Yuan heng is not so optimistic. He has already felt a pressure.
Wang Shu this recruit unexpectedly will lunar star a will to arrival!
The horrible lunar will endows this round of moon with strong spiritual defense, which is not easy to control.
"Forget it. I’ve tested the signs of this secret method."
Heart silently measure yuan heng feel that’ heart’ power seems to be going to support not to live immediately frowned.
"glorious hand"
"Grab it!"
Hold out your other hand and make a virtual grab.
Covering the sky as if the whole world could be grasped in the hand, and the radiant hand suddenly appeared in the void.
Hold out your hand!
It’s just a palm to receive the sun, the moon and the stars!
The moon wheel stretching for millions of miles was actually directly held in the hand!
Then the suppression and sealing force will be directly pressed by the appearance!
A strong will radiates from the giant hand, and the eternal will directly compresses the original million-mile moon wheel.
But in just five breath.
This moon wheel, which stretches for millions of miles, was directly compressed into the size of a palm!
It turned out to be horrible, Ross!
"the amount? Is the lunar charm going to dissipate? "
God’s pupil keenly caught the silk gradually dissipating, and Yuan Heng frowned. If it dissipates, this thing can be used as a craft.
"deep inscription heart mantra"
Heart power flows out and wraps the mini moon wheel in your hand.
The spiritual chain that exudes the power of the heart will appear directly into it, and it will slowly dissipate, and the spiritual stability will then be integrated into it.
"Yuan Heng Daoyou, what power is this?"
Wang Shu and the natural disaster flew by in surprise when they saw the end of the matter, looking at the mini moon wheel.
It is obvious that this moon wheel exudes a slow throughput, and the spiritual force around it will be transformed into a unique lunar star force. The soft moonlight shines around it, and the moon wheels are glittering and translucent. The looming gods Wen Ruo are unexpectedly beautiful.
It is almost a small lunar star in the sky!
"Ha ha, two Taoist friends, let’s go and chat slowly."
Yuan Heng chuckled and nodded to show them around.
Looking around at all kinds of natural disasters, there seems to be a gray phoenix blowing their hair. Two women suddenly returned to the Dojo with Yuan Heng.
"Daoyou, this disaster is really a good innate spiritual fruit!"
Eat a fruit the size of a baby’s fist. Yuan Heng can’t help but shout
It’s true that I pity him for his great fortune and profound source of happiness, but so far there is no innate spiritual fruit that can support the facade.
Although this kind of congenital fruit is worse than Fuxi Nuwa’s congenital tea tree, it is not a little bit worse than that of Yuanheng polar ice crystal fruit.
Especially for the amount of robbery at this time is more miraculous.
Eating a fruit during the robbery period is enough to alleviate some of the emotional confusion caused by the robbery. This is the power to alleviate the disaster
Really envy, jealousy and hate …
"Hehe, Taoist friends can take more if they like."
Natural disasters chuckled and nodded, and directly took out ten of the one hundred fruits that had just matured.
"In that case, I have the audacity."
It is a common thing that these innate gods collect some special products from the other Dojo. Even if there is no cause and effect, no one will really care about this to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty The heart is changeable
After seeing Yuan Heng collecting these spiritual fruits, they talked about it. After that, Wang Shu and his wife finally could not help but be curious.
"Yuan Heng Daoyou just found out what that power is?"
Wang Shu recalled that he felt the familiar and unfamiliar force and frowned. "That kind of power is really strange and it is difficult for me to defend."
"Mana has some without willpower, but it can’t be completely defended."
"oh? So mysterious? "
Natural disasters have not felt this force directly, and they are not deeply felt in the Dojo. Although they feel that this force is really extraordinary, they have no deep feelings.
"Ha ha, this force is actually a force that everyone knows. You are unfamiliar with it and you have never really taken the initiative to transport it."
Yuan heng smiled and shook his head gently, and his heart moved to send out this force directly in the palm of his hand. Is it white? "