"Are you really tired and asleep?" Cardamom is not at ease to reconfirm.
"It should be who insists on nine days day and night, and the boss is still a girl." Liu Qi is on the right path
Cardamom nodded with tears in her eyes. "Yes, Miss has slept for an hour every day since the outbreak, and Miss is responsible for the most seriously ill patients …"
"Let her sleep! Cardamom, you’re here to look after the outside. There’s enough manpower and you’re not short of one. "Liu Jizheng patted Bao Liang on the shoulder and two people withdrew from the duty room.
Cardamom sat by the bed in a simple way and looked at miss who was unconscious.
In the ward, Phytolacca has given pills to seven patients with the most serious illness according to Lu Xiaoning’s instructions.
In fact, these people have already swallowed, but I heard that this is the latest new drug developed by Lu Xiaoning. The desire to survive drives them to drink every drop of the medicine.
Lu Xiaoning slept so hard that he didn’t have a dream.
It was not until dawn that the rooster crowed for the third time that Lu Xiaoning was woken up.
Lu Xiaoning opened his eyes and looked at the roof with exquisite patterns to bear dust. It took a long time for Lu Xiaoning to regain consciousness and suddenly sat up in bed and put on shoes and rushed out the door.
Cardamom dozed off at the fairy table and was awakened by the door. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the bed. A tingle completely woke up and quickly got up and chased him out.
Chapter 536 A cry to celebrate one
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Lu Xiaoning rushed into Shen Xinrui’s ward, where Shang Lu was taking care of it. Qiu Ling was also ill and couldn’t follow him.
"What happened?" Lu Xiaoning walked over and asked because Shen Xinrui was still asleep.
Miss shanglu heard the sound trail "miss, why are you up?" Don’t sleep for a while? "
"I’m full of sleep and I’m in good spirits now."
Lu Xiaoning picked up Phytolacca and looked at it carefully.
At the first hour, the second hour and the third hour, nothing changed. At the fourth hour, the fever subsided and the festering wound stopped deteriorating. At the fifth hour, about half an hour ago, the breathing stabilized.
Lu Xiaoning’s surprise is inexplicable. She is a dead horse. As a living horse doctor, she didn’t expect to get up. Although it is not like a modern specific medicine, it can have an immediate effect, but her condition is stable, which means that she has succeeded.
Lu Xiaoning hurriedly said, "Take care of it."
Then Lu Xiaoning went to another ward to check six other critically ill patients, one of whom died at the third moment of ugliness, and his condition improved more or less.
Lu Xiaoning went to the corridor and leaned against the pillars. Tears kept flowing.
This is excited tears, happy tears, I can’t help it.
Before, she knew that her prescription was effective, but the effect was too slow to keep up with the deterioration of her condition, and she could watch the patients die in pain one by one.
But now she has a way to control the deterioration, and then slowly take care of these people with medicine, so that they can all live.
God has eyes and sent her an antibody Xiao Ni.
Liu Qizheng and Bao Liangzheng are going to make rounds to see Lu Xiaoning crying in the corridor. They both looked at each other with their hearts thumped. Who died again? Xiao Ning has been tinkering with medicine all day?
Liu Qizheng crustily skin of head before the mouth "eldest brother life and death, you have tried your best to watch"
This is a terrible plague. It’s not that easy to cure.
Now it’s time to burn high incense.
Lu Xiaoning looked at Liu Jizheng and Bao Liangyu with a look of grief and loss. His mouth was flat and tears brushed and dripped again.
Bao Liang stammered, "Boss, you … don’t cry. You’re crying. You must not be flustered."
Lu Xiaoning sniffed and said, "I can cry if I like, but I’m not allowed to cry to celebrate?"