Every day, he receives an urgent report from the epidemic area in the south of the city, saying that several people have died. The situation is grim!
Dr. Wu thought for a moment and said, "I’m not sure if it’s okay. If it’s not, I’ll definitely know."
You can prevaricate like this
It’s good that Liu Youren has a little peace of mind and there is no chaos over there.
"Then … can you ask Dr. Wu one more thing? My third daughter is helping her. Her name is Dr. Lu Fang Ai Wu. Can you help me inquire about her?" Liu youren asked again
Fang Ai’s daughter’s home is so messy in relief that Liu Youren doesn’t even feel at ease to think about it.
Doctor Wu ha ha said, "Liu Fang is kind. I know she’s quite good, little girl. She’s helping with some paperwork in relief now. No problem. Adults Lu can rest assured that she also asked someone to inquire about your situation."
Liu Youren nodded blankly. I can’t believe Fang Ai has become so capable.
"That …" Liu Youren words to the mouth and pharynx back.
In fact, he wanted to ask about youth, but he didn’t want to ask at the thought of youth, love and kindness.
"If it’s okay, I’ll go to another ward." Doctor Wu got up and left.
"Thank you, Doctor Wu." Liu Youren sat on the bed and bowed his hand.
Zhu Wang rejoiced, "Master, tell me you’re not suffering from pestilence. You still don’t believe in scaring yourself, so you can rest assured."
"Yes, it’s a close call." Liu Youren said in a passive way.
"I heard that after seven days of isolation, no problem can be released, sir. Where after we go out?" Zhu Wang has considered the arrangement after going out.
Where is Liu Youren dazed? Where else can he go?
Home is gone.
"We’ll see when the time comes. Let’s meet Miss San first." Liu Youren said.
Zhu Wang: Oh, Miss Yan, it’s best not to have anything to do with Miss Er again.
Liu Fanghua is losing his temper in Laifu Inn.
"What is to drink porridge every day? Don’t stop eating steamed bread? "
Siqin said weakly, "Miss, you can make do with it. Now, eating in the quarantine area is quantitative and everyone should be the same."
"Who is like them? Can it be the same? People here are poor, and they are beautiful with porridge and steamed bread, but what about me? When have I ev eaten anything so rough? I will endure it for two days a day, but how can I eat it every day? " Liu Fanghua is sick at the sight of porridge.
It’s disgusting and nauseous.
"You go, you go to the shopkeeper and give him money. Let him get me some delicious food as much as he says." Liu Fanghua bossed around.
Siqin is extremely difficult. "Miss handmaiden has already tried it. I can’t. Miss, you can bear it again. I heard that you can go out if there is no problem for another two days. Don’t you have everything when you go to Qin Wangshi again? I will no longer suffer. "
"Two more days? I can’t stand it for a day, er … "Liu Fanghua said in the middle of his stomach, and a thread of wow spit it out.
Siqin was frightened. "Miss, what’s wrong with you?"
At that time, Siqin didn’t even dare. She knew about the disease before, and the initial symptom was fever and vomiting.
Liu Fanghua couldn’t say anything when she vomited, but she vomited all the time until her stomach was full of tears and snot.
"Hand … silk handkerchief" Liu Fanghua difficult way
Siqin took out a handkerchief and handed it far away.
"You’re going to die. What are you doing hiding so far away?" Liu Fanghua gas scold a way
Chapter 533 I never leave
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Liu Fanghua vomited until there was nothing to vomit, but her stomach was as uncomfortable as being resisted by something.
"Give me a glass of water." Liu Fanghua vomited until he almost collapsed and ordered forcefully.
Siqin went to pour a glass of water and carefully put it on the table, one foot away from the young lady’s hand.
Liu Fanghua stared at her discontentedly. It’s getting worse and worse that she can’t wait on people.
Liu Fanghua himself took the cup and drank two times. Finally, he was relieved to see a pile of vomit and a burst of nausea.
"Siqin cleaned up quickly."
"Young lady … how did you get sick? Do you want to call a doctor to show it to you? "Siqin stared at the filthy sound in fear and trembled.
Liu Fanghua’s eyes tightened and he said sternly, "Don’t call the doctor."
"Don’t, I don’t know what you’re thinking. If I catch an epidemic, you’ll also be sent to the hospital. Can you run away?"
Miss "little … handmaiden didn’t think so" SiQin guiltily explained.
Liu Fanghua didn’t good the spirit way "you when I am blind, aren’t you afraid? Don’t be blind. I’m not sick. I’m sick of porridge and steamed bread all day. My stomach is bad. "
Liu Fanghua himself touched his forehead. "I didn’t have a fever. I must have eaten something bad."
Siqin was relieved to think that Miss Er has always been delicate and suffered a lot. Perhaps the rough meal hurt Miss Er’s stomach.
This just took the tools away.
Lu Fanghua asked, "Did you just say that you can go out after two days of isolation?"
"Well, the handmaiden heard from the shopkeeper that if no one gets sick at home or nearby for seven consecutive days, she can leave the epidemic area."
Liu Fanghua secretly rejoiced that she finally had hope for this day. She has been in this room for seven days. It’s stuffy and hot, and she dare not take a shower for seven days. She feels that she has rotted. This is simply a way to imagine things before. The first thing to do after going out is to take a shower and have a good meal.
I didn’t spit it out when I thought of eating Liu Fanghua and making me sick.
She can’t throw up Siqin again. This bitch is unreliable. She only threw up once. Siqin looked at her like a ghost.
It’s a pity that the people around her should be put in front now. She must have kicked the Siqin with one foot.
"Siqin, etc. After going out, we will go to the palace of Qin Dynasty, and we will definitely settle down well." Liu Fanghua said.
"Master’s room hasn’t been returned, has it?"
"If you don’t have a shopkeeper, you won’t let it go back. If you can’t rent it out, you have to count it in our head," Siqin said.
"Well, in a couple of days, you go to the master’s room to open the master’s pillow. The master hid the silver ticket inside. I saw you bring it here." Liu Fanghua ordered.
In that case, she will have four hundred and twenty silver tickets.
"So … what if the master comes back?" Siqin hesitant way
Liu Fanghua airy tunnel "master has its own big miss three miss without me? Besides, master can’t come out when he enters the clinic. "
Siqin listened to this, and Miss Er was too affectionate to her father, regardless of his life or death.
After the master was sent to the doctor’s office, she also proposed to inquire about the master’s situation. Miss Er stopped her several times and refused to let her go near the doctor’s income to bring back the plague.