"How can it be so serious and what will pollute the water source?"
HuangFuShaoYe said, "I was just about to check this matter. Xiao Ning and I have the same idea. It must have been someone who deliberately sabotaged the teams from all countries at the end of the month. At this time, the outbreak of plague in Jinling is a great test for Jinling. If the epidemic is out of control and humiliating, it is the national body that says that our medical skills are not good. How dare we hold a nine-needle contest? So this is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster. "
"The true code is insidious. The second time is that the tribute in South Yunnan was stolen. This time, it is even more shameful to harm the people of Koo." Gu Shifeng was indignant
"But why would they choose here?"
Gu Huaishan looked at the building in front of him, and his eyes were worried. "The population here is dense and the environment is already bad. Poor people are sick and have no money to treat them. If we delay, the epidemic will expand to the law. Thanks to Xiao Ning’s discovery."
Thanks to the discovery that the epidemic was Xiao Ning, if I were another doctor, I’m afraid I can find a symptomatic treatment for a while even if I conclude that it is an epidemic, or Mr. Fufeng is well informed! Fortunately in misfortune.
Don’t waste him and Fang Yuan’s envoy and Prime Minister Chen to support the word Xiaoning cholera in front of the emperor, even if it is to be written into medical history, and Lu Xiaoning will definitely leave a strong impression in medical history.
"Speaking of this matter, I heard that a patient’s family ran more than a dozen pharmacies in the afternoon because they had no money. None of the doctors were willing to make house calls. Without medical ethics, they were not worthy to be doctors." Gu Shifeng gnashed his teeth.
"Father, the patient’s family didn’t come to our Derentang, did they?" Gu Shifeng suddenly thought of this problem.
Gu Huaishan stared his one eye didn’t good the spirit way "I don’t know"
He has no idea. If he had been in the drugstore himself, he would have made house calls, but he can’t say if he is not a doctor.
Gu Shifeng stopped talking when he saw that his father was a little guilty. Don’t hit yourself in the face when you turn around, but if it does happen, I believe that Dad will drive the doctor away when he goes back.
Gu Shifang said, "Temple, you said you would check this matter. How?"
HuangFuShaoYe silent for a moment decisively way "I’m going in"
"Never" Gu Shifeng’s father said.
Huangfu Shaoye said, "If you don’t find this person as soon as possible, it will be bad for him to go to other places."
Although that Li Bao has started to investigate this matter, but now there are not enough people in it, and the situation is urgent and he can’t afford to drag him down. The five cities’ military forces command the people in charge of the safety of the city, so he naturally has to take the lead.
Xiao ning can ignore his own safety and he has nothing to fear?
"Then I’ll go. I not only have experience in investigating cases, but I’m also a doctor. It’s the most suitable thing for me to do. Let me go to the temple." Gu Shifeng pleaded.
If you can’t let the temple go, it’s an epidemic area. Who will bear the responsibility if there is a mistake in the temple? Moreover, the temple is not only responsible for the safety of the city people, but also has a more important mission.
Gu Huaishan is worried that he can’t take care of himself before the righteousness. "Let the ten winds go to the temple to check that you can’t go in. Now the people in the city are in panic. If the emperor approves your request for disinfection of the water source in the city, the people will definitely get into chaos. At this time, you have to sit in the town. How can you easily take risks and still hope that the temple will be more important?"
Huangfu Shaoye is very helpless, but he knows they are right.
HuangFuShaoYe looked at Gu Shifeng handing Zheng Chongyi a gift "then please, please find out the wicked as soon as possible"
Gu Shifeng replied solemnly that "it will not be a mission."
The temporary clinic was almost full of people. There were 49 patients when Han’s adult came, but in less than two hours, 21 cases were added. Among them, seven patients with moderate illness suddenly deteriorated and moved to the backyard severe epidemic area, while Aying Niang had already gone back and forth from the ghost gate twice.
The prescription she wrote before seems to be effective for patients with initial symptoms, but it is not effective for moderate and moderate patients.
The situation is not optimistic
Lu Xiaoning has just rescued a patient whose trachea is blocked by vomit, and someone is crying over there.
A patient had epilepsy, foaming at the mouth on his face and convulsing his limbs.
Lu Xiaoning rushed over and took a piece of cotton cloth and stuffed it into the patient’s mouth so that he bit his tongue.
"Somebody help me turn him over …" The patient is a tall Lu Xiaoning who can’t turn him over, but she must turn him over or vomit will block the respiratory tract.
However, there are three doctors in the intensive care unit, Lu Xiaoning himself and two nurses. Everyone is busy and can’t make room.
"Dr. Lu, please stick to it again. I can’t really go here." I’m sorry.
Lu Xiaoning tried his best to turn over the patient.
But no matter how hard she tried, Lu Xiaoning never hated herself so much that she couldn’t grow a few pounds of meat and tried her best to lose weight.
The patient couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Lu Xiaoning was anxious to death. "Somebody help me …"
You’re all wrong.
Lu Xiaoning is desperate in his heart.
Suddenly someone said, "Xiao Ning, let me help you."
Lu Xiaoning looked at the busy people with consternation, and his face was covered with white cloth, but Lu Xiaoning recognized him as Gu Shifeng at a glance.
"Why are you here?" Lu Xiaoning vacant way
"Save people first, then we’ll talk about it later".
Chapter 514 Debate endlessly
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Gu Shifeng helped Lu Xiaoning turn the patient over and Lu Xiaoning drove people away.
"Get out of here. This is a critical area."
"Aren’t you here? You’re not afraid of what I’m afraid of. "
"And when you are a doctor, you must be psychologically prepared to face all diseases, even plagues. This is the truth that doctors are brave in going forward and there is no retreat." Gu Shifeng eloquently said.
Lu Xiaoning said while he was busy rescuing patients, "Why don’t you give me a high-sounding talk here? What did you say you came in for? Treat patients? Is there nothing else? "
She suspected that someone had sabotaged it, and this speculation has been handed out. I believe that Huangfu Shaoye will immediately start investigating Gu Shifeng’s entry into the epidemic area at this time. He must have forgotten his mission and remembered that he used to be a doctor.
"Yeah, I’ll just come to you to check the water pollution."
"You didn’t find me. Han’s adult and Li Bao are in charge. It’s your mission to find them and go out and catch the evil talents. If you don’t finish your achievements, you will fall here first. Do you want to come in personally?" Lu Xiaoning serious way
Now is not the time to be emotional.
Gu Shifeng was speechless and looked at Lu Xiaoning’s thin body, but he looked at the patient’s pain like a mountain. Several doctors were trying to treat the patient … Gu Shifeng couldn’t help but feel sour in his nose. These koos suffered from the people’s regret, and these doctors who gave their lives to death were in awe.
Who said that the battlefield is the battlefield with swords and shadows? Only soldiers who bravely kill the enemy can be called warriors? When the disease rages, these doctors, who are not afraid of life and death and try their best to treat patients, are ashamed warriors.
"Ok, I’ll go to the investigation and find out, and then I’ll help you." Gu Shifeng bit his teeth and said.
Anyway, he has come in, and he can’t get out until the epidemic is lifted, so he has to do his duty as a doctor.
Lu Xiaoning was relieved to see Gu Shifeng go, and soon frowned and continued to treat patients.
The situation in the epidemic area is not optimistic, but she knows that the situation outside is more severe. Shao Ye has a heavy shoulder!
After reading Huangfu Shaoye’s urgent report, the emperor in the imperial room asked Gao Gonggong to show it to several ministers.
Prime Minister Chen and others are all looking heavy after reading it.
Lord Shang Liu of the Ministry of Rites said, "If the emperor makes the city’s water sources disinfect and issue epidemic prevention measures, I’m afraid it will cause turmoil in the city, and everyone will be in danger themselves. Now the people are already in panic."
The Ministry is still a great humanitarian. "But if the inference of the Prince’s Palace is correct, then it must be done, otherwise it will not only be a panic in the city, but a few people will die."
The plague is as fierce as a tiger! Don’t take it lightly
The emperor said, "What do you think of Chen Aiqing?"
Prime Minister Chen mused, "Lu Xiaoning and Han’s adult have found the source of the epidemic. This inference is reasonable. The epidemic has broken out of control. Compared with the panic in the city, what is it that a few clowns scamper around?"
A minister came out and said, "What if Lu Xiaoning and Han’s adult come to the wrong conclusion?"
Prime Minister Chen gave him an oblique look. "Before everyone questioned Lu Xiaoning’s diagnosis, it was also a mistake."? What are the facts? " Before the minister bowed his head guiltily with a sweat, he was also one of the people who questioned Lu Xiaoning’s diagnosis conclusion, and
And the question is fierce.