Why can’t he do it?
Is that woman really in his body? He even feels sorry for touching another woman.
Mo Jun punched the wall again at night.
Damn it, they are together!
Mo Jun quickly walked into Wei Hezhang at night and took off his clothes to reveal his lean body at the bottom of cold water.
Ice water rushed in the body, and Peng Bai cooled down, but in my mind, it was the woman who was showing her hope and gasping for breath.
long time
Mojun walked out of the bathroom at night, quietly lit a cigarette and sucked it in one after another.
For a long time, he took out his mobile phone and gently sent a WeChat and quickly deleted it.
He threw a cigarette and spread himself on the big bed, staring coldly at the ceiling for a long time.
next day
Gu Yi dressed up and walked out of the hotel
Chang Kou Xi Jun’s face leaned out of the window. "Here’s a little something."
The temperature in the car is just right, but I still feel a little hot. She licked her lips and said uneasily, "Can I do this?"
"Ok, Taihang, beautiful or not"
Chang Xi saw that she was nervous and deliberately joked, "Don’t worry, although there are tigers at home, they can’t eat you with me as a escort."
Gu Yi recognized the deep meaning in this word, and the eyebrows slightly wrinkled, "I hope you are actually."
"Don’t give up at this time, Gu Yi?"
Chang Xi interrupted her, "I’m ready for you to take the lead."
Gu Yi sloped a smile. "Then you must be careful. My identity may kill you."
"There’s an old saying, isn’t it? Peony flowers will die if they die. Anyway, I care if you accompany me."
Gu Yi’s nervousness was swept away after these few seemingly true jokes.
forget it
He will accompany her to die. What does she have to fear?
The car drove into a huge manor, like a castle in a fairy tale.
Gu yi looked stunned.
This manor is too big to see at the end of the eye. At this moment, she finally understands what family members must promote this marriage.
The car stopped at the gate of the fountain and was quickly greeted by a doorman.
Gu Yiche just reached a big hand and held her.
"Let’s go, it’s nothing"
The man’s hands are warm, his hands are slightly sweaty, and his heart is warm. It turns out that he is as nervous as she is
Crystal lights are shining in the European living room.
Elegant man, outstanding temperament, lady’s face shaking hands with a distant smile.