Su Ying was full of heroism. He entered the heaven only two or three years ago, and he had such achievements. He broke through the gods and became gods. Looking at the sky, who can make such great progress in a short time?
"Su Xiong Fu Mou luckily didn’t fail to accomplish his mission. I finally uncovered the rune of Emperor Jun’s life."
Wu Beibei’s voice came to Su Ying and hurried to see that piece of troublesome life rune, which has fallen off from the jade box at the moment, and the wind tunnel cloud immediately stopped practicing and leaned forward.
Xiaoqiang is also busy running to lift and grab the jade box.
When the jade box was opened, a golden light curtain rose from the jade box and turned into thousands of waters. Qian Shan passed by before their eyes.
The visual angle of the image in the golden screen is very strange, as if Su Ying and others were in the middle of it, flying in front of Wanshui Qian Shan and heading straight for a deep and dark valley.
This scene passes through the deep valley, and the ear is roaring, rushing, evil wind, and the devil is cruising and killing in the evil wind, and then the picture suddenly appears in front of them.
This strangely seems to be a graveyard with a unique hole, and the trees are tall and gloomy. There are strange sculptures on both sides of the road, and all of them are lifelike.
There stands a magic door in front of it, which is horrible, and then it opens a road to the unknown, and hundreds of millions of stars are turned into desertification desert, and a galaxy is turned into hydration, and the river is surging
The picture jumps across the desert and crosses the river. All kinds of magic gas gush from the ground in the depths of the graveyard, and the sound of the devil cries and screams is creepy.
There are many strange things floating in the magic gas, iron tongs, scissors, iron tree steamer, evil mirror, copper column, knife mountain, iceberg, stone mill and even a sheep’s head, a big demon!
"Shen Wen verve!"
Sue should be sharp-eyed and see at a glance that these treasures are impressively condensed by Shen Wen verve. Just take out one and you can suppression of the heavens!
"What is this place?" Wind tunnel and cloud lost their way.
Wu Beibei’s face changed dramatically. I didn’t expect this scene to appear in the jade box!
"This is the ten layers of hell core condensed out of fate …" Su Ying looked somberly and slowly vomited polluted air.
"Ten layers of hell are doomed!"
When they looked at each other in surprise, they couldn’t help but show ecstasy and immediately said, "It’s a pity that even if we get these fortunes, we will be abolished in an instant and we can’t die again!"
Wu Beibei’s eyes flashed and smiled. "But there must be countless treasures in this place. Most of them can be refined by picking up a stone!"
The wind tunnel cloud nodded heavily. "Yes, there must be countless spiritual veins there. It’s too clear, but all the jade Qing spiritual veins may appear. Maybe there will be primordial veins!"
The light curtain in the jade box gradually faded and finally disappeared, and the jade box turned into a pile of powder and melted away with the wind.
"Brother Su, do you want to visit that place?" The wind and the cloud are different from Wu Beibei.
Chapter 1277 Valley of Buried Days
"That monty hierarch Su Ying should be not far ahead!"
Jiuyang Taiet al. roared and Su Ying once appeared where the thunder destroyed the animal cage and asked the animal slave to sink. "This little one can run with us all the way through the periphery of Tianfen and enter the Hell Gate. After he arrived at the Hell Gate, he was still running around! But this time he can’t run away! "
Obviously, they have been fighting many times in pursuit of Su Ying, and everyone has gained a lot, and some people have made great progress in repairing their strength.
Thunder and others have already taken out all their cards when they came to Tianfen, otherwise their strength will not be able to live to the present.
There are thirteen ancestors in this group of them, and the slave who destroyed the beast with thunder is a crazy god. His strength can be described as former strength, and he will not be their opponent even if he meets the god.
The strength of Zhongjiuyang Taixiu has increased the most, and its momentum is more than ten times stronger than that of Yongjia’s bodhi old zu, Lujia’s bodhi old zu and others. After the opening of Chunyang’s holy gate, it was faint that he had the strength to jump out. He sneered, "Now that I have finished refining and refining my father’s tattoo, I have a seven-point grasp of jumping out of the door, and after accumulating some time, I am 100% sure of my achievement!"
You gods are already the overlord of heaven when you jump out of the door in your heart and achieve the goal of God.
Moreover, Jiuyang is too qualified. If he succeeds, I’m afraid his strength will change dramatically. I don’t know how much more earth is than thunder destroying beast slaves!
"Where on earth is Su Ying going?"
Thunder suddenly stopped and looked down to see the gloomy clouds in the distance, but the howling evil wind was a huge ravine, like a black hole, constantly emitting thick black gas.
"Blood food …"
A big monty suddenly grinned and rushed out of the evil wind and black gas to open his blood pool. Fiona Fang bit everyone for miles!
Two rare piano sounds started from this big monty, and the lines were torn apart, and the traces dissipated. The sound of the saint gently plucked the strings, and the eyes were sharp and low. "Almost comparable to the devil, is this the valley of burial days …"
Everyone’s heart is awe-inspiring and buried in Tiangu, which is definitely the most famous desperate place in Tianfen. I don’t know how many strong people have been here, but no one has come out since they went in.
"Buried in heaven, even the sky will be buried here! Smell this magic valley breeds hundreds of millions of demons to form a demon kingdom. The demons here are mostly gods, and there is no lack of gods and level of terror … "
A monarch murmured, "Sue should this fellow will break into this place? Doesn’t he know how to write dead words? "
Jiuyang laughed too conceited. "What nonsense is buried in Tiangu! We are so powerful, we have thirteen ancestors, a god, and I am about to become a god. Can a mere valley stop us? Sue should dare to enter, don’t we dare to enter? "
Ray’s eyes lit up and he laughed. "Big Brother is right. Our party and generals are followed by them. Even if they are in danger, they can’t beat them!"
"Go in together!"
They all flew up into the valley. They just entered the valley of the burial day and saw a wave of earth falling into the valley of the burial day. They were swept away by magic gas and evil wind and suddenly turned into a golden curtain, swinging them all away!
"Elephant bully, are you worried that Wang Er, the God of Heaven, will die and be buried in the valley of heaven?"
A sound of laughter also fell into the valley of the burial day. Fiona Fang’s snow-white sword light rolled like a mercury ball. It should be a master of the sword god Wang Hui!
"It’s a pity that a small god in the district has the audacity to slaughter God and inspire us strong people!"