Of course, Carl, who always has a cold face and purple clothes, feels very difficult to get along with. With the buffer of Tubel, Xingqi confessed to take care of purple clothes without any big mistakes.
"Oh, no, no," Tubel suddenly raised his thinking head. Forget it. Come on according to the purple clothes. Tell the boss that he also received a batch of fruits when he was angry. Wouldn’t it be even more lost to the purple clothes? At least he can get thirty percent. Tubel Shu started to make eyes.
"By the way, Carl is fine. Don’t tell the boss that I’m looking for him." Tubel suddenly asked Carl Jeancard strangely, and he was also puzzled
Was about to turn around when Tubel suddenly found that white-haired old man dressed in the so-called aristocratic costume was laughing at his satisfaction.
Suddenly Tubel had a very bad idea. This damn old man isn’t here to sell his daughter, is he? Tubel is very annoyed at how he sent the door so quickly.
And Qing Xiang Dan teacher smile soil bell seems to be so * * terrible this ya dead old man is the father-in-law see son-in-law more see more satisfied smile ah.
My mother, Tubel, called out her mother in her heart. She had to escape from this place quickly. Tubel was about to escape when she suddenly stopped again.
Carl looked at Tubel and was about to leave to ask what happened, but looked at Tubel and came back.
Tubel turned his face again, his fat face was cold, and his eyes scanned the Qing Xiang Dan division Haitian Yangdan division. It turned out that Tubel thought that he could not solve the problem by running away now, and it was much safer to face the old man now than to face his daughter later.
And soil bell thought of purple clothes that cold look don’t also let those who want to purple clothes marriage noble retreat? Soil bell in front of Carl, Qing Xiang Dan division, Haitian Yang held out a fat hand and a blunt thick finger, so the hall was full of shock. Soil bell put his finger into his nostril and took out a booger mouth and blew it on his mouth.
Stained! The sound echoed in the room, but it rang. Carl, Qing Xiang Dan Shi and Haitian Yang couldn’t calm down for a long time.
Tubel squinted at the sight of the dead white-haired old man Haitian Yang.
"Yeah, Carl, it’s okay. That’s it. I’m leaving." Push, push, push! It’s just a matter of getting close and reaching far from outside the house again.
Tubel has made a lot of money this time, but you are so old that you even get boogers. These noble old men shouldn’t bother themselves anymore, right? This has broken the bottom line for these nobles.
"Bah! Hey! " When Tubel ran to the place where he turned his foot, he stopped vomiting and vomited for a few minutes. Even after drinking a few mouthfuls of fruit, Tubel stopped, but he thought that he would never be tortured again. Tubel’s face showed a simple and honest smile.
Carl’s face was shocked. After watching Tubel’s performance, Tubel ran to the floor to pull Carl back. Tubel left, but Carl had to cope with Qing Xiang Haiyang Day. Two people maintained Master Xing Qi’s face.
At a loss, Carl started to "ha ha this this this" for two people, and his hand actually turned his nose, which made Qing Xiang Haitian Yang frightened.
Carl just found himself this how also … This damn Carl conveniently pointed to his head "that …" Then pointed to the direction of the soil bell to leave.
Qing Xiang Haitian Yang will remember that there is something wrong with the fat brain. Haitian Yang strongly suppressed the impulse to vomit just now. The impact of Tubei on Haitian Yang was too great. Just when Carl didn’t know how to speak, several maids came with good tea.
"Come on, two adults, please sit down for tea. I have sent someone to inform the young master. I believe that the young master will come quickly when he hears the arrival of two adults." Carl carried the tea to Qing Xiang Dan Shi Haitian Yang Yang and put it on his mouth to blow it up.
Carl found that his intention was not very good either, because this freshly brewed tea was still curled up with a mass of black, which was too similar to the one that Tubel had just pulled out from his nostrils. Seeing this, it still had a good taste and was blowing on his lips.
And the old Qing Xiang Dan division, of course, also has this feeling. Looking up at the housekeeper of Xingqi, it is also a face of silence blowing. It seems to be the same as yourself. Qing Xiang’s face once again showed a faint smile.
And I have a strong desire to vomit. It’s really time for Haitian Yang to see the arrival of tea. It’s time for Haitian Yang to take a few quick sips of hot tea and warm up the aftertaste before suppressing the * *
And after drinking tea, Haitian Yang suddenly saw the teacher. Carl, the housekeeper, looked at himself. It’s okay. I didn’t throw up. What happened? Haitian Yang suddenly saw the black tea cup and didn’t brew the tea. Then he saw the housekeeper. The tea was still full. Haitian Yang suddenly resisted strongly in his stomach.
Push, push, push! A series of running Haitian Yang also vomited on the other side of the corner just now, and the wind blowing from Tubel spit made Haitian Yang vomit even more.
Back in the living room again, Haitian Yang’s face was as pale as a serious illness, which made Qing Xiang Dan’s hands tremble a little and put the teacup aside. Haitian Yang’s heart hemp also put the teacup aside.
Carl saw that both of them stopped drinking tea, thinking that the tea really didn’t taste good, and it was destroyed by Tubel. He suggested to the two Dan teachers, "Why don’t I call two adults to send Tianyanbao milk? It’s just received fresh goods from others, and I heard that it tastes good."
"No, we are full of nothing today," Qing Xiang replied quickly with a different mouth.
【 Chapter 154 Building College of Pharmacy 】
"Seen the teacher" Xing Qi bowed to Qing Xiang Dan Shi and paid a visit.
"Ha ha, the old lady should inquire for the president’s adult," said Qing Xiang, who was very happy to be busy, and Carl Haitian Yang was also busy. The two principals were all sitting with themselves, of course.
"Ha ha, I’m from Qing Xiang Valley, and I should call you a teacher according to the rules of pharmacists’ association. I really don’t know if you’re back, or I dare not ask you to take me to visit you." Xingqi waved to Qing Xiang and Haitian Yang for a talk.
Qing Xiang looked at and saw this smiling, youthful-looking, handsome and comfortable-talking, so young, so high, but not complacent. The genius Dan Shixingqi was so polite, and his young people were really hard to get.
Qing Xiang began to think that getting along with Dan Shi, from pharmacist to Dan Shi, is a very boring thing for many people. Many Dan Shi have developed some strange and withdrawn styles, especially those who are talented and difficult to get along with.
"Ha ha, I was in a hurry when I heard that the teacher had come. All this body was covered with some herbal soil." Xing Qi was puzzled to see Qing Xiang look at it for a while and Qing Xiang see the soil.
"President’s adult is really good * * feeling not the kui is a genius Dan teacher name I’m far worse than you! It really makes my old man ashamed. I haven’t had any medicine since I became an alchemist. "Qing Xiang didn’t ask Xingqi to call the teacher and lifted his identity to Xingqi or addressed him.
"Ha ha, you flatter me. This is Master Yang Dan of Haitian, right? Ha ha, but I’ve heard a lot about your name in the former Qing Xiang Valley." Xingqi smiled at Haitian.
And Qing Xiang remembered at this moment that this Haitian Yang came from this moment of happiness and forgot to introduce himself to this * *.
However, Haitian Yang has no intention of being so polite to the teacher. It is also worthy of being very happy that Haitian Yang has come into contact with many Dan teachers. The more advanced Dan is, the more he will see that people with the same status will be treated. It is good that it will not be ignored.
"Ha ha, President, you’re joking. I’m really glad to be in your eyes." Haitian Yang also smiled at Xingqi, knowing that Xingqi himself was just a polite remark.
"Teacher, I just want to build a pharmacist college in my hometown. It’s very kind of you to come. I just want to ask you. Let’s talk about it at the dinner table." When Xingqi saw the housekeeper Carl, he knew that the banquet was ready
"Well, if you want to build a pharmacist college and achieve something in your hometown, you shouldn’t forget to drink water and think of the source." Qing Xiang felt closer to Xingqi with such an idea, so-called like-minded.
Jiangcheng College is now more famous than before, because the president of Jiangcheng College is Xingqi, which is no longer held by four families, and it has become a real academic management. Xingqi does not participate in politics, and the Dawn family of Les also gave Jiangcheng College to Xingqi, which became the dean of cutting.
"ah! That Shuai Shuai is the dean’s adult. It’s so cool. ""Come and see, the dean’s adult is coming. "A group of young girls looked at Xingqi with bedroom eyes.
Xingqi is also very headache for these. Although she has a dean’s name, the female students who are similar in age are too enthusiastic, which makes Xingqi very reluctant to come to this college.
Star wonder, like hiding from the plague, quickly entered the hospital office and took a few breaths. Star wizards returned to cool again.
"Dean, you’re here." The three old men, vice presidents, immediately came to meet the rare young dean, and all three of them were uneasy. The dean, who never came at ordinary times, suddenly arrived, making the three vice presidents feel very upset. The dean wouldn’t come to check, would he? But it was relaxing to think that he was carefully managing the college during this period.
"Well, I came to tell you something." Xingqi thought that there might be more trouble later, so he wanted to solve it quickly and looked at the three old men with a compliment on his face. Xingqi wanted to end it quickly.
Sitting in the dean’s room, the wizards first looked at themselves well. At that time, three old men, who were just a few vice presidents, turned out to be Wang-level old instructors of Jiangcheng College.
"Well, you’ve done a good job, which makes me feel relieved. Do it at your discretion. I’ll tell you that I’m going back to Heyang Town soon." Xingqi must have let several deans breathe a sigh of relief, and several of them can become the vice president, but Xingqi said a word.
"By the way, help me to go to the pharmacy branch and copy a copy of my medicine status and send it to my office as soon as possible, and also copy some quarrelling aspects." Xingqi left for the third vice president.
Three days later, Qing Xiang made an appointment with Xingqi’s family, waiting for the introducer from Qing Xiang Dan Shi to arrive. When Qing Xiang heard that Xingqi wanted to build a pharmacy school, she thought of several people who might be interested in Xingqi. Two carriages came to Fengman Xingfu.
"Do you think Master Xingqi will still remember us?" * * asked in the car is very excited.
Wenqianqian has a smile on his face. "It’s hard to say. He has probably forgotten you as an assistant." * * For Wenqianqian’s teasing, he didn’t mean to think that he was also worshipping Xingqi before. I can’t imagine that Xingqi’s adult turned out to be a three-Dan teacher now, and he was also a powerful king master.
Look at the rock next to it and it doesn’t mean * * line and others have been following Wen Lao pharmacist since Qing Xiang Valley disappeared, while Wen Lao pharmacist followed Qing Xiang Dan division for a few years when * * actually talked about Rock, but Wen Qianqian was taken by Houde, the old cow.
"You’re still worried about you. Think about how you, your old cow, will get revenge from Starkey’s adult. You were sorry for him at the beginning." Rock is still chatting. Rock is very grateful to Starkey for working with men and women. * * That’s when it started.
Looking at his girlfriend * * is now a first-class pharmacist, and he is still a seventh-class. Otherwise, how can he catch her?
"hey! I heard that adult Xingqi is still single. Do you think he will become an alchemist or a practitioner? "WenQianQian asked again.
"We still don’t talk about Xingqi’s adult now. Xingqi’s adult’s current status is not something we can talk about casually." Recalling that several Xingqi’s practicing medicine themselves are today, thanks to Xingqi’s cleverness and Wenqianqian’s silence when she hears the words of kindness.
While the other carriage, Old Man He Shu-wen, both of them were silent. Old Man Wen spoke highly of Xingqi when he investigated it, but Xingqi, a genius of the Three Dan division, was still far beyond it. Old Man Wen imagined that he would see this once-famous Xingqi again today, but his status was reversed today. Old Man Wen was a little bemoaned by the changes in the world, but he was still quite happy.
He Shu’s face is gentle, so it turns out that both his beards are trimmed and old light looks like a young man. For Xing Qi, these two carriages can be regarded as the most contacted by He Shu.
"Old greetings, what do you think of the people who get along with adult Xing Qi the most?" Old man Wen’s greetings have become long-standing friendship in recent years.
"Don’t call me that. Don’t you see that I’m only in my thirties? That guy can’t say that he has talent, luck, perseverance and cleverness. Anyway, this time he will be very popular." He Shu straightened his head and leaned against the carriage.
"Master Qing Xiang, the old Dan teacher’s introducer is here." Carl said to Zhengxingqi, "Oh, it’s here soon." Xingqi put away the roll and followed the housekeeper.
"I have seen Xingqi Pavilion!" When they saw the arrival of Star Qi, they all bowed and said,
"You are introduced by teacher Qing Xiang." Xingqi saw that they bowed and didn’t see the appearance of everyone.
"Oh, yes," they looked up at the star.
"Is it you?" It’s a surprise to see what everyone looks like.
"Ha ha He Shu, * *, Wen Qianqian, Hou De, Luo Ke and Wen Lao Yao are so good that you are still alive. I didn’t think that Teacher Qing Xiang would introduce me to you." I was called by Xingqi and everyone nodded.
"It’s very kind of you to come. Hehe, I can relax with your help." Xingqi is so happy that Qing Xiang Gu Shihe Shu can help himself.
The old pharmacist, Mr. He Shu, and Mr. Wen chatted for a long time to tell them that they were going to build a school of pharmacy, but Mr. He Shu, Mr. Wen, * * and others were very happy to agree to help Mr. Xing Qi. Congratulations again. * * Rock had eaten Wen Qianqian, but she was so quiet that she ate Wen Qianqian to death.
On the second day, Tianxingqi received the membership of Jiang Cheng College, and then the people moved towards Heyang Town. The two families of the pharmacist association Jiang Cheng College witnessed the departure of Liangjiang County, and the people arrived at Heyang Town just after dark.
Xiao Ke has lived in Heyang Town for a long time, but during this period of practice, he worked hard to get rid of laziness. If you can’t find Xingqi, you can’t find Xingqi. Every day, you can find Demu to drink, but the old man also lives at large. Every day, he occasionally instructs Xingqi’s guard Chiba, but he is loyal to his duties and becomes Aina’s personal guard. Old Jeff has really become Xingqi’s housekeeper.
Starkey in the dim light of night gazebo looked at a lazy greeting beam. "I’ll give you all the things to build a pharmaceutical college. The address has been chosen, just at the foot of the Kiel Mountains."
Hearing the business, he Shu finally recovered his eyes and carefully looked at the star wizard to make sure that he was right. "Well, I really want to be a manager, but you know me."
"Ha ha, you are still so refined. I don’t want to run the school of pharmacy well, and all the profits are yours, but I ask that the school not be as cruel as Qing Xiang Valley at that time." Xingqi is quite sure that he Shu’s ability will be profitable and energetic.
"But there are still some requirements that we must take care of the villagers in Heyang Town, and I have prepared money for you. How soon can you do it?" He Shu squinted and thought "the fastest half a year"
After hand over to treat, he shuxingqi once again returned to his house. bell was confronted with purple clothes in a black suit, and he was also wary that the black man actually had a pair of purple silver eyes.