Wang Wen waved his hand and didn’t speak. Are you kidding? If you give up this hobby again, will it live?
Li Chu looked at his brother-in-law and didn’t say anything. Every man has his own way of life. Even his brother-in-law can’t interfere in other people’s lives. After that, he can give his brother-in-law and sister more health care.
Li Qin and Ding Qiunan cook together very quickly.
Today, even my sister’s family can eat meat occasionally.
Fortunately, Li Chu brought canned meat and canned fish today.
Li Qin is also surprised that his brother often takes out good things.
But if Li Chu doesn’t do anything illegal, Li Qin won’t say much about his younger brother. It’s a big deal.
Ding Qiunan told her when cooking just now that her brother is now a member of the glorious preparatory organization.
Li Qin is really happy to see his brother’s life getting better and better now.
Wait until the younger brother has his own child. She is a worthy parent when she is an elder sister.
"Elder sister, you can give me the martyr’s family card later and get another one. I’ll nail it at the door over there." This card is a good thing to stop many monsters.
"Why don’t you just unload this side and take it there?" Li Qin felt a little strange.
"I don’t want to unload this side. I don’t want anyone to think about this room."
Li Qin thought about it. Yes, there is a shortage of existing homes. Every family is crowded with several people, so it is still necessary to drill holes to buy a house.
Although I am the deputy head of the neighborhood office, I can’t stop others from deliberately calculating.
Having that card can still block many people’s eyes.
Thought of this, Li Qin nodded. "Ok, I’ll bring it to you later."
"Don’t make a special trip and wait for you to bring it over on National Day."
After dinner, we chatted for a while and made an appointment with my sister and brother-in-law when the National Day passed. Li Chu and Ding Qiunan left.
When I got home, Ding Qiunan took out all the tickets in the cupboard and picked out all the cotton tickets and cloth tickets.
Chapter one hundred and one Born
Today, in the past, she measured all the dimensions of the kang over there and prepared to make some more bedding.
I have to sew a cotton-padded coat and trousers for Li Chu. Now he has to ride a bike there every Thursday, and he needs to be thicker.
Ding Qiunan took the ticket and counted to see if it was enough. He also discussed with Li Chu from time to time.
This kind of thing Li Chu is arranged by the girl herself, and he occasionally agrees with her.
"Little Chu Ge Xiao Chu Ge …" The rain in the courtyard was yelling.
Ding Qiunan got up and walked over to lift the curtain.
"Rain, where’s your little brother Chu’s house? Come on in."
The rain hurried to panic and said, "Sister Qiu Nan, I won’t go in. Sister Qin is going to have a baby. Can Brother Chu go over and have a look?"
Li Chu also came out at this moment to hear the rain a little confused "you this child somebody else have children let me see in the past? I’m not an obstetrician-gynecologist. Who’s Jia now? "
"How many aunts are there in the courtyard?"
"Qiu Nan, go and see what you can do. No, I can’t go in." Li Chu turned to his daughter-in-law and said.
Ding Qiunan hurriedly followed the rain and went to the Intermediate People’s Court.
Li Chu wanted to think and walked over to the Intermediate People’s Court.
Just entered the Intermediate People’s Court, there was a burst of screams, and Li Chu’s heart followed.
All the women in the courtyard will come to help. It’s a great pleasure to get a basin and a towel from their own hot water.
The piece at the entrance of Li Chu Intermediate People’s Court hesitated for a while and turned around and came to an uncle’s house. A big man should not gather together. Just have a daughter-in-law to help.
There are many people sitting in a big uncle’s house, even Xu Damao.
It’s rare that he stayed in the same room with Yuzhu today without quarrelling, and his daughter-in-law Lou Xiaoe also went to help.
Yi Zhonghai called Li Chu to sit down.
His son sat in his arms and held out his hand when he saw Li Chu.
"Hey, so many of us sit here and don’t even let Li Chu come in. How can we reach out and recognize people? We’re looking for a culture to let us hug." The second uncle Liu Haizhong saw the child move and said.
Li Chu took the child’s specialty and teased Xiao Ping with a giggle.
Yan Bugui sat next to him and said, "Xiao Ping ‘an is looking for someone who can earn money and give him a hug and a little Chu."
Outsiders began to laugh at Yan Port’s expensive words.
People in the courtyard don’t know that Li Chu has raised his salary again. He is almost the same as an uncle.
"Alas," a grandfather suddenly sighed and said, "Dong Xu just left Qinhuai Ru and gave birth to a child. It seems that this child was almost worse after Jia Jia’s family."
Everyone sitting in the room shut up, and now it’s hard for anyone, and no one picks up the old man’s excuse
Li Chu didn’t say anything, just teasing the child for a while, leaving the child laughing happily in the room.
I’m sure I can help him, but I’m sorry if it’s a bottom hole
Anyway, his horse will move away.
This time, a big uncle is also in good intentions. He has his own children and is worried about not supporting the elderly.
I will say that this, including last night’s hospital meeting, is simply to mobilize all the neighbors in the compound to help.
Yan Bugui then said, "How did Lao Yi deal with Jia Dongxu in your factory?"
Without waiting for Yi Zhonghai to speak, Liu Haizhong took it over and said, "There is no conclusion in the factory yet, but I heard that it seems that Xiao Jia still has some violations, isn’t it?"
Yi Zhonghai shook his head. "I don’t know the details. I didn’t have a car when the accident happened, but anyway, it was always a human life. If there is no statement, I think Dong Xu’s mother will definitely go to the factory to make trouble."
"I heard that it seems that the factory is going to give some pensions. I don’t know how much," Xu Damao said.
Xu Damao will hang around the factory office building all day long if he doesn’t go out to show pictures. He is still well informed.
"Give money a fart without a ticket or you can’t buy anything. If you don’t have it, who wants the money?" Rain column still replied Xu Damao.
"Hey, you silly column, are you telling me? It’s not that I gave it to you again. You will know that the Jia family doesn’t want money? Who are you from? " Xu Damao didn’t get used to his faults and started to talk directly.
"All right, you both say less." Yi Zhonghai looked at them and felt a big headache. The two men would pinch each other if they had the chance.
"Zhu, this man has no living now, so it’s better to have money than nothing." Third Uncle said slowly.
"If you want me to say, the money is not real. The main reason is that their family should find a way to let Qinhuai Ru take over the job now."
Li Chu remembers that Qinhuai Ru entered the factory only after she took over. If she could take over, the children would all follow her into the city.
Li Chushi didn’t want to open this mouth, but he was also a little worried that if the little butterfly came, he would fan Qinhuai Rugong again, and Jia Jiake would really have no queen.
After hearing Li Chu’s speech, several people in the room’s eyes lit up.
Yi Zhonghai took a thigh. "Little Chu, this is when it comes to ordering money, don’t ask you to let me take over."
Liu Haizhong also kept nodding. "Or is Xiao Chu a college student? This brain is the way to live."
"Old easy money also needs Qinhuai Ru, but now there is no way to stop asking for money. How did her family spend this time?" Although Yan Port is full of money and calculations, people are right.
Qinhuai rugang has just given birth to a child, so she can’t go to class these months. She needs some money to get through this period.
Although it was refuted by Yan port, Yi Zhonghai still felt that others said it made sense and nodded.
"Tell Lao Yan that I’ll talk to Dong Xu’s mother about asking her to go to the factory the next day and not wait for the factory to settle down, so it’s hard to change it again."
This is a help to the Jia family. If you can keep your job, her family can go over the next day.
Yi Zhonghai, who was elected by everyone, was ordered by the neighborhood Committee to find a way to help his neighbors, and his heart was relieved.
Ears come to Qinhuai Ru from time to time, and then it’s loud and sometimes low and growling, and everyone has no mood to chat. A few people just sit here and write novels from time to time.