When people get along with each other, it is necessary to distinguish between kindness and mutual affection. If people help you, it is mutual affection, but if they don’t help you, it is also mutual affection. People like Jianghan will never treat it as mutual affection. It is not too ungrateful to do that.
People respect me a foot and I will pay him back a foot. This is Jianghan’s art of dealing with people.
After more than ten minutes, Jianghan saw the Audi a6 headed by the star A and waved to the recruit.
"Jianghan has been waiting for a long time!"
Qin Mufeng has been around for a long time, and Chen Yanshu’s vision is naturally extraordinary. As soon as he saw Jianghan, he knew that he must have waited here for a long time. He must have been afraid of disturbing himself before talking. Yu Jianghan and Chen Yanshu’s heart weight was not a little heavier. "No, I just finished breakfast!"
Jianghan smiled and said hello to him. The so-called shrugged his shoulders and opened the door to sit in the co-pilot position!
"You little! Usually, the company works on duty, but I usually get up at half past six! And I told you long ago that I am your full-time driver now. You can call me anytime and anywhere. Don’t be embarrassed! "
Chen Yanshu said with a smile while driving, although he laughed, it was a very serious tone without any perfunctory.
Some things are like this. Jianghan did not deliberately achieve unexpected results. In other words, this is the difference between scheming and self-restraint
"I know Chen Dage!" Jianghan smiled and didn’t dwell too much on this problem.
Seeing Jianghan seems to have something on his mind. Chen Yanguan is also silent at the right time. He didn’t go to be a bosom brother and set his mind at ease to drive towards Cuiweiju.
He wants to get closer to Jianghan, but sometimes excessive enthusiasm will backfire on Chen Yanshu.
"Today is Saturday, but because Miss Qin has just started school and there are many things in the new school, he may not be home, but this kind of thing may not happen!"
Chen Yanshu parked the car outside Cuiweiju Property and handed it to Jianghan for two card ways.
"I won’t go in if the parking space in Building B, Block 216 is not easy to find! This access card and bank card was handed over to you by the chairman this morning. There is a sum of money in the bank card. The password is you. On the day when you saved Miss Qin, the chairman specially asked me to tell you that the money was not enough. Tell him that he also said that the money was not for you, but … "
Jianghan waved his hand and took the access card and bank card without affectation. "I know what he means. Go back and tell him that I won’t be polite to him if I really need it again!"
Pushing open the car door to Qianjianghan said to Chen Yanshu again, "Chen Dage, if you have something to do, go to work first. I’ll take a taxi myself!"
However, I didn’t expect Chen Yanshu to immediately beg with a half-joking face. "Don’t kick me out. My biggest job now is to be your full-time driver. If you kick me out, then the chairman will know that I didn’t do my job well, but it will make me pack up!"
Jianghan doesn’t insist on smiling. Since he likes to wait, let him wait. If he is a little rusty, he is afraid that he will have any opinions on him!
After getting off the bus, Jianghan did not directly enter the community, but turned back and knocked on the Audi window.
"How come Jianghan has anything else to tell me?"
Jianghan raised the access card in his hand and pointed to the residential floor and asked, "Do you know anything about Chen Dage, Qin Mufeng and me?" Jianghan seems to mean something!
Chen Yanshu leng a face with a hint of sadness.
"It’s pathetic to know that some chairmen are not easy and Miss Qin is still so young!"
I can see that Chen Yanshu’s words are from the heart and his respect for Qin Mufeng is also from the heart.
Jianghan waved his hand and turned away. Before Chen Yanshu could react, he looked at Jianghan’s back and faintly audible remarks. "God, poor people, when did you get him? Qin Mufeng was wronged!"
Chen Yanshu’s shocked eyes are full of horror.
"Before, I felt a little confused, but now it seems more and more elusive …!"
The security guard in the community should know Qin Mufeng’s Audi car, Jianghan. When he entered the community, there was no obstacle, but he looked at it for a few times and let it go.
Cui Wei’s residence is also considered as a high-end property in Star City, but it is much worse than other high-end properties. However, if it is compared with Zheng Liangjia’s property, it will be a world of difference. It is said that the ecological environment, leisure and entertainment environment and transportation convenience of the residential area in which it is located are not comparable to Zheng Liangjia’s place. This is the difference between the rich and ordinary people. Even if the Qin Mu style is low-key, it is really not a fragment beyond ordinary people.
"Block B 216! It should be here. "
Jianghan took out the key that Chen Yanshu gave him yesterday and directly inserted it into the door. As expected, the door was easily opened!
Jianghan didn’t intend to meet Qin light language here today. As Chen Yanshu said, Qin light language should be a school this weekend, but when he opened the door, Jianghan froze and the extraordinary splendour in his eyes passed. He found that the present situation seemed different from Chen Yanshu’s.
Volume One Hidden Dragon Don’t Chapter 26 xiao qing Language
Some dark doors in the corridor are facing the living room. Opening the door in an instant is a huge arc. The floor-to-ceiling curtains are coming in through the gap. A little star light makes Qin Mufeng’s whole living room look a little dark, but it doesn’t affect the line of sight during the day.
In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, there is a quiet person whose back is slightly blurred because of the light, but through the dim light, it can still be seen that it is a girl with long hair and shawl, who is tightly fitted to the graceful curve of yoga sideways. If you don’t know how to look closely, it looks like a naked body.
Jianghan, if I didn’t guess wrong, this girl should be Qin Qingyu.
Put your arms behind your ears and put your palms together on your head. Qin Qingyu is standing on a soft pad that can’t see the color clearly. Facing Jianghan and facing the curtains, it is the trend of yoga worship!
Neck up, waist up, hip socket, ankle buckle, knee across, open and close … One by one, the graceful Qin light language coordinated breathing and flowing water made it. Jianghan could clearly see her chest ups and downs after completing the first part of the movement.
What kind of woman is beautiful? What kind of woman is the most attractive? At this point, both modern people and ancient people are interlinked. They want to refuse and welcome words, but still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar is ashamed and ashamed. The hazy feeling is the most beautiful, and at this moment, Qin’s light words are given to Jianghan.
Slightly dim, the light is slightly dim, the Qin language is slightly plump, but it has a backbone, and its graceful posture has begun again.
After the Japanese worship ended and several breathing adjustments were made, the Qin language crouched, kneeled and stood, and snake struck, drilling out the hands and feet and leaning against the arch, leaving Jianghan with an imaginative and beautiful buttocks!
At this time, due to the dim light, the whole person Jianghan’s eyes became more dreamy before the purple curtain.
Watching someone finish a series of yoga exercises next to Jianghan is like watching a naked body. Generally, Jianghan started to be encouraged again last night without venting evil fire!
If the face is peach blossom, if the skin is light and fragrant, it’s Qin whisper, but it’s hard to do yoga seriously, but it’s just regarded as a room by Jianghan!
Of course, because of the light, it’s a shame for Jianghan to make up the picture. In fact, he can see a rough outline by the dim light in front of him. Even so, Jianghan still has a hot nose and no bloody nose!
Wu wear nose mouth Jianghan embarrassed mouth kept chanting see no evil see no evil mouth to say so, but my eyes still can’t help but aim at the past.
"I just feel that my chest is still a little small or it will be perfect! What a big feeling when I saved her! Does this thing have to distinguish the darkness of the light? "
"Dad, how did you …! -Ah! Who are you? How did you get in? Uncle Deke! Uncle De! "
Qin Qingyu had the habit of practicing yoga for 45 minutes every afternoon. Usually, at this point, except that Qin Mufeng might go home temporarily, it is impossible for anyone to come in. When Qin Qingyu heard something behind her, her first reaction was that her father had something to do.
Because his eyes have long been adapted to the dim light of the room, Qin whispered that he was not his father and was definitely not sent by his father to protect himself, Uncle De!
"Eh ~ ~!"
With one hand covering his nose, Jianghan looked embarrassed. It was neither retreating nor retreating at the door.
"Well, don’t shout. I am …!" If Jianghan doesn’t say this, the weakness of Qin light language is really not ready to shout, but it has already shouted before Jianghan can explain it later!
"Help, uncle! Security guards help! "
Qin light language torn open the curtain and opened the window and shouted at the outside.
Because it is on the second floor, even if Qin is weak and weak, this shout immediately shocked many people.
Jianghan didn’t expect Qin’s light language reaction to be such a big talk, and he began to shout before he finished!
"At the beginning, when I saved her, I looked at Wen Wen’s weakness and looked weak. Later, the ward was also like a small jasper with great spirituality. How can a little girl be as provocative as a different person now?"
It’s true that Jianghan misunderstood Qin speaking softly, and her sex is really what Jianghan saw before. The small jasper is weak and has no arrogance, but even the small jasper girl can’t stand Jianghan’s shock.
What’s more, when Qin Mufeng’s Raptors crossed the river and came to Star City to travel, many people with evil intentions wanted to defeat Qin Mufeng’s breakthrough. When Qin Mufeng was a child, he was not less frightened by such unidentified people as today. It can be said that Jianghan’s sudden appearance evoked some nightmare memories of her childhood.
It’s not up to Jianghan to know this. He can’t think twice. He knows that it will be very troublesome if he doesn’t act decisively.
The light in the room was bright because Qin whispered to open the curtains, and Jianghan rushed to the back door with a step, and the stair control light was dim because of the huge impact of this door!
In the room, Qin whispered in a glance. Looking back, I just saw Jianghan come in. The door was instantaneous. She was already short of ruddy blood, and her face was even whiter. She just wanted to ask for help outside the window, but she found that she could no longer call out!
"well! Hmm ~! Hey ~ ~ ~! "
Come on! It’s nearly ten meters from the door to the window. Jianghan suddenly covered Qin’s light mouth from behind so that she couldn’t call it out anymore!
"shh! Stop screaming, it’s me ~ ~! "
Covered her mouth by Jianghan, Qin whispered, her little face was frightened, and she lost her support. Who cares who suddenly attacked her bastard and who fell into Jianghan’s arms?
"You don’t call don’t do nothing! You said you were so timid, and you just called it so big and soft as a pool of mud! "