Liu Fang said kindly, "If you weren’t my sister, I wouldn’t even bother to talk about you. If you die, just keep dying."
"What did you say? Liu Fangai, how dare you talk to me like this? "
"How do you talk to your father? There is a mouth to say that others have no mouth to say that they say that people like you have done something wrong and are so confident. If I were you, I would have been ashamed to die. "
"How dare I? Our family went to jail, lost their jobs, lost their jobs, and fell down to live in this dump. After today, I don’t know if there is any food in the sky. Who can I expect? If I don’t come up with this plan, I deliberately say that I have Princess Qin, can I enter the house? Come and have a good time. My advanced mansion has the favor of the world. Maybe I will be pregnant soon. When the time comes, my waist is straight. I also said something in Wangfu. I’ll think of some way to help you. Maybe I can ask the world to help me reinstate my father … "
"I got a good deal. As a result, my plan was completely destroyed by your so-called kindness. Do you have the face to accuse me of being ashamed?" Liu Fanghua turned white with anger.
Lu Youren and Lu Fang were stupefied. "Are you … not pregnant?"
Liu Fanghua said bitterly, "Of course not. I didn’t do anything. How could there be?"
In fact, she is not sure whether there is a month, but she is not very accurate about the month before, sometimes three to five days late, sometimes early.
Lu Fang’s half-whisper said, "What kind of bad idea is this? Can you cheat such a thing?"? If the second sister enters the Qin palace, the princess will definitely ask the doctor to take her pulse and hide it from her. When the time comes, if you find out that there is no princess, you will know that the second sister is cheating. If you are annoyed, you will be killed by a disorderly stick, and there will be no position if you have a concubine, which is worse than the servant girl.
"Confused confused …" Liu Youren lamented bitterly.
He is really going to be angry with this daughter.
Just entered the palace, regardless of the most important name of the daughter’s house, Qin Wangfu has promised to let her enter the palace after a month. Even if something happened to Lu Jia, Qin Wangfu did not send someone to say that this matter was just like this. It can be seen that it will still be carried out as promised. Now he is really pregnant with youth. In the future, he plans to take it back to Joe, who is in charge of the palace. If the palace cares about youth, it is not in fact willing to compromise and show sincerity, but later it turns out that youth is not pregnant. Isn’t it that Lu Jia has joined hands to deceive Qin Wangfu?
If Princess Qin doesn’t eat this, she will become angry from embarrassment and cancel the decision to let Fanghua in after one month …
Liu Youren feels that the whole person is not good. What is this?
Liu Fanghua wiped away her tears and firmly said, "Father and daughter can still catch up with the steward. Mother and father must go. This is the last chance for daughter. Father, if your daughter is really good, don’t stop her."
Say that finish Liu Fanghua goes to the door.
"You live for me" Liu Youren drink a way.
"Father, don’t be confused again. Only when I enter the palace of Qin can we save Lujia." Liu Fanghua fidgeted. Why can my father be so unclear?
"Don’t go to you now, not only can’t save Lu Jialian, but you have to take it in yourself. You will be all right when you enter Qin Wangfu? What would you do if the princess asked a doctor to feel your pulse? How to explain it? " Liu youren serious way
Liu Fanghua choked and stammered, "I … I said I had seen a doctor before, and the doctor said I had it."
"She asked you which doctor to see? What do you say? "
"How can a princess ask such a chat?" Liu Fanghua lacked confidence. She didn’t expect to say that she was misdiagnosed. Wouldn’t it be nice?
"Second sister, you don’t think everyone else is so stupid. What is Princess Qin? Do you think it will work to cheat under her nose? " Liu Fang ailing interjected.
Lu Youren added, "Even if you say that the princess was misdiagnosed and don’t investigate which doctor was misdiagnosed, do you think the princess will believe you? Do you think the princess will recognize you? "
At that time, there will be a self-defeating result, which will make the princess completely dislike youth.
Lu Fanghua, uh …
Liu Fang couldn’t help saying, "Second sister, you are in a hurry."
To Liu Fanghua a dirty look.
"All right, you stay in the inn honestly and don’t go anywhere. Wait for the feedback from Wangfu before making a decision." Liu Youren said gloomily.
"What if the princess still lets her daughter into the house?" Liu Fanghua weakly asked
The former confidence was leaked by my father’s three or two questions.
Liu Fang pouted, "Then you can ask for more happiness."
Who told you to lie to yourself
As a result, my father and my second sister brushed their eyes together.
Liu Fang said angrily, "I won’t say anything. I’m going out."
"Where to?" Lu youren asked
"Jirentang" Liu Fang said kindly.
Lu Youren frowned. "What are you doing in Jirentang?"
"Father and elder sister are trapped in the epidemic area now. People in Jirentang must know that it is inconvenient for many daughters to go to Jijia to ask if it is ok to go to Jirentang." Lu Fang said kindly.
Liu Youren mind move way "if you want to ask, go to Jijia Wenjirentang man know what? Just go to Ji’s house and see your grandmother, sound out your grandmother’s tune and say something nice. "
It’s a good excuse to go to Lu Xiaoning.
Liu Fang’s heart is as disgusting as eating a fly. When is the elder sister in danger? My father is still plotting against him. Elder sister is also my father’s own anyway. If my father is right for elder sister, neither of them will make such a scene.
Now she can understand that the elder sister wants to transfer all the industries. Her mind is that the second sister has gone too far. If the second sister didn’t want to kill the elder sister, she wouldn’t be so stingy. It is also a mother who gives birth to the elder sister and can take care of the elder sister. In fact, it is right and not right.
Chapter 513 It’s not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster
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Gu Shifeng accompanied his father to Dongli Lane.
"Didn’t the temple say five blocks? How do I think it seems that more than five streets have been blocked? "Asked Gu Shifeng as soon as they met.
Gu Huaishan is also anxiously watching Huangfu Shaoye. Emperor attaches great importance to this matter. Han’s adult has gone in, but the emperor still doesn’t trust to send him to visit.
Huangfu Shaoye looked dignified. "Xiaoning has found that the source of the epidemic is the east well of Dongli Lane. The water in this place is connected. It is afraid of being polluted. The water source is not only five blocks near here. Although no patients infected with the epidemic have been found in other blocks, it has to be prevented. Xiaoning suggested that the blockade should be expanded and disinfected first, and the city water source should be disinfected. I have already reported the situation to the emperor. It is estimated that the emperor has seen the emergency report at this moment."