Everybody, look at me. I see you get separated silently.
Inging came over and said timidly, "Lu … Dr. Lu, don’t be angry with them. They are worried and afraid."
Lu Xiaoning smiled and deliberately said, "That depends on whether they cooperate with the treatment. I like obedient patients."
Trust these people and you will be more honest.
"Miss, the first batch of medicinal materials has arrived at the corner. Most of them are because our drugstore is not enough to buy them in Derentang, but the family gentleman heard that there was a plague and didn’t want the handmaiden to transport them first. The follow-up medicinal materials, Zhao Gong, are trying to find a way," said Bai Zhi.
Lu Xiaoning nodded. "Phytolacca, please take this Li Dashu to move the medicinal materials. Li Dashu still needs to bother you more."
Li Baodao "no trouble, no trouble"
He followed Phytolacca acinosa to move medicinal materials.
"There’s still the big ye and the third master who already know that you’re here. The big ye came to the drugstore, and Ji’s family is also making preparations. If the court’s support is not enough, Ji’s family will make moves. The third master went to the yamen to interrogate Lou’s family, which is also a big deal. He has to stare at it." Angelica dahurica added.
Lu Xiaoning sighed silently, complaining that the imperial court’s mobility was so poor that no one has come yet.
"Does the old lady know?" Lu Xiaoning asked
"The old lady is hiding it for the time being, but it won’t last long."
"Did you just say that the Prince’s Palace is outside?"
"Well, the palace of the Prince of Yan asked the handmaiden to take a message for you. He was waiting outside for the young lady. Please take care of yourself." Angelica dahurica said, "As soon as the temple heard that your face was black inside, it was necessary to come in and find your handmaiden. It was only outside that the temple could help the young lady to the greatest extent."
Lu Xiaoning’s nose was sour. Fortunately, this guy didn’t come in to know the weight.
Chapter 59 A mistake
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With the help, the mood of the victims is also stable, and the medicinal materials are also available, and the epidemic prevention and treatment work can finally be displayed.
Shang Lu and Li Bao went to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention. Amomum cardamom and Angelica dahurica were responsible for decocting medicine. A Ying and several "healthy people" who stayed to serve their families volunteered to take care of them. Lu Xiaoning conducted a detailed investigation to find out the source of the plague outbreak.
It wasn’t long before the doctor’s department, Mr. Han, brought ten doctors to the temporary clinic, and brought in medicinal materials, such as lime alum, andrographolide, mugwort and so on.
"Who is Lu Xiaoning?" Han’s adult scanned a circle, and four little girls of the same age with half their faces covered couldn’t recognize who was who at all.
Lu Xiaoning said, "Han’s adult, I am Lu Xiaoning."
Han’s adult tone is arrogant. "You are the first to find the epidemic. Tell me about it."
Lu Xiaoning was a little upset at the other side’s official position, but he made a simple statement about the situation with patience. At present, the total number of patients with symptoms is severe, and how many people have taken countermeasures.
Han’s adult looked askance at Liu Xiaoning after hearing the eyelid lift and asked, "What is cholera? I’ve never heard of this epidemic since ancient times and you found the right prescription in such a short time? And let the imperial hospital prepare the medicine according to your prescription? In case you make a mistake, you are delaying the opportunity to kill many people in the best epidemic control treatment. Do you know? "
Han’s adult’s tone is getting heavier and heavier, and it’s already very strict in the end.
Lu Xiaoning suddenly remembered that there was no cholera in this era at this time. A more similar statement was "hanging feet". At that time, she was so anxious that she naturally said cholera and didn’t react all the time. Should the imperial doctors and courtiers in the Royal Hospital be entangled in this new term? I’m sure many people think her diagnosis is wrong, but Uncle Gu and Doctor Xue will choose to believe her even if they are in doubt …
It is not difficult for people who have passed through the modern soul of medical development to judge whether it belongs to cholera, but it is difficult for these people who have never heard of this new name to accept this conclusion
No wonder Han’s adult has a bad tone when she sees her eyes, not eyes and nose.
Okay, it’s all her fault
Lu Xiaoning is good at making up a lie.
"I heard this from my master, but the symptoms are different. It is a kind of acute intestinal infection with high mortality. Generally, I just made a survey through water source and food pollution, and the source of infection should be the water source infection in the east end of Dongli Lane. Because of six serious diseases, there are five patients in Dongli Lane and forty-three mild patients. Half of them are in Dongli Lane. What they have in common is that they all drink raw water from that well and other patients go to these patients’ homes. I have crossed the door and dealt with each other or drank raw water. My opinion is that the ground water is exchanged. The water here in Dongli Lane is infected, and the water in other places will definitely be infected. There is a process in this … "
Han’s adult’s face was shocked. "Has Mr. Fufeng seen this epidemic?"
"My master should have never experienced it personally, and I don’t know much about it." Lu Xiaoning said ambiguously.
Adult Han asked thoughtfully, "So you also listened to your master when you made the treatment plan?"
Lu Xiaoning had to nod his head and not move out of the master to estimate that Han’s adult would not believe that the treatment would be in big trouble if it was delayed.
Han’s adult mused, "Since your master said that it would be cheaper to do what your master said first, you can go to the east well of Lane with the official and see others listen to Lu Xiaoning’s arrangement."