Fu Gong You sneered and said nothing.
Zhang Xuansu Li Chongjiu whispered for a while. Li Chongjiu nodded to Fu Gong and said, "You have to believe that it is not difficult for us to find these gold and silver treasures. If you are willing to give me the treasure, you can spare your wife and children and exile in Liaodong."
Fu Gongyou gave a long sigh and revealed the place where the gold and silver were buried.
Yu Yu was captured in the end. More than ten generals of Jianghuai Army, Li Chongjiu, beheaded all these people in hundreds of them, and Li Chongjiu, a foot soldier of Jianghuai Army, sentenced them to exile in Huaihuang Town.
Punishing these people is to resettle Jianghuai.
This time, Xuzhou was only captured by the Jianghuai army, with more than 10,000 prisoners, while Hua Wang blasted into Suian, Zuo Xianyou, Dongyang Navy, and his troops dropped to 20,000 people.
Li Chongjiu said, "Before the pacification of Jianghuai, I was worried that Du Fuwei would raise the Danyang Army and Dongyang Navy to fight hard. Today, I saw that it was really worthy of the name. If Jianghuai foot soldiers were good at fighting and could not control, it would be necessary to guard against how many troops it would take, but I have different defenses. Since we have collected Jianghuai, we should not incorporate this strong army wave."
"Pursuit saint" Zhang Xuansu Yoshikawa and other ministers of Zhao said together.
Listen to Li Chongjiu say that Wang Xiong’s birthday, Hua Wang and others are all beaming.
When Kan Leng took the initiative, he said,’ Dongyang Navy has already surrendered me to Zhao, but General Wang and General Wang are willing to recruit Jianghuai Army to rebuild and raise camps in the future, and Danyang Army Zhao Pingding Tian will do their part.’
Wang Xiong’s birthday also said that "I think so too."
Li Chongjiu laughed.’ It’s very good. Jianghuai is determined, but the sky is not flat. I want to clear the world. I want to use talents like General Wang and General Kan to come and plan! "
When Mr. Wang Fu, the driver, took out the imperial edict in the previous step.
Li Chongjiu said, "Wang Kaner will help me pacify Jianghuai. I decided that Wang Xiong Birthday Tiger Tooth Lang will raise three thousand troops and Kaner Angular Tiger Tooth Lang will make three thousand troops and Danyang Army will also make three thousand troops, and the two of you will be controlled by the Royal Guard."
"In addition, Wang Xiong’s birthday capture of Fu Gong blessed Peng Cheng County Hou Ci Qian Baiguan."
After Wang Fu wrote an imperial edict, he served the imperial edict and Li Chongjiu picked it up and sealed it.
Wang Xiong’s birthday Kan Leng both took the imperial edict from Li Chongjiu.
Zhao Jun’s generals are all envious of Song Jingang’s Royal Guards, and the fighting capacity of Liaodong old soldiers has increased by leaps and bounds with the addition of two valiant soldiers and former Sui army soldiers.
Speaking of this, Li Chongjiu added, "Hua Wang was blasted into obeying orders."
On the side of the tent, two people knelt down at the same time, and Li Chongjiu said, "You two have made meritorious deeds. I decided to add the chief of Danyang County, Hua Wang, and the chief of Suian Donghai County and Zuo Xianyou, Jiangdu County."
Hua Wang blasted into Sui ‘an and both of them obeyed.
Yu Shinan said, "The Royal Guards originally had fifteen thousand troops. If we add Wang Kan, the two generals will have twenty-one thousand troops."
Li Chongjiu said, "Yes, I want to strengthen the Royal Guards. I am still dying. Song Jingang Jiangnan Road, Shandong Road, and the two places are controlled by him." To be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-six Li Tangmin debt
After Li Chongjiu killed Fu Gongyou, he led the main force of Yi Wei Jun Wu Wei Jun Ting Wei Jun to reinforce Luoyang in the north.
Before Li Chongjiu left, in addition to leaving General Song Jingang to lead the troops to guard Jianghuai, he ordered Yu Shinan to go to Jiangdu and serve as the civil servant of Jiangnan Shandong, the prime minister of Jiangnan Shandong.
Wang Xiong, the commander of the Jianghuai army, took the head of Fu Gong You to surrender Jianghuai cities. Most of them surrendered without fighting. Li Chong occupied Jianghuai territory almost without any resistance for one month.
After playing Jianghuai, Li Chongjiu not only rewarded the Jianghuai army, but also Silla and Baekje sent troops this time.
Li Chongjiu when conferring Baekje Wuguang Wang Baekje Wang Kaifu instrument with the third division Wu Guang Wang Fuyu Yici Baekje Tai conferring Silla Zhenping Wang Silla Wang Kaifu instrument with the third division Zhenping Wang Nv De Man Princess Silla Tai.
This Li Chongjiu is equal to treating Baekje as a general strategic ally of Silla.
In this attack on Danyang Jiangdu general Silla Jin Chunqiu Li Chongjiu remembered that he had been coming to the meritorious military service and made him the official of Changli County, and worshipped the samurai Lang General.
And Baekje general Yun Zhong Li Chongjiu also named him a county official to worship Tiger Tooth Lang.
Li Chongjiu also left the two of them to continue to sit in Danyang Jianghuai Silla Baekje Navy and surrender Dongyang Navy, with a total of nearly 20,000 troops. First, Chen Heng crossed the Yangtze River and took Jingxiang directly. Second, it could also deter Lin Shihong from making a move.
In May, the weather in Chang ‘an began to heat up gradually. Li Shimin took the step of walking in the extremely palace road, which was given by Tang Yuan after he defeated Wang Shichong. Besides, he was accompanied by Ban Jian and advocating ceremonial ceremonies, which was second only to Li Jiancheng in the palace.
Crowded with laughter, Li Shimin walked into the palace gate, and in front of it was the polar temple. Li Shimin did not go directly to the polar temple or the imperial house, but walked across the corridor to the temple where provincial officials were waiting for the discussion.
At this time, Li Shimin was the only one in the Piandian. He said to the guards in the outer weeks,’ You go out first’.
When the guards retreat clean
Li Shimin picked up the stack and they wished. After reading it, the room opened and a little eunuch came in with a pot of tea.
The little eunuch looked back around and took out a letter from his sleeve to put it on the plate and whispered,’ The Temple Xue Empress will give it to you’.
Li Shimin saw nodded and took out a few silver beans from his sleeve.’ Take it! ‘
The little eunuch hurriedly said,’ How dare the king of Qin and his empress handle affairs?’
Li Shimin raised his head and glanced at the little eunuch lightly. Seeing Li Shimin’s eyes, he suddenly trembled when the cashier said, "Thanked the King of Qin."
"This is the back! ‘
Say that finish this little eunuch covered in sweat when back out heart way this king of Qin is so great.
After the little eunuch left, Li Shimin wrote Xue Jieyu to him and opened it, but when they met, it was written in fine print. The effect was that Li Jiancheng Li Yuanji led the North Road Tang Jun Heyang area to suffer setbacks and delayed the fighter plane, which made Tang gaozu very angry.
When Tang gaozu watched the memorial in the palace several times, he angrily denounced these two sons for their lack of tools and their desire to change their positions when they got cold feet.
Xue Jieyu believes that this is the best time for Li Shimin to return to power.
But Xue Jieyu advised Li Shimin not to be too eager to get ahead at this time. If Tang gaozu is interested, he will definitely take the initiative to find Li Shimin. If he doesn’t open his mouth, he will have doubts about his own son or heart. Li Shimin will take the initiative to invite Shuai instead of adding Tang gaozu’s suspicion. It is better to retreat.
Li Shimin nodded his head after reading Xue Jieyu’s letter. It’s a pity that this woman is really attached to Lan Xin, but for her great cause, she will accept her concubine.
Li Shimin just knocked at the door outside after reading the letter. Li Shimin asked,’ What’s up? ‘
Outside the road,’ the king of Qin’s palace, please move the palace.’
Li Shimin put away the stationery and said,’ I know’.
So Li Shimin picked up a few minutes when he pushed open the door, there was Tang gaozu outside who believed most in Father Zheng. Then Li Shimin smiled and said,’ Please come and invite Father Zheng himself’.
Zheng’s father-in-law hurriedly said,’ Qin Wangyan is serious, please! ‘
Li Shimin as zheng father-in-law straight into tang gaozu imperial house, but see tang gaozu hands negative after no expression and imperial house ground broken porcelain several ministry of war officials kneeling room all dare not look up, obviously this imperial house just after a flurry.
"Qin Wangdian to! ‘
As Li Shimin stepped into your tunnel outside the temple,’ Long live my father, long live my father’.
Li Shimin knelt down and kowtowed and straightened up, but when he saw these Ministry of War officials, he looked up and asked Li Shimin for help.
"Get up!"
Tang gaozu turned to the officials and said, "Why don’t you get out of here and get rid of your head?"