The kind that wears a mask and doesn’t even show his face.
The countess was so considerate that she specially ordered the person who delivered the invitation to convey directly orally that’ even the family emblem of the carriage refused to recognize the invitation and refused to recognize the person’.
It’s really sleepy to send pillows. From the most important duke to the most important baron, at least two or three hundred nobles directly promised to go to dinner.
Boval was silent for a long time when he received the news.
In front of him stood a shadowy man, short and pithy with deep brown eyes. "What about Regent’s Pavilion?"
Boval finally waved his hand. "I have reached an agreement with Regent Marcus. I don’t care about this matter, and it is obviously more helpful to make Storm Kingdom a stronger country! You have to focus on the "Ghost Wolf" action. "
"white!" The male interest has retired.
Looking at a one-bedroom apartment, Boval sighed, "Duke, don’t let me down."
The atmosphere was weird that night.
When the day was getting dark, almost all the nobles’ doors were hit, and many carriages filed out. Some of these carriages had family badges, while others were badges for servants to purchase goods.
More than four-digit carriages poured into the streets, even if all the main roads were designed in Duke’s urban planning when Storm City was rebuilt, six carriages could run through the core main roads of the city in parallel, which was even more exaggerated than twelve lanes.
However, when thousands of carriages came out at the same time, the traffic was inevitably in chaos.
If MI7 tries to track some major nobles, they are bound to go crazy because they simply don’t have so many people to track every carriage and find out who is sitting in it.
It was the nobles who soon fell into doubt.
According to the truth, they are so confused that they will lead to a large number of stalkers. For example, MI7′ s real elite thieves are only a few dozen, and the rest are ordinary peripheral members with fairly high standards. The number of these people is only 500.
Moreover, there are less than 1,000 thieves and thieves, and the Storm Kingdom has a fairly vast territory. Except for the Marcus family, there may be fewer people. At least there should be 30 or 40 people in each district, right?
No more than two thieves can really mobilize seven places in Storm City.
But … there’s not a stalker.
The nobles who were bent on attending the fancy dress ball arrived very smoothly. They were not worried about being heckled by two regents later. A heavy guy was either ready for body double or a few people claimed to play cards together and a bunch of loyal servants helped perjury.
Entering Countess Anristo’s magnificent Duke’s mansion in the east of Stormwind, the nobles can hear the joy from that huge and splendid villa far away.
A band of senior elvish musicians played the most popular music from Quel ‘Salas period.
Sometimes cheerful, sometimes passionate, sometimes decadent, constantly stirring the heartstrings of the nobles. If it hadn’t happened today, there might have been a lot of hot-blooded aristocratic young men and women rolling around the villa at this moment.
Say it’s a fancy dress party, but it’s ok to lie to outsiders. Knowing each other well, the nobles will always recognize each other and deliberately leave their bodies to decorate the code.
The young aristocrats were ecstatic to see those familiar with the big shots present one by one. In their eyes, this was enough to subvert the whole kingdom and even banish the damn Grand Duke Marcus.
Unfortunately, the atmosphere was weird after the party.
Because everyone saw that the heroine of the masquerade ball wore a little golden mask to cover her eyes, Countess Enristo danced with a young aristocrat with the accompaniment of Yu Aristocratic music.
Even the nobles who were close at hand could not hear what they were whispering.
Fortunately, they didn’t hear what they heard. I guess they will be scared out of their wits.
Dear Grand Duke Marcus, I don’t think I sent you an invitation.
Yes! That’s right!
At this moment, dancing with the countess is wearing a ridiculous layer of elf mask Duke. Of course, no one in this world will know the location of the mask’s ears. Those two metal ornaments are small Tu Longdao noodles with a line of Chinese dragon slaying treasure knife written on them.
Bad taste: Duke gently holds the humanoid black dragon princess’s hands in one hand, enjoying the soft touch, and at the same time, he has no qualms about hugging others’ waist in the other hand, and his hands sometimes slide slightly.
Every time he felt the faint anger from the princess, he just gave a look of’ I’m sorry my hand slipped’.
"I like to be lively and I have the habit of never letting go of my favorite things."
Chapter 194 Dragon’s life depends on acting!
"Ha ha! You are so confident "Onyxia face with a formulaic smile.
"Of course! A strong person must be confident because he has confidence, but he will lose without confidence. "Duke teased without weakness."
Hearing these words, the black dragon princess sneer at hey hey! If you know who I am, can you still have this confidence?
She doesn’t know Du Mou people also sneer at in my heart!
Hey hey hey! If you know that I already know who you are, can you still be calm? Are you going to pretend you don’t know how to continue playing aristocratic political games with me? Or did you turn the table into a black dragon on the spot and fight directly?
One person Yi Long is so gentle in other people’s eyes, and he looks at everyone affectionately. I don’t know if these two guys want to kill each other!
Onyxia smiled. "Does this mean that many queens have gained the confidence of the Duke of Lovers?"
Princess Black Dragon suddenly imagined maliciously that if Duke one day found out that the beauty he had been very interested in was really a black dragon, and then she suddenly attacked and hurt people and bit off his legs, the scene would be cruel and full of equal joy.
"Maybe it is, maybe it is not." Duke continued to show the style necessary to be a lover with a big smile on his face.
There is a word in my mouth that I don’t care about in my heart, but I want to be paralyzed. Onyxia asked her to plan not to start so quickly
It is necessary to give Onyxia hope that she will not turn her face so quickly, otherwise Varian will be in danger, or it will directly lead to the failure of experience. The law forms an iron triangle with VaAnabel and Ibrol.
But Duke can’t let Storm City in Onyxia toss for too long.
In his warehouse, a fragment of a platinum disc with a fifth left trembled faintly. With the help of platinum disc power, Duke had already seen that the whole villa was full of dragons and semi-dragons.
I have to say that the black dragon clan [Ultimate Transfiguration] is all about carrying.
Duke maliciously wondered if those idiot aristocrats would instantly scare the urine if they knew that the waiters who were pouring them wine and the beautiful maids with big breasts and white skin, especially black lizards, were waiting for them.
What Du Ke means most is that it is not unusual for the unified elves to mark Onyxia with a white skull leader mark on a black background, but it is unusual for Onyxia to judge it as orange
The orange name means that the opponent’s strength is much higher than his own, and confrontation is not recommended.
"Unified elves have to make wrong? Don’t I already have a platinum disc? Why is it still an orange name? " Duke secretly asks for unification in his spiritual world.
"The possibility of misjudgment is 2%. According to speculation, the incarnation of human Onyxia has been enhanced by the unknown."
Unknown reinforcement …?
Duke hesitated.