Liu Yuan judged that it was incredible to hear this. "Lu Xiaoning?"
Liu Yuan looked disdainful. "You’d better go home. The problem here is not that you can solve it. Go back and let the court send experienced people."
Lu Xiaoning stretched out his hand next to nutmeg and put the imperial edict in Miss’s hand.
Lu Xiaoning exhibition imperial edict "Liu’s adult receives imperial edict"
Liu yuan sentenced to look at the eyes and got Huang imperial edict. The medical staff in the hospital quickly knelt down.
"… leather to Liu Zhengzhen court sentenced landing physician south of the city epidemic area master took over the south of the city epidemic area size south of the patrol camp Zhao command make Liu Yuan sentenced from the side to help if there is any disobedience neglect physician Lu can act first …"
Liu Xiaoning quickly finished reading the imperial edict and stared at Liu Yuan’s sentence coldly. "Can Dr. Liu find a place to talk now? Or should I say it here? "
I just called him a Liu’s adult to give him a face. Now that the imperial edict has been read, Liu Yuan’s sentence is no longer Liu Yuan’s sentence but Liu Dafu’s.
Dr. Liu got up in fear and made a gesture of "Dr. Lu, please talk to the duty room"
Entering the duty room, Lu Xiaoning saw the mountain and asked seriously, "Dr. Liu, do you know what epidemic is happening here?"
Dr. Liu wiped his sweat and said, "At first, it was not like this. It was a general plague with fever and diarrhea, which was not very serious, but since yesterday, the patient’s neck was swollen and he could not speak and breathe, and his body turned purple …"
"Since yesterday?" Lu Xiaoning asked with a deep tone.
"It’s … it’s from the night before." Dr. Liu was guilty.
"Why not report it?" Lu Xiaoning almost shouted that Liu Yuan’s sentence was so hateful that it delayed the most precious time. I don’t know how many people will die. Moreover, it is said that life is high and low in the rich areas. That is in her eyes, but the reality is that the life of the rich is still worth more than that of the poor. I don’t know how many times if more than half of the family members of court officials die here, the court will be paralyzed.
Dr. Liu was plopped down on his knees by Liu Xiaoning’s roar consciousness. "I can’t believe this is a big head blast if the officer is absent, for fear that one thousand mistakes will cause great panic …"
Lu Xiaoning was so angry that he said, "Dr. Lu, you’d better be killed here, or you’ll lose your neck and head when you get out of this epidemic area."
"Phytolacca acinosa, please go and report to the Prince’s Palace. It should be strictly isolated here. Even flies and mice can’t let it run out. Anyone who disobeys the principle of cutting the body and burning it on the spot should not get close to another large amount of lime alum Aigao Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi … according to Tai Su Qingzao Jiufei Decoction, the medicinal materials should be prepared quickly and immediately …" Lu Xiaoning ordered urgently.
Phytolacca knows what the two prescriptions need, so she doesn’t say much.
Shang Lu was ordered to go to Lu Xiaoning and stared at Liu’s adult "You go to the ward with me"
After that, Lu Xiaoning took the lead out of the duty room. Dr. Liu was very busy and carefully said, "Dr. Lu, do you have much more of this kind of clothes?"
Lu Xiaoning paused and turned back to the cold. "You won’t go to the ward without this kind of clothes?"
"Dr. Liu hasn’t been in the ward since he came here," said the doctor discontentedly.
Lu Xiaoning was furious. Is there such a doctor at the end of the day?
"Angelica dahurica let him deal with the body if he dares to disobey the spot execution" Lu Xiaoning gnashed her teeth.
"Liu Xiaoning how dare you? You’re taking revenge in the communique. "Dr. Liu was dumbfounded. Lu Xiaoning, this dead girl, incredibly dare to let him deal with the body?
Lu Xiaoning sneer at "I lynching? Dr. Liu, take a good look at these dead people. Every life that dies here will be counted on your head. Do as I say, and don’t be polite to him. "
Dr. Liu also wanted to protest that Angelica dahurica somehow conjured a dagger with cold light and resisted Dr. Liu’s neck. Angelica dahurica threatened, "If you dare to talk nonsense again, your head will be lost immediately."
Dr. Liu felt the cold and stabbing pain in his neck, and he was afraid to say another word. He secretly hated Lu Xiaoning. We’ll see. I don’t believe you can cure the big head plague. It’s a big deal that everyone dies here together.
Lu Xiaoning said to the doctor just now, "You and I will go to the ward together."
Chapter 529 Malicious conjecture
A Update the latest chapter of the Sixth Palace Shengchong Qingcheng Emperor Medical Princess as soon as possible!
HuangFuShaoYe after hearing shanglu leave face color brake when a clean.
"What is the situation?"
So serious that flies and mice can’t get out? Moreover, all materials should be in such a hurry, and there was no such hurry when the epidemic was discovered in Dongli Lane.
Shang Lu said, "Let’s get ready for the temple as soon as possible, and people will die again at the last minute. The overall situation is much more serious than expected. I’ll play the emperor after the young lady checks the situation later."
HuangFuShaoYe also worry, the in the mind is like frying and roasting, the situation is so serious that Xiao Ning is not very dangerous in it …
"Oh, yes, fortunately, this time we came here with protection, which should be able to effectively isolate it. Just now, Miss forgot to tell the temple to send someone to find the evening mist and Master Ji to make this protection overnight. The more masks there are, the better. Don’t be stupefied. How many people will die in Jinling this time depends on whether the temple can guard against it and send the materials when it is ready." Shang Lu finished and ran away.
Huangfushaoye bit his teeth and said, "General Zhao"
General Zhao should "ask the temple for instructions"
"I ordered each scout battalion to deploy people to guard it for me. No flies and mice are allowed to escape here. Who dares to break in and burn the body on the spot? Let the brothers pay attention to the fact that there is no contact between people inside and take measures to prevent mosquitoes and flies." Huangfu Shaoye said.
"Yes, sir." General Zhao immediately went to deploy.
"Deputy Ambassador Jin"
"Belong to" Jin’s deputy envoy.
"You quickly entered the palace and asked the court to prepare a large number of lime alum mugwort immediately …"
"Bu Jingyun"
"Belongs to" Bu Jingyun.
"You go to Ji’s house as soon as possible to find Xi Wu and Ji Sanye, and ask Ji’s house to find a way to protect it overnight and buy it by the court."
Bu Jingyun galloped off across the horse.
Huangfushaoye commanded to look at the isolation line in a large area, and the chest was like a volcanic spring, and the magma rolled and burned to breathe.
He is worried about Liu Xiaoning’s safety and the situation here. Almost half of the family members of the court officials are in it … If these people can’t get out of here alive … Huangfu Shaoye dare not continue to think that it is a million-strong army that is besieged on all sides.
It turned out that the imperial court was cut into three epidemic areas, but when Lu Xiaoning urgently submitted it to the emperor, it became the key point.
The urgent report clearly States that this can lead to a serious epidemic of burying corpses in millions. There is no luck at all. It is necessary for the imperial court to go to the whole city to ensure that the epidemic area in the south of the city not only needs things, but also needs a group of young and strong doctors to enter the epidemic area after the protection of Jijia is made.
The emperor shook hands and issued a series of instructions.
Five people in the training room of the Imperial Hospital are still training as usual, but these days no one cares how they train the hospital to keep doctors busy, and the topics they are talking about are also epidemic situations.
The five-person couplet is also absent-minded
"Well, I really want to follow the boss and fight the plague together, so it is meaningful to be a doctor." Liu Qizheng sighed.
It’s rare that Huangfu Yunlan didn’t refute Liu Qizheng’s doctor. She also wants to fight in the front line of fighting the plague. See how powerful Lu Xiaoning is now. People in Jinling City don’t know her name. They all regard her as a goddess of mercy. If she were her, she might not be worse than Lu Xiaoning.
It’s a pity that neither father nor mother princess allowed her to go.
"The epidemic area in the south of the city wants a group of strong young doctors to sign up. Who wants to go?" It’s noisy outside
Liu Jizheng and Bao Liangyu looked at each other and they immediately got up and went out.
"What’s the matter with Brother Zheng?" Liu Jizheng stopped a doctor and asked
Yang Chen also got up and went out to know the situation. Huangfuyunlan was busy with it.
"Strange, I’m not sure. I heard that Lu Xiaoning went to the epidemic area in the south of the city. The situation there is very urgent. The court wants to levy 20 young and strong doctors to go to the epidemic area in the south of the city. After two days, they will go in. Now many people have signed up. I heard that they have to sign up for life and death. If they die inside, the court will pay 320 silver to each person, but these things are not with you," said Dr. Zheng.
"Why not? I’m young and I’m going to "Liu Jizheng want to also don’t want to clap breast way.
"Where can I sign up? I’ll sign up."
Dr. Zheng said, "Qizheng, don’t make trouble. You are the big week baby nine-needle competition. If it can still be held, it depends on your big week to win glory."