The squeaking of the little fire mouse seems to disturb something, or it may be that Sun Hao’s arrival made him feel the smell of foreign bodies in the magma ahead, and there was a change in the magma ahead that made Sun Hao’s head numb.
The lava flowing in the front seems to be alive, and a human figure gradually emerges. Sun Hao looks at it at first glance, and I don’t know how many people there are.
Sun Hao complained so much about magma beasts in his heart! Sorry to bother you.
These magma humanoid beasts haven’t crawled from the magma yet, and Sun Hao has a little strain. Although this huge basalt is good, it is not a good place to stay.
Sun Hao looked around urgently and made a quick judgment. Sun Hao jumped into the agarwood sword and stabbed Sun Hao directly at the foot of the magma river. It is barely considered that there is a depression about three or four feet wide and small and deep on the bank of the magma river, which should be conducive to defensive terrain.
Sun Hao’s royal sword quickly came to this depression. When the agarwood sword was inserted into the ground, the wrist shook and took out a large handful of fire aegis symbols. Regardless of 3721, a series of symbols were arranged around the agarwood sword. It was very simple to build an agarwood sword spine defense circle, and then Sun Hao kept playing a series of gestures in his hands. This is not a big area. Quickly, a secondary small fire array was laid out.
This array doesn’t have a strong attack and defense effect, but it can make the array cover a strong fire atmosphere.
Magma beast doesn’t have eyes. According to Sun Hao’s speculation, the standard for magma beast to judge its position should be strange breath. The setting up of fire array here is precisely to cover up its popularity.
Magma beast is a strange creature spontaneously formed by calcining magma for a long time. Lao Jia has read about Magma beast. This is a monster that has been seen in purgatory. The best way to deal with it is to hide his own breath. Sun Hao has done a lot of homework to find a solution to the current predicament in an instant.
The fire-breathing array was quickly laid out, and Sun Hao’s figure flashed into the array. The magma beast outside suddenly lost Sun Hao’s breath, and felt a lot of sitting up from the magma or preparing to sit up. The magma beast gradually recovered its calm and still quietly returned to the magma as if it had never appeared before, and returned to nature.
Corleone, this series of movements is extremely fast, but even so, there have been many magma beasts coming around. Corleone didn’t arrange the fire and stopped the agarwood sword in front of Corleone and started a fierce attack.
These magma beasts have reached the late stage of the building foundation. Although they are ordinary magma beasts with low intelligence, they will have burning magma surging out of their bodies every time they strike, hitting Sun Haobu hard and setting up a fire shield.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s Shielding Defense Shield, it would be broken. If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s Shielding Defense Shield, it would be a small avatar’s defense ability.
They have launched an attack on the Aegis of Fire, and the magma beast soldiers didn’t stop because they found the enemy. They didn’t destroy the Aegis of Fire in front of them. Even if they didn’t feel Sun Hao’s breath, they would still persistently attack the Aegis of Fire until it was broken.
Magma beast is very difficult to be entangled in, and it is composed of magma. It can be said that there is not much weakness, and it has a very high temperature magma attack method. Magma beast has strong attack power.
Besides, this guy has a fluid constitution like water, even if you break it into pieces, what will become a brand-new magma beast once it falls into the magma?
Fire, even if the magma beast comes from magma, where there is fire, it is difficult to really destroy the magma beast.
It feels bad to be surrounded by such a group of magma monsters and beat up Sun Hao, so what do you need to do to get rid of this predicament? to be continued
Chapter three hundred and forty-three Pure fire evil spirit
The fire source of magma. This is the magma beast
Fire is that motive force of magma beast.
Sun Hao has read a lot of books, and there are also materials about magma beasts. The best way to deal with this monster living in magma is to smoke fire.
The so-called fire extraction is to peel the fire source from the magma beast, so that the magma beast and horse will become a pile of inactive volcanic slag.
Easier said than done, but not simple.
The lava beast is made of lava that burns all the time. There are fires everywhere in this fiery purgatory. Even this small depression of Sun Haoshen is full of fire. It can be said that there are fire sources everywhere. It is really difficult to pull the fire away from the lava beast.
Moreover, Sun Hao found that his own fire shield, which is made up of magma beasts, is very powerful, and the reflection damage actually failed to cause damage to these special monsters.
That is to say, if Sun Hao doesn’t find a way, these magmatic monsters will eventually break Sun Haolie’s Vulcan shield and immediately attack Sun Hao’s secondary law.
Sun Hao wanted to think, carefully drew a trace of divine inflammation from the airtight small flame film to protect himself and threw it at a magmatic monster.
Sun Hao has never been weak since he fell from a height, even though he was in a hurry and was in a state of extreme confusion.
A little negligence in this environment will lead to unimaginable results. During the high fall, the fire shield consumes a lot, but it finally persisted in falling to the bottom. After Sun Hao found that the pressure of the fire shield was actually reduced a lot, so Sun Haocai dared to take out a trace of divinity to deal with the magmatic monster.
God’s inflammation struck the magmatic monster. After a short pause, he found that this thing was a flame, so he stopped injecting the magmatic monster. It seems that the flame is all nutrients.
Sun Hao’s control of the divine inflammation flashed without entering the magmatic monster’s body. Soon Sun Hao stepped up the efforts of the imperial envoys, and this trace of divine inflammation media launched a divine decision.
It’s Sun Hao’s magic method to control the flame. In the past, Sun Hao has been manipulating his own flame subtly, but he never thought about using this god to deal with the enemy. But after facing the magma beast, Sun Hao had a whim to deal with this kind of flame motive monster. Will it be wonderful?
Sun Hao, a little flame, phlogistic medium, magmatic monster, prompting the gods to decide.
Ma Zheng attacked SHIELD, a magmatic monster who couldn’t help but shake his head slightly, which seemed very confused.
Sun Hao stepped up his efforts to display his divinity. Like a water pump, Shen Yan constantly drew flames from the magmatic monster to expand himself.
God’s cooperation with God’s inflammation has great control over the flame of heaven. Although Sun Hao enters the magmatic monster body with a hint of God’s inflammation, this hint of God’s inflammation is like a bottom black hole. The fire source of the magmatic monster body is dragged by God’s inflammation and absorbed by God’s inflammation like a moth’s fire.
As the fire was sucked away, the attack speed of the magmatic monster became slower and slower. Finally, when the last fire was sucked away by Shenyan, this fierce monster plopped down Sun Hao’s agarwood sword and turned into a pile of immovable volcanic slag.
Sun Hao’s heart is full of joy and a recruit, which seems to have grown a lot. Many gods have recovered and gradually merged into Sun Hao’s small flames.