"Is there a degree of pain in your game? "Looking at their faces, I smiled even more proudly." If I attack you directly, you will feel the pain, but you won’t know this, will you? 」
"…" They looked at each other, puzzled and frightened.
Besides, even if we are injured in the game, it won’t really hurt our bodies, but I once read a medical research report, which said that if we suffer too much pain or too long pain in the game, the body function will be affected, and the pain will be the same as in the game.
As I said, I pinched my fingers and calculated, and my face smiled more brightly. "According to my estimation, I will torture you repeatedly for three hours, and you should appear in this report."
"….." Probably scared by my words, some of them turned ugly and looked dull and trembling.
While they were stupefied, I sent a secret message to the iron color madman, hoping that he would take the opportunity to escape. After receiving this message, Tie immediately broke free from the other party’s system and pulled In the snow Sakura back to us.
"Ah, the hostages in your hands escaped! "The new killer Gherardini way" without bargaining chips, we wouldn’t worry too much. You can carry out the top cat torture plan! 」
Just as the others were about to leave, they immediately threw away the mobile spell and fled.
"go! I didn’t expect them to be so timid. "Labra otherwise hummed.
"Cat, what you just said is true? "In the snow sakura asked in a frightened and curious tone," If you suffer too much pain in the game … "
"Of course it’s fake! You really believe that? "This surprised me.
"Hey? Deception? "When I said this, the players made a stunned sound.
"I’m still true! 」
"Yes! I got a fright … "
"Please! I mean, bluff them. Why do you believe me? "I really feel extremely resistant." This is psychological warfare. Do you understand? 」
"Who told you to say so true! 」
"Ha ha ha ….." The new killer laughed. "Now you know that top cat is more bluffing than I am! 」
"Please, if I don’t scare them first and give Tie a chance to escape," I gave everyone an angry look. "What if they threaten us in turn?" 」
"But it sounds really horrible for cats to say those tortures." Labra grimaced at me and asked jokingly, "You don’t really torture anyone in this way, do you? 」
"What do you say? "Didn’t directly answer me with a slightly bad smile at him asks.
"Er … haha" worried that I had bad intentions, Labra quickly turned to the topic after two quick smiles. "Now that everyone is here, let’s rush! 」
There are two routes to fight monsters in the building, one leading to the fourth floor of the building and the other to the fourth floor of the basement. Because there are nearly 20 people in our team, it is a pity to attack one route, so everyone decided to split up into two teams to act.
Because I also have a blue stone collection office, I chose the basement route. I was on the same team as Yao Ri, Tian Shen Le, the new killer, Labra, A Tie and his sister.
The route leading to the basement is dim. Although there will be fluorescent tubes shining every short distance, the pale light flashes with strange frequency as if it were about to burn out, and it goes off and on like a staggered stream. I will take it for granted even if the light explodes and goes out for a second.
On the way to the first floor, we chatted all over the world, but I don’t know what topic always revolves around the god of war and snipers
"… the headquarters of God of War will be opened for players to watch the day after tomorrow." Labra asked the crowd. "Does anyone plan to go and have a look? 」
"Wow! "In the snow Sakura said with a face of excitement that high spirits made her cheeks slightly red." My brother and I decided to go over the first day of the curtain! 」
"yeah? "Labra seemed puzzled and shouted," I have several friends who are also planning to go there on the day of the curtain. Why should everyone go there when the curtain is crowded? 」
"We think so, too," Renai shrugged. "After all, on the first day, people always think that it is really annoying to be crowded with a group of people."
"But my sister insisted on that day in the past." Iron color looked at In the snow Sakura like a madman.
"The somebody else just want to act that day in the past! "In the snow sakura pouted with a face of koo." Don’t you think the first day of the curtain is particularly meaningful? 」
"I don’t think so." God’s music echoed with iron-colored fantasies.
"Elder brother! "In the snow sakura gas cheeks are bulging.
"What about you? "Didn’t hear me with the new ginseng this topic Labra asked" you should have heard that the sniper company will repair things in your headquarters? 」
"Yes! "The new killer smiled and replied," I also heard that they turned their headquarters into the "God of War Museum". Besides restoring the original facilities, they also hung some photos of us and played our pre-war documentary 24 hours a day.
"Will this be too exaggerated? "I am very dissatisfied with their actions.
If I really want to infringe on the portrait, I want them to withdraw the photos and videos, but when we entered the game, they officially "agreed" to sign and agree that they wanted us to play the video files and photos.
After all, if we don’t agree to sign, we can’t enter the game to play. Of course, everyone chooses to agree!
"Say you will go back? "In the snow sakura looked forward to asking.
"Yes! I want to go back and see what they have turned the God of War into, and I also want to see the previous information. "The new killer doesn’t want to answer."
"What about cats? "In the snow sakura turned to ask me," Do you want to go back and have a look? 」
I don’t want to refuse.
I don’t want to see the scene of destroying this memory.
"Uh …" It seems that In the snow Sakura was shocked by my tone.
"Ah! The monster zone hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t show such a fierce attitude! "The new killer laughed and laughed." The monster hasn’t scared the lovely KINOMOTO SAKURA sister, but you scared her first. "
"Ah … I’m sorry." I realized that my tone was too bad because the new killer woke me up.
"No, no" In the snow Sakura shook her head and smiled at me.
"dear cat, let’s go! "The new killer grabbed my shoulder and pulled me forward at a faster pace." The road ahead is dark. Let’s be pioneers! 」
It was not until we were a few steps away from other people that he whispered in my ear, "Cat, even if you are not happy with the sniper’s behavior, it is their territory after all, and we have no profit or ability to stop anything."
"I know, but …"
"It’s not all negative. Think about it from another angle. They can go in and visit KINOMOTO SAKURA after the headquarters of the God of War is restored, right? 」
"…" There is no answer. I am walking sullenly.
"Cat, there are some things that we can talk about privately." The new killer is different from a playful style. "What if you tell KINOMOTO SAKURA what you think?" Agree with you not to see the restored headquarters? But you know they really want to visit the headquarters, don’t you? 」
"…" There is no answer, but the complaint makes me have to agree.
"Cat, don’t spoil their fun because of your dissatisfaction. Besides, since we are divorced, don’t worry about things there."
"It’s easy for you to say, but I just can’t let it go." I pouted. "There are so many memories over there. How can I just let it go? 」
"oh? I didn’t think there were things we couldn’t do in top cat. "The new killer resumed his original frivolous tone." This is really strange. I have to tell it quickly! 」
"hey! "I didn’t good the spirit stare at him
After the "cat" left, In the snow Sakura suddenly came to us. She paused for a while and finally asked in an uneasy tone, "Are you unhappy? It’s just … things at headquarters. "
If it had been a few minutes ago, I would have answered her directly, "Yes! I hate sniping! 」
But after hearing what the killer said, I … hesitated.
"dear cat, what are you doe? KINOMOTO SAKURA is talking to you … "The new killer stuck to me again and hugged me like a tail bear.
Although he didn’t say it, I sighed in vain, and finally decided to swallow my dissatisfaction.