HuangFuShaoYe rode near "you say"
"Is it convenient to talk?"
HuangFuShaoYe saw the officers and men behind Bu Jingyun be well-advised to slow down. As soon as he slowed down, the officers and men behind him naturally slowed down.
Huangfu Shaoye said "convenient"
It’s convenient. Then she’ll let it go
"Don’t be silly, Shao Ye. I was sure to pick up this emperor. Let me think for myself and didn’t force me."
The three girls in the car all looked straight at their young lady in wait for a while and lied without blinking. Where is the emperor to let her think for herself? An imperial edict directly ordered.
"I went in without you. I went in to see what those people have to say." Huangfu Shaoye said.
Lu Xiaoning language will know that he is in this idea.
"Little ye, you really make me look down on you. You are impatient when you meet a few things. Are you so kind? Is it significant? It’s just nonsense. What do you mean, keep calm in a crisis? What do you mean, the overall situation is important? You forgot all about it? What are the ideals and ambitions? " Lu Xiaoning scolded him rudely.
HuangFuShaoYe going way "what about you? What do you call this again? It’s called being a hero, you know? You have the highest medical skill in the world? Are you the best? You can cure this plague? "
He also said that he or she should think about it first. I wonder if he would be worried?
Lu Xiaoning choked by him and didn’t know what to say.
"Huangfu Shaoye, you can do it, right?"
How dare you talk about her?
HuangFuShaoYe expression way "not as good as you"
She has become a Guanyin bodhisattva who helps the poor.
Well, this method doesn’t work. This time is not the time to quarrel with him. Lu Xiaoning takes a deep breath and calms the mood. Yang Yang’s mouth is soft and the sound is "Little Ye, are you obedient?" You take charge of the overall situation outside so that I can feel at ease. Otherwise, I have to worry about how much you are in the way when you are inside. I can’t concentrate on it. "
It’s really unbearable for three maids in the room to make a quivering miss to talk so loudly.
When the tone inside is soft, Huangfu Shaoye can’t get angry if he wants to.
Complained, "How can you answer this? You have done enough. "
"I shouldn’t tell you who to go?"
"Who thinks who can do it?" HuangFuShaoYe murmured.
"That Liu Yuan sentenced to also feel can be realistic? In fact, the epidemic disease in Dongli Lane is much more serious than that in the south of the city. The key is people’s heart. Now everyone is looking forward to me to think that I can solve the problem if I go. Even if I do nothing, everyone will settle down. Do you think I can not go? " Lu xiaoning road
Huangfu Shaoye has caught the key point. "You mean the epidemic disease in the south of the city is not as serious as Dongli Lane?"
"Yes, it’s just that they can’t handle it properly before they get into this sample." Lu Xiaoning said that as early as the first day, she sent a description of the disease to the south of the city, and she knew how to treat it. She felt that even if Liu Yuan could not come up with a definite prescription, it would always be a little effective. I didn’t expect it to be like this.
"Are you sure you can cure it?" Huangfu Shaoye asked urgently.
"Of course, otherwise what shall I do? I didn’t order it. I-I’ll go, okay It’s hard to accumulate and lose your name, right? You can rest assured that I will come out in ten days at most, and I will be in good condition. "Liu Xiaoning kept reassuring him.
Huangfu Shaoye hesitated, "Then I’ll wait for you for ten days. If you don’t come out after ten days, I’ll go in and find you."
"It’s a deal," Lu Xiaoning said confidently.
I saw three girls covering their mouths and laughing at each other.
Lu Xiaoning’s face turned red and he coughed twice. "I’m finished."
HuangFuShaoYe some lost want to talk to her more.
"From today on, I will be stationed in the south of the city to cooperate with you." Huangfu Shaoye said.
Lu Xiaoning secretly rejoiced that he would follow her wherever she was. Isn’t that too obvious? Will others see it?
"Now the south of the city is where the epidemic is most serious, and where is the most prone to chaos? I naturally want to be stationed there. I have to sit in and stare at it myself." Huangfu Shaoye eloquently said.
Lu Xiaoning heart this reason makes
Chapter 527 Do you think I dare?
When the carriage came to the epidemic area south of the city, it heard a mess in the distance.
We’re going out. You’re in disregard for human life.