Wang Shu frowned and looked at Yuan Heng, especially when he saw the ten divine eyebrows, but he just locked them.
Although this supernatural power of the Lunar Extinction is not her destiny, it has been cultivated by her for several years. You know, this magical power has been directly obtained from the depths of the Lunar Star since she was born.
"In that case, what about this?"
"Lunar Moon Wheel!"
When Wang Shu saw the previous scene, he thought that the direct driving force would raise the Taiyin extinction to the present sign and there was only one!
"That’s it."
Mind move will directly disperse the ten divine lights, and look at the round that rises slowly across the moon.
"oh? Can you still gain momentum? "
The great momentum makes the world full of natural disasters suddenly fluctuate, and all natural disasters have to make way this month.
The flood of destruction stopped running.
The rapid wind suddenly solidified in the middle
Thunderstorms are about to break out, and volcanoes come to an abrupt end.
"Sister Wang Shu is really powerful and can directly affect here through the natural disaster barrier and mountain protection."
The natural disaster was awakened from the state of the enlightenment avenue, and I saw the horror scene that the whole lunar star fell straight. I was shocked and sighed that "it really deserves to be a born lunar star."
Half a day later, the lookout Shu seems to be still accumulating endlessly, and this strength is limited to the explosion.
Wang Shu’s figure lifted her hands on the moon wheel as if lifting the whole moon, just like the goddess of the moon palace!
"Only in this way can I test my secret signs."
Yuan Heng remained unmoved and quietly watched the other side continue to rise and continue to strengthen, which integrated what he expected.
After another half a day, Wang Shu finally continued to the top.
At this moment, even the distant lunar star is surging and endless. The violent lunar star force will wipe out all the natural disasters, and the silver-gray fog will surround the moon like a cloud that covers the moon in the sky …
Gorgeous and lonely, showing the peerless elegance of the stars!
"Daoyou, be careful with this move. I can’t control it completely."
Looking at each other, Wang Shu’s eyes are shining with a glimmer of divine light.
"You’re welcome, just come."
Yuan Heng looked at the moon and nodded his head.
A crisp call pulled the curtain, and the moon wheel was thrown out directly.
When the moon wheel passed, it solidified and broke, but it came to the front of Yuan Heng in an instant.
"Sure enough, sometimes shifting is not everything!"
When it was removed, the life-saving avatar was directly blocked twice before it really made sense, which made Yuan Heng feel very depressed.
When did Shiyi become such a loser?
Or have you failed to discover its true essence?
This trick simulates the magical power of the lunar star, the lunar charm, floating in it, suppressing the vast star commander and hundreds of millions of powerful forces, and seeing the first end in it.
"I just don’t know if this new profound mantra can be controlled?"
As soon as I drank my hair, the wind moved, and the inexplicable power Yuan Heng’s own center was finally rippled.
Raise your hand and point at the front end of the moon.
Zizi …
Has it stopped?
The vast lunar moon in conan the destroyer was stopped by this little finger!
"It was stopped?"
Two unbelievable exclamations appeared from the mouth of natural disasters in Wangshu and Dojo.
"This is when Sister Wang Shu has been ready for a whole day to send out her super magical power!"
Deeply understand the natural disaster of the elder sister’s strength is even more horrified. Is this the strength of the top fiend that even the best of Wang Shu’s fiend is vulnerable?
"What power is that?"
The lunar moon actually controls this Wang Shu. This time, I finally feel that an abnormal mysterious force is infecting the core of this magical power.
But this force makes her both familiar and unfamiliar, and the roots are from resisting.