Chapter 516 Xiangxiang decided
"Xiang Xiang, you promised? Great! If I give you a message, you can meet him directly at his hotel! " Suddenly the golden light came on.
"Husband, will you dislike me if I accompany Zhou Shao?" Xiang Xiang a face of wilting way
"Oh, no, no, I’m the kind of person who wants you to keep my village leader. My generation is grateful to you!"
"You give me the number and I’ll go now!" When Xiangxiang guaranteed Zhou Shaohua’s number and changed into a set of sex and cool clothes, he rode a bottle car and went straight to Baiyang Town.
When I came to Zhoushao Hotel, Xiangxiang called Zhoushao directly, and then I quickly signed up. "Zhoushao, I’m Dani Village Pi two dog. Let me take a message for you!"
When Zhou Shaoyi heard that Pi two dog asked him to run downstairs immediately, he was surprised and said, "What are my instructions, big sister?"
"Talk in your office"
Zhou promise dare not neglect is to bring Xiangxiang to the office. When Xiangxiang enters the office, it is the doorway. "Zhou Shaopi two dog sent me to let me wait on you!" Said kannika nimtragol is turned into a smooth.
What’s so good?
Wow, what if Pi two dog is the boss? It’s thoughtful of him to know that I don’t have a girlfriend and send a village woman to accompany me!
Suddenly, Zhou Xing was really happy and said, "What’s your name?"
"I’m Xiangxiang? Zhou Shao or you Cong made a deal with Boss Pi early in the morning. He is now very popular and spicy, unlike the idiot in my family who has no brains. Now the leather artillery team has collapsed. I will divorce him when I kick that idiot out to work for a while! After that, I am your woman and serve you wholeheartedly! " Xiangxiang must be rich when he sees that Zhou Yuanfeng Hotel is so prosperous. Compared with the golden light, it is the dregs of medicine. Hurry up and dump this dregs.
In a short moment, this woman made a decision and said goodbye to Jin Liang when she went back. Then she was a waste. She was stupid and was with a waste.
"Xiang Xiang, you used to work in my boss’s field, didn’t you?" Zhou Feng thought that this woman was sent by Pi two dog, so let’s say that this woman lived alone, or the boss wouldn’t send her, right?
"Yes, Boss Pi is very nice. When he saw that I was diligent, he found me and said that it was not easy for me to serve you alone. Anyway, I was single, so I promised Boss Pi!" Xiangxiang transformed herself into a single woman.
"You’re not single if you’re not divorced, are you?"
"When I have been separated from him for a while, I will go to court to sue for divorce!"
"That’s it. Don’t expose us, you and me as hotel staff, so no one will doubt it!" Zhou promise to make proper arrangements
"Yes ah weeks less I listen to you! Then you come-"said the two of them had a fun time on the sofa …
Busy until lunch, Zhou Feng was very satisfied with Xiangxiang. I was happy to grab a handful of money from my wallet and put it into her hand. Xiangxiang said that Zhou Shao was a rich man and a big crazy son, so I decided to eat him. Thinking about Xiangxiang, I refused, "Zhou Shao, I am not with you for your money. Take it back! I don’t want money!"
Seeing that Xiangxiang really doesn’t want money, Zhou Chengfeng was overjoyed and said, "Xiangxiang wants you to be good to me, and I will be doubly good to you!"
"Zhou Shao, you are my man. Who am I good to my man?" Xiangxiang threw herself at her, saying that she had climbed Zhou Shaozao and left Huang Jinliang entrusted her with her work in Java.
"Then you call your husband?"
"Husband-"Xiang Xiang came shyly to this sentence.
"It’s good for my wife to have you!"
When the two were as close as sweet, Xiangxiang dialect rang. It was Huang Jinliang, and she was busy.
When eating at noon, Xiang Xiang ran to the health department and answered to Jin Liang, "Jin Liang, I asked him to listen. You were kicked out by him. You are busy and I can’t help you! By the way, I will give you back the leg nine you bought! "
"Don’t, Xiangxiang, I’ll give you a mobile phone. It’s not the case. Let’s find another way." Jin Liang still doesn’t know that Kannika nimtragol will accompany him through the difficulties.
"I’ll come back to you and wait for me when it’s golden!" After thinking about it, Xiangxiang decided to cut the gordian knot and go back to showdown with Huang Jinliang.
Pack up your words. Xiang Xiang first greets Zhou Shao, and then rides a bottle car and goes home to Da Nai Village.
See Huang Jinliang waiting for her at home when you take the door.
"Did Xiangxiang Zhou beat you less?" Did Huang Jinliang see kannika nimtragol look pale or did Zhou Shao get angry?
"Jin Liang, we are all married people. Sooner or later, it will be discovered that I have considered breaking up! I haven’t returned this mobile phone to you! " Said Xiangxiang is to return the beautiful leg nine.
See kannika nimtragol don’t like joking the daylights out of gold, "xiang xiang how to return a responsibility let’s get along well bar break up? I don’t care if Zhou Shao doesn’t give me a face. He can go to Pi two dog. You don’t have to break up with me? "
"Golden light I don’t want to sneak! From now on, you go your way and I’ll cross my wooden bridge! Go, go! "
"Xiang Xiang, I love you and I can’t live without you! I won’t leave until I leave! " Jin Lianghua burst into tears and hugged Xiangxiang.
See him dead to tie up lousy dozen xiang xiang frighten shouted, "Jin Liang you dare to pester me my horse told you about us liu yan! I called Liu Yan if you can’t walk or not! "
When I heard this, I told Liu Yan that Huang Jinliang was so scared that I let go. "Xiangxiang, don’t get excited. I’ll go now-"
At noon this day, Pi two dog was busy coaxing Ouyang Xueli. Since that happened, Ouyang Xueli didn’t talk to him. Strangely, she didn’t go back to the couch hotel to eat and live in Hanlinju. The agent urged her to go to the cinema to work. She was ill and closed the door to see her off.
Where’s two dog? This guy has spent a lot of energy and mana after killing the Yin and Yang teacher Bu Tian Xing Li. These two days, he is also keeping in good health behind closed doors. Everything is just a remote control.
To say that keeping in good health behind closed doors is to sleep and run to the room to read novels when you have enough sleep.
His beauty bodyguard, Tian Huili, Xiang Xiang, and Oriental Stevia, these two girls have been fighting martial arts together in the gym to maintain enough physical strength. Every morning, they have to tie sandbags to their legs for long-distance running.
Pi two dog is the foundation of power mode. He doesn’t need too much exercise. At most, he can go to the gym to exercise.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, it was sultry outside. As usual, two dog came to the room to see that suddenly there was a fine jade hand patting his shoulder and twisting his face. It was not others but the big star Ouyang Sydney!
Chapter 517 Lu Yu II
"ah? Sister Sydney, I … I have a girlfriend. Thank you for your kindness. I can’t do both, can I? " Two dog was so embarrassed that he was so scared when he knew that this jade represented great significance that he picked it.
Seeing Ouyang Sydney dazed, she said, "two dog, I’m stubborn. Once I identify a person, I won’t give up easily. You can be nice to two girls at the same time. I won’t touch you if you really want to be honest with me!"
This is a big concession for a red star
"ah? Sister Sydney, it’s unfair to you. You’re a rich girl, so there’s no need to suffer this humiliation! I ….. "two dog happened with Ouyang Xueli, but it wasn’t his intention that Miao Nv YanYan said that she had fallen in love with a man and had to do something to save her life.
"Soul light I said you can be a pair of two you another when I didn’t see this all not line? What do you want from me? " Ouyang Sydney, the first-tier star in the country, how many tycoons and celebrities pursue it? But she doesn’t like any of these people. She never imagined that she was shaving her head and picking a hot family. two dog just didn’t hook it.
"Oh, I can’t tell you clearly. I really can’t do such a thing as Sister Sydney. I’m sorry!" Pi two dog’s heart says that the horse has wang hong petticoats. His eyes have wang hong petticoats. I didn’t expect this big daughter to be so conservative and have to help him solve his needs on the wedding night. It happened that he had a great demand for this goods. One day, no woman can do it. Seriously, wait a few years. He’s not crazy!
Naipi two dog found Bai District niece Prynne’s company behind wang hong’s back.