This is to crown the new king, and they will definitely go anyway.
Lancelot said, "Yes, even without you, they will go to Santa Vita to take you. It’s more of a’ politics’. You don’t have to have the help of the’ Father God’ to ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Besides, you will go to Santa Vita to be canonized sooner or later. Why not go with them? This world is not peaceful. There are so many bandits. It’s much safer to follow the Saint’s regiment than to go to Santa Vita alone … "
Lancelot’s explanation made Norman look at it in vain.
It’s safer to go with the saints after a long time.
However, Lancelot said it was not nonsense, so that he could see the overall situation clearly and know what he should do.
"Practice practice …"
Norman said to himself, I can’t take this bath. I came out of the bath.
Although it is safer to follow the mission than to go to Santa Vita alone, he now knows that the Saint Mission is not absolutely safe. You can’t throw away this mage’s activities. It’s always good to have more insurance.
Norman dried his body and got dressed. He wanted to start practicing "Catch the Sea Classic", but after thinking about it, he felt that he could still cast spells to help his situation the most. He began to recall the scene last night. He saw a man performing rap through his right eye in his meditation yesterday, which made him never know what rap was. He finally understood what rap was. The thought of practicing magic immediately reminded him of it.
Then Norman started.
He shrank his neck, tilted his head as if there were no bones, and pressed his cheek against his collarbone. At the same time, his left hand was clenched into a fist and his right hand was stretched out straight. His finger and middle finger were put away and pressed against his palm, and the other three fingers were stretched out hard and made a strange gesture.
This is the rapper posing. Norman remembers it very well-yes, rapper.
Norman wanted to see the rapper he saw yesterday, just like the people he heard. He was also a mage who was proficient in rapping and casting spells. After seeing his understanding of rapping, he came to enlighten himself.
And that strange posture of the rap mage is obviously not meaningless.
According to Franklin, in addition to spells, some magicians will also have their own special gestures and spells, which can increase the success rate of spell casting.
The strange posture of that rap mage is obviously a very powerful unique magician’s skill.
Norman thinks so.
After Norman made such a gesture, the voices of the wizards in his body suddenly became much less, but Norman continued to practice by himself.
"hey! Yo! Yo! ……”
Norman, like the rapper, "yo" three times, picked up his hand and shook it, and then began to read the magic spell in a rhythmic way that he only knew.
"Great, already, Taiwan, have ~ ya! You, faithful, faithful ~ pray! Four dim light, … "
Norman knew what rap was, and then matched it with this powerful mage’s hand. It was able to cast the spell, but he didn’t expect that the magic would run out before he finished reading it.
And a little back Norman immediately found out what the problem was.
After adopting the rap method, he has already practiced to a high speed to match the rap rhythm, and naturally he will slow down.
Although rap is faster than reciting the spell normally, it is still slower than reciting the spell in his brain, so there is another scene where the magic runs dry before the spell is finished.
But this spell is not a complete failure.
The phenomenon of magic flowing away proves that Lancelot was right. Rap can really trigger magic fluctuations, and at the same time, it can really speed up the speed of chanting. What I need to think about next is to improve my rap style and further increase the speed, which is better than being puzzled by myself before singing.
And Norman thought about kung fu, and those mage sounds in his body that had just decreased a lot suddenly broke out.
"I’m going to hip-hop?"
"Light to a yo yo what the hell are you going to pick up chuck! The spell didn’t work. It must be that you didn’t pick up Chuck! "
"I’ll give you two points for this pose, and I’ll give you one point in 666."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, I can’t. My stomach hurts with laughter. It’s so funny to pronounce a spell this way. Don’t be so stiff when you shake it. Ha ha ha ha "
"I want to know how the anchor can be Ninja now! Is there anything wrong with my hearing? The melody was "Ninja" just now, right? "
"It’s really a ninja. Did I miss something? Have you been telling the live brothers? I feel as if I have missed a century! "
"I don’t think so. I think it’s really ordinary."
"I think, but I think it’s unfair for you to say so."
"Generally speaking, the white music stress is 13, the black music is 24, and the anchor is obviously 69."
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Science and technology curse
The Knights Templar was not blind or stupid. Norman was immediately noticed by them as soon as he made this move. There were many doubts in it, and Lancelot soon spoke on behalf of him.
"What happened to you?"
Norman was not surprised by Lancelot’s questioning. He clearly knew that this would lead to such consequences, but he also knew that if he still wanted to cast spells, the secret would not be hidden. He was already ready
"It was last night when I was meditating that I suddenly saw a man in my right eye …"
Norman said in detail what he saw in his meditation last night. After that, he asked before Lancelot could speak.
"Who is that man? Is he also a mage? What, I can see him? What exactly do you mean by’ live broadcast’? ……”
Norman has many doubts and hopes to be answered.
His intuition also told him that all these things he didn’t understand had something to do with "live broadcast" that wizards often said. If he could understand what live broadcast was, maybe he could understand everything.
Maybe Norman asked too many questions and Lancelot didn’t speak for a long time. Just as Norman was thinking about whether he should open his mouth to urge him, he finally heard Lancelot’s voice.
"The concept of’ live broadcast’ may still be too difficult for you to understand, so I have never told you, but since you want to know, I will try to explain it."
"First of all, you need to know that there is another world besides yours. I live in another world. There is no magic in my world. We are another kind of science and technology rules, and live broadcast is the product of science and technology rules …"
Lancelot’s words came to Norman, but he found that he really didn’t understand what Lancelot said to him.
Another world? Is it God’s world, like heaven in China? What is "technology"? ……
And some things that Lancelot said for example were even more incomprehensible to him.