Lu Xiaoning is frowning and thinking about how to change the prescription and say "Leave it"
"Miss, you’d better eat first, and someone will cover for you in the intensive care unit, or you won’t even have time to catch your breath for a while." Angelica dahurica took the pen out of her hand and pushed the food to her.
Lu Xiaoning nai smiled at her dinner and said, "How can you eat so well?"
There are not only fish, shrimp and vegetables, but also a cup of black chicken soup with cordyceps sinensis.
Angelica dahurica said, "This is what my uncle ordered from the shopkeeper Sun. After the shopkeeper said, our food will be specially sent to Ji Jia every day, so we can rest assured to eat."
Lu Xiaoning said, "If you send it today, you will send a son. Tell shopkeeper Sun not to bother. First, this is the most serious epidemic area after all, and it is uneasy to come and go. Second, we are now in disaster relief. It is not good for everyone to fight in a trench for specialization."
Angelica dahurica said, "but miss, you are the hardest and most important person. It is said that the city doctors and the people are counting on you, but what if you don’t eat well and add some nutrition?"
Lu Xiaoning said, "I didn’t think so. You didn’t tell the shopkeeper Sun to get some iron maple bucket or ganoderma lucidum powder some day, but everyone can drink it all. What’s the point of relying on me alone? Now it’s up to everyone to work together in Qi Xin, and everyone is equally important. "
Angelica dahurica sighed silently and said, but miss
"Well, the handmaiden will tell the shopkeeper Sun."
"By the way, there is one more thing. The fourth young master came back before today. Fortunately, it was before. Otherwise, he couldn’t get into the city. I heard that all the gates in Jinling City were closed. No entry or exit." Angelica dahurica added.
Fortunately? Lu Xiaoning doesn’t think so. It’s better to stay in the hospital.
"Is there any news from Gu Gong?" Lu Xiaoning asked over dinner.
"Handmaiden heard that Gu Gong and Han’s adult found out that a beggar came to Dongli Lane the day before yesterday and pumped a bucket of water by the well at the east end of the lane. There are not many outsiders coming to Dongli Lane, and there are even fewer people who have been close to the well. Some people remember that this beggar is now painting portraits with painters sent by the palace. I hope I can find this beggar."
Lu Xiaoning froze and sniffed, "Beggars are really the least noticeable."
I’m afraid this beggar is fake, and he is as proficient in easy makeup as the old fox, so it’s hard to find.
Just then, someone called Lu Xiaoning, "Dr. Lu Han’s adult asked you to come over."
Lu Xiaoning left her job.
"Hey, miss, you can drink the chicken soup first while it’s hot."
Lu Xiaoning never looked back.
Han’s adult’s office is located in a temporary house next door.
"Han’s adult, what can I do for you?" Lu Xiaoning asked directly.
Han’s adult pointed to the chair and said "sit down"
Lu Xiaoning also you’re welcome to sit down.
Han’s adult handed her two urgent reports: "This is the situation sent by two epidemic areas in the west and south of the city."
Lu Xiaoning first saw the Laifu Inn in the west of the city. Unfortunately, the street where Laifu Inn is located was included in the epidemic area.
Chapter 516 Are you going?
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Jinling City is so big that there are three epidemic areas in all. As a result, the Lu family accounts for two epidemic areas. What is this * * * * luck?
Well, it’s a good thing that Ji’s area is Ann.
Lu Xiaoning continued to read the urgent report. At present, 17 suspected cases have been found in the west of the city, and 14 suspected cases have been found in the south of the city. There are no serious patients yet, but the symptoms in these two areas are different from those in Dongli Lane.
It’s all epidemics, but it’s three symptoms. If someone doesn’t deliberately sabotage it, they won’t believe it.
Mom, she also has biological and chemical weapons, and later generations have no idea that in this era, someone has thought about how they cultivate germs. You know, there is a time limit for germs to live, and the conditions for cultivating germs are also very harsh.
What kind of scum did it? If it is found out that it is cheap to dismember him, he should be put to death in a thousand pieces.
Lu Xiaoning is out of anger.
Han Daren said, "Now, in the west of these two epidemic areas, Dr. Wu, a royal hospital, has brought people to the station. He has been to the epidemic areas several times and has rich experience in disaster relief. In the south, Liu Yuan is in charge of the judgment. Although he has no experience in this field, his medical skills are still trustworthy. Now, it is Mr. Wu’s side to consult our side. Do you think it is feasible for Dr. Wu to draw up a prescription?"
Although Han’s adult also knows medical skills, he thinks he can’t compare with Dr. Wu, who wants to consult here. Obviously, he wants to consult Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning once again carefully read the description of the disease sent by Dr. Wu and thought about it. He made some changes in the prescription and replaced the two medicines.
"I think this will be more effective." At present, Lu Xiaoning dare not deceive others.
Han’s adult nodded; "Fine, I’ll have the prescription sent out."
Lu Xiaoning opened her mouth and wanted Han’s adult to ask what Liu Yuan’s sentence was in the south of the city. She thought about it and swallowed it. Liu Yuan’s sentence was not the same with her. She was from the queen’s side. She would certainly try her best to treat the patients if she stepped in.
Lu Xiaoning didn’t expect that her hesitation led to a real catastrophe.
"What to send? I’ll send "Gu Shifeng came in.