Liu Youren glassy-eyed looking out the window with a sunset residual red as blood like god bleeding tears.
How did the plague break out in Jinling City?
It was a hundred years ago that a plague occurred in Jinling City in history.
One moment, he thought that the word plague was because he heard that Dongli Lane was far away from here, but the next moment, it was blocked and a plague broke out, and a guest living in the local name had been sent to a temporary hospital.
Could it be that he has been infected, too? It hasn’t come out yet.
He felt cold and dizzy all over.
"Sir? Master … "Zhu Wang saw that master had no reaction and took two steps closer and called two more.
Lu Youren just came to his senses and asked, "Where’s Miss Er?"
"Miss Er is in the house. I heard Miss Er losing her temper when I passed by just now." Zhu Wang saw that the master looked very pale.
"Sir, are you sick?"
Lu Youren wiped his forehead and said, "No, I just feel stuffy. It’s almost Mid-Autumn Festival. Why is it still so hot this day?"
How dare he say that if he is ill, he will be sent to a temporary hospital, where patients with plague will die faster?
Zhu Wang said, "Come and take a bath to cool down. Now you can’t take a bath. Why don’t you shoot all the windows?"
"Don’t, don’t, one fan is enough. It’s bad outside, or don’t call all of them." Liu Youren was busy and felt that the air here was filled with the smell of plague.
"Miss two? Did she have dinner? " Lu youren’s heart is full of youth
"I don’t know"
"Then why don’t you go and have a look?"
"Oh!" Zhu Wangxin said, Sir, why don’t you be upset, Miss San?
The street is blocked, and Miss San can’t come back. I don’t know where Miss San is yet.
"Forget it or I’ll go by myself." Liu Youren got up and walked out.
I walked to the door of Fanghua’s house and was about to call.
I heard that Youhua was crying and cursing, "How could I be so unlucky? First, I was hurt by my mother and my sister. Now I’m fine, and now I’m hurt by my father. What did I do?"
Liu Youren’s foot staggered and almost knocked on the door panel.
Is Fanghua complaining about him? Complain that he didn’t let her leave the mother in charge
Yeah, it’s better for him to stop anything than to be trapped in this plague-ridden place
"Miss, please be careful. The master heard that he was next door."
"What am I afraid of? I just want him to hear that his selfishness killed his daughter. "Liu Fanghua cried.
"It’s an excuse for him to say that I’m good. He is just thinking about how to make a fortune from Wangfu. He finished kicking Jishi and kicked Lu Xiaoning. He deserved what he deserved, but who did I provoke? Meowed … "
Lu youren’s heart is bleeding. These words are like a sharp knife stabbing him in the heart and bleeding profusely.
He loves Fanghua from the bottom of his heart, but he is so unbearable to evaluate. What is he in Fanghua’s heart?
Liu Youren’s eyes were black and he shook his body. Zhu Wang hurriedly held him. "Sir, let’s go back to the house."
Inside, the Siqin heard a noise saying, "It seems that the master is outside."
"Sir Sir, what’s wrong with you? Second young lady, come and master fainted … "
Siqin hurriedly went to the door. Liu Fanghua stopped her. "Don’t go to the door. Maybe my father has a plague."
Just don’t let her get dyed.
Chapter 519 Chaos
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