge, it is necessary to be able to practice even ordinary acquired creatures, which are directly transformed, just like their first gods, who are generally able to cut roads retrograde and super strong!
Yuan Heng has always been extremely confused by such a great avatar.
You know, Genesis is only the top innate treasure on the surface, but others don’t know it. Yuan Heng himself doesn’t know it. Genesis was conceived according to the first Tianbao model at the beginning!
Even now, although some accidents have led to the failure of this Lingbao breeding treasure, its potential has not decreased, but has actually increased compared with the real Tianbao.
And this will happen to Genesis, the most essential part of Genesis-Great Laws? to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Unique god brew
"So that’s it …"
Heart suddenly suddenly it turns out that this is the lack of a core!
Yuan Heng used to be the core of his own will, but now Yuan Heng is discovering that the intentional power can reach the realm that the golden words and jade words described in the great laws are almost impossible.
No matter how powerful the force of will is, it is only a tangible force, and mana is just more elusive than that.
However, no matter how hard it is, the latest Jinxian realm is enough to condense the will of your own avenue.
Although everyone has the power of the heart, it can be actively motivated, but not everyone can do it.
Without this insight, even if you achieve mixed yuan, Luo Jinxian does not have this ability
Therefore, this great law can be divided into three levels. The first is to simply use magic to drive this kind of worst, but it can also be regarded as a powerful avatar.
The second is that the former Yuan’s constant will makes the third natural, that is, to make the mind power to exert this powerful magical power, so that several experts at the same level can compete with each other.
Strictly speaking, this third stage is the essence of this set of great magical powers, and this is the powerful magical power of the truly retrograde cutting series.
This is a means to make the heart strong!
Thought of here, Yuan Heng couldn’t help but feel excited. Isn’t this a combination with his profound mantra?
Yuanming Mind Mantra is a mind-training method and can make him mobilize more mental strength in the outside world, but it is very rough in mental strength skills;
However, the doctrine of great laws is different. Although it is tempered by the messenger in the kind of way of saying a word and doing everything, it takes almost no end to really take the initiative to bring out the power of the heart.
But on the contrary, it is the strength of the great law and the mind that makes the method so exquisite that it is no joke to think about the world.
If the two are combined, then …
Thought of here, Yuan Heng couldn’t help but get excited. This really found another way to merge into his own practice in the future. That’s really …
When Wang Shu recovered, he found that Yuan Heng, who was opposite, also started to stay and couldn’t help but feel funny.
Boy, the three of them actually sat together in a daze …
"Ha ha …"
Yuan Heng also smiled a big law to improve things. You can take your time after this.
"Since Sister Natural Disaster took out her fruit, my friend should also try to brew osmanthus wine."
Wang Shu also doesn’t care. Thanks to Yuan Heng, she still took out her own precious osmanthus wine.
Laurel is actually her body.
Looking at Shu Tong’s death is the same as the spirit root type. Since she took shape, her body, like most of the first gods, has been directly transformed and lost the ability to continue to grow flowers
Although she also cultivated some descendants from her own branches, these naturally cannot be compared with the original osmanthus fragrans.
These osmanthus-scented osmanthus brews were actually brewed when Wangshu had not yet taken shape.
Therefore, this is actually a dead end, and it is absolutely impossible for heaven and earth to have this grade of osmanthus wine in the future.
Its precious degree … You can imagine!
"Ha ha, let’s try it."
Wang Shu directly added a table among the three people, and with a wave of his hand, a yuet flashed and there was an extra bottle and three cups.
Wang Shu’s wine bottle and glass are different from Fuxi’s teacups and teapots. This is made by Taiyin Yuanjing, which is unique to Taiyin Star, but its grade is not inferior to that of Fengqishan Zirong Crystal, especially its yin and cold characteristics are more suitable for wine.
The three cups in front of the three people are directly wafted with the fragrance of osmanthus in the full moon, which is refreshing. When you smell the fragrance, you will feel a sense of relief and spring everywhere.
"Haha, I didn’t expect to be able to taste Sister Wang Shu’s most moon-scented osmanthus wine after being touched by Yuanheng Daoyouguang."
Natural disasters smell the flowers, look at what they are looking at, and slowly have a cup of flowers. When they feel this long-lost flower fragrance, they can’t help but smile.
The first time I tasted this kind of flower wine seemed to be before the meeting of 40 thousand yuan, right?
Yuan Heng looked at this scene and had to pick up this cup in front of himself and gently sip it.
"Good wine!"
Yuan Heng’s eyes lit up. This month, osmanthus wine is different from sake and ordinary strong wine. It is like wrapping him in an unprecedented warmth and tranquility with a small bite, as if he had returned to the feeling that he was still in the embryo of heaven and earth years ago, and was conceived by his mother on Avenue.
The lunar star is so cold that it can give birth to this sweet osmanthus fragrance?
Moreover, he didn’t expect the osmanthus brewing effect to be so good this month. This is actually a direct pregnancy and cultivation of Yuan Shen’s concise Yuan Lingshen!
"It’s a pity that if you can drink from time to time, I’m afraid you can transform the immortal spirit into a mixed sacred heart in the stage of picking up?"
I didn’t resist intoxication for a long time before I finished this small cup of osmanthus wine, and finally Yuan Heng regretted and sighed.
According to Yuan Heng’s feeling, this flower wine is better than his reality.
This can’t help but make him admire that he is a natural fruit, but a kind of congenital fruit, which was finally brewed by Nu Wa, a great creature.
"Haha, Daoyou is really joking. How can this thing be drunk all the time?"
Natural disasters first rolled their eyes, which was more greedy than her. Even she didn’t have the idea. She would be satisfied if she could taste a small glass every 10 thousand yuan.
"This is sister Wang Shu’s original body flower, which has been brewed and treasured for nearly a year. It may never appear again in the future …"
Speaking of natural disasters, I can’t help sighing that the first celestial brew may disappear in the long river …