Wang Shu and natural disasters looked at this group of light through the power of’ heart’ and were stupefied.
This is a faint unknown force, with no color and no specific shape. Yuan Heng just smiled faintly and didn’t move at all, but it saw a different color and different shape in the eyes of two girls.
This is a kind of power directed to the depths of the heart!
In Wang Shu’s eyes, a cold moon hangs high in the stars and nourishes everything. Everything breathes the essence of the Moon, and hundreds of millions of stars suppress every shock and circulation in the world. The star universe is stable and powerful.
And looking at this round of the moon seems to see a giant tree whose height is not high-this is the lunar laurel …
However, in the eyes of natural disasters, it is quite different. In her eyes, this palm reveals the embodiment of heaven and earth disasters, and it is not limited to floods, thunderstorms and other things. All products that can cause destruction are part of natural disasters.
Among them, there are more disasters looming, and the natural disasters are white. Once you can control all these disasters that have not appeared, the mixed road will be open to her.
It’s a pity that when the lunar star evolved to the end and the extreme lunar charm reached its peak …
When the last-day natural disasters are getting worse and worse, and everything on the earth is about to truly become the embodiment of natural disasters …
To an abrupt end!
At this time, the two goddesses suddenly woke up from the Taoist realm and stared at Yuan Heng with bitterness …
"Ahem …"
In the face of this matter, Kuang Yuanheng couldn’t help coughing awkwardly for two times. He didn’t know that this profound mantra actually had this effect.
"It seems that this secret method has great potential to be explored!"
Yuan Heng can’t help sighing in his heart that this secret distance is completely formed, and I don’t know how much energy and time it will take.
He doesn’t have hundreds of innate powers to help nowadays.
You know, now that all the temple members are here, I don’t know how long it will take to practice the secret method of mixed yuan and three realms
The level of Yuan Heng’s secret method can’t be compared with that of the secret method, but the actual level will never be low.
You know, this is the power of spiritual practice. Can the top secret method level be low?
"This is … mind power?"
Yuan Heng Cough finally woke up Wang Shu and two women, and now I can’t help blushing.
However, the shock in their hearts has not dispersed. This power is really terrible!
This is a kind of power that can directly penetrate deep into people’s hearts!
People are unpredictable!
What’s worse, the heart of God?
Or the sacred heart?
Heaven is boundless
The tunnel is hard to find
And humanity is within reach.
This is?
After all, heaven and tunnel have a possibility of being controlled by the almighty, but it is impossible to have a day of being controlled unless the road of destruction of heaven and earth collapses
This is?
On the one hand, because the mighty man of heaven and earth does not allow it
If you want to control humanity, should you also control them together?
You know, "people" refers to all living things in the world, even if they are the same as the previous gods!
If you want to control humanity, the first thing to do is for the whole world to defeat and suppress all the living things in the whole world. It is a challenge and it is only possible to win by fighting together.
On the other hand, humanity can’t be controlled by people, and one major factor is people’s hearts!
A man ‘s mind is unpredictable.
In this world, you should never attempt to completely control the heart of a living creature.
Even brothers who once lived and died together sometimes stabbed themselves in the back. Even lovers who love each other and spend all their years together can sometimes give you a big surprise …
This is the human heart!
People are fickle!
"We practitioners always emphasize that we must cultivate our mind and keep our mind clear, which is more important than wisdom, understanding, will and so on, but what is this?"
See two people completely restored state of mind qing yuan heng secretly nodded, the two people’s heart is good.
"Mind power is a kind of physical power, even if you fail to take the initiative, it is extremely important. It is hidden in the depths of your hearts and is always in our every move."
"Once the power of the heart is completely exhausted, it is not far from the time of self-destruction …"
It’s a pity that my secret method is not perfect and it’s impossible to continue to deduce it, otherwise …
"Well …"
Wang Shu two people thought of here also can’t help but sigh if just can continue to deduce it would be great …
Yuan Heng felt the surging power in his heart and could not help but feel some regret.
Theoretically speaking, the stronger the heart is, the greater the strength it can exert.