There is not much change all the way from the foot of the mountain.
It was not until the mid-levels appeared a wide belt and wiped the holy mountain ice sheet that the situation suddenly changed.
Icebergs appeared in some dark temples, and the arrival of Sun Hao and Girlan touched something. A large number of bats rushed out from the inside and killed them.
However, after rushing out, the bats have two completely different attitudes. Some bats are still murderously killing, but there are still some bats that have sent shock waves into Sun Hao and Girlan’s ears. That is a noisy sound. "Two adult undead vampire warriors admire your great name and are willing to join your team …"
Girlan’s eyes lit up and his mouth quickly said, "Welcome, welcome, warmly welcome you to join the holy witch Laner team …"
As Girlan yelled at the whole ice sheet, it was all messed up.
Blood-sucking undead soldiers flew halfway to fight on the spot, and the whole ice sheet was full of blood-sucking bats. You tore me and bit the battle scene and killed them one by one. For a short time, they fell into a close stalemate.
Girlan lay on Sun Hao’s shoulder with a pair of eyes going round and round, and said, "Wow, many undead blood-sucking soldiers have a spectacular battle scene. Their fighting methods are really wonderful."
Joined Sun Hao and Girlan undead blood-sucking warriors and the total number of non-joined blood-sucking fighters is roughly equal. The base is one-on-one. These guys pinch each other one-on-one and bite each other’s necks and suck blood. No one can resist it. There is a wide ice field like an army of statues
Sun Hao has a faint smile on his face, but his heart is slightly awe-inspiring. Fortunately, he is more magical than a purple and gold belt. Otherwise, these undead blood-sucking soldiers will really drink a pot of themselves and Xiaolan.
A purple and gold belt is attached to Sun Hao’s side at this time. The total number of undead vampire soldiers has reached more than 10,000. If it is really surrounded by 20,000 undead vampire soldiers, even Sun Hao may not be sure that he can be 100%.
Well, with the undead vampire warriors and a large number of admirers, everything becomes easier.
Corleone said to Girlan with a smile, "It is estimated that the battle here will be difficult for a while. Let’s go and continue."
Ge Lan Sun Hao shouted crisply in his back, "Come on, soldiers, come on, girls go first."
Road undead vampire warrior directly slap fan fly Sun Haomai striding with Girlan continue to advance to the holy mountain of ice and snow.
The mountain climate is getting colder and colder.
Great pressure from Rowen made Girlan tremble a little. Sun Hao’s back surged with faint golden light. Girlan suddenly felt warm and combative and returned to normal.
The more you go, the greater the pressure.
If german comes, it’s not just a vampire warrior, but even Rowen may not be able to stand it.
But for Sun Hao, there is a fighting spirit and experience against Rowen, which Rowen really can’t do.
The speed is not slow, Sun Hao climbs the rock.
It wasn’t long before Sun Hao grabbed a huge rock with one hand and strode to the top of the mountain.
Gellan looked forward and cried, "Wow, what a big lizard! It’s so lazy that it sleeps!"
At the top of the mountain, there is indeed a blue dragon with a bit of gray air that looks like a big lizard, but its first two-horned dragon is sleeping on its face.
Chapter DiYiLiuJiu Complete two
Sun Hao felt that the dragon should be immortal, and the reaction was a little slow at all times, but it was not a deep sleep. Sun Hao smiled gently and said in a low voice, "Xiaolan, your brother seems to have killed this big lizard. Do you want to help your brother kill it?"
Girlan clapped his hands and shouted, "Kill it! Kill it! I’m absolutely against my brother! Kill it!"
Sun Hao said, "Well, Xiao Lan, you sit tight and I’ll try this lizard power …"
Girlan said a "good" Corleone had gone to grab a huge palm and caught the relatively slender tail of the frost dragon.
The frost dragon finally reacted at this time, and his eyes suddenly opened and he was ready to spit out ice interest.
Corleone’s mouth shouted "shake it for me"
The right hand jerked forward.
The powerful horse rushed out from Sun Hao’s strong right arm, and before the frost dragon came to cast its spell, it completely fell off the wind because it woke up a little late
Huge dragon body was Corleone like a snake to shake a straight like a javelin to point to the front.
The frost dragon on the top of the mountain had an incredible idea. What monster is this guy? With great strength, the frost dragon twisted and tried to break free from Sun Hao.
Girlan shouted, "Kill it, kill it, kill this big lizard."
Sun Hao drank a "good Xiaolan" in his mouth and let you see how I killed lizards.
The right hand shook straight, and the huge body of the frost dragon slammed from the top of the head and smashed the solid iceberg of the holy mountain.
The frost dragon, who was just struggle, suddenly felt dizzy.
Before the frost dragon could react, Sun Hao swung it again with a jerk, and then blasted the frost dragon and smashed the iceberg.
Frost dragon didn’t use his own magic, failed to use his own powerful physical immortal attack force, and was humbled by Sun Hao’s grasp. It was unreasonable to rely on Sun Hao’s horror to explode.
Shake straight and bang
Left, right, and left, three ice peaks were smashed to dozens of feet, and huge gullies appeared like ice peaks in the shape gullies of frost dragons.
Girlan was so excited that the frost dragon was completely stunned.
The stunning state didn’t last long.
The frost dragon was completely smashed to death.
Powerful enough to represent a world’s top fighting force, the frost dragon was humbled and smashed into patties by Sun Hao without making a move.
The whole faucet was smashed and the dirty things were completely shattered, and it was too dead to die.
Sun Hao took a little breath and threw the frost dragon into his mouth and said, "Xiaolan, the lizard’s body and blood are all rare resources. Let’s hurry up and take these things back from the top of its cave …"
Girlan quickly jumped out to clean up the mouth of the frost dragon horn and said strangely, "Really? Grandma Hill said that the mirror world is the best way to practice distraction, but she can’t bring back resources. Can this thing really be brought back?"
Sun Hao said with a smile, "Don’t forget that you are admired by the half-dead frost dragon world. Perhaps it is really allowed for you to bring something back."
While talking about Sun Hao, he quickly peeled off the dragon skin and collected the blue blood of the frost dragon.