"It’s wicked to lie to you."
"Let us out of here, you quack …"
Lu Xiaoning’s heart roared with ten thousand grass mud horses and horses.
She thought that some people would be in a mood if they didn’t understand, because they were afraid and eager to survive
However, Li Bao’s benevolence and righteousness made her optimistic. She felt that these poor people were simple and kind. I didn’t expect that people like Li Bao belonged to a very small number here, but most people exposed such ugly faces in times of crisis.
Lu Xiaoning was angry, but she was sadder.
She has told these people that the plague is extremely contagious, and they will give it to their relatives and friends around them. Many koons must be cured here before they can leave, but they think of their own lives without regard for others’ lives.
Well, she doesn’t criticize them for being selfish, and she can’t demand that everyone can control the devil in his heart.
But she really can’t let these people leave.
Lu Xiaoning took a deep breath. "Don’t get excited and listen to me."
"What else to say? We don’t believe you. Let us out. "
"It’s just that you’re such a liar and believe your words, and we all have no way out."
Lu Xiaoning bite everyone more excited.
"Let’s die together." A patient vomited a mouthful of vomit and was about to go to Lu Xiaoning’s body.
Lu Xiaoning was frightened by such a move. How can these people do this?
A Ying pulled Lu Xiaoning in front of Lu Xiaoning. Although she was also afraid that her voice was full of tears, she was very firm. She opened her arms to protect Lu Xiaoning and said, "Sister Chunhua, you can’t do this. Dr. Lu is a good man. I ran to more than a dozen pharmacies because I didn’t have money. No doctor wanted to see my mother. Dr. Lu heard that my mother was ill and I didn’t have money. She came without saying anything. Do you think this doctor would be a bad person?"
* * Flower woman didn’t apply vomit to Ingrid after all.
Ying’s words made everyone’s conscience struggle a little, but soon evil overcame it. Someone said, "But she said we had to wait for death here because of the plague."
Just then, a few screams from outside attracted everyone’s attention.
Screaming is that a few kick the door by angelica dahurica and pokeweed people a feet chuai fly out and fell in the crowd overwhelmed several people.
Angelica dahurica glared at the crowd and almost burst into flames. "Who dares to make trouble again and let him die now?"
Just now, the situation happened so suddenly that when everyone took a look, it turned out to be three girls with their faces covered, and their eyes were sharp as knives and cold, forcing people. Moreover, these three girls who looked weak were able to kick a burly man away. Obviously, he was a practitioner and his martial arts was still very strong. Everyone was a little stunned by their momentum. At that time, no one shouted abuse and no one rushed to fight against hundreds of crows and finches.
Chapter five hundred and nine Calm
Angelica dahurica seize this opportunity to vibration way "do you know who is your mouth repeatedly scold shit doctor black-hearted cheat? She is the only brother of Mr. Fufeng, who is about to participate in the nine-needle competition on behalf of Da Zhou. The seven-needle famous doctor is the first free clinic in Jinling City, the second owner of Jirentang, and the doctor is the daughter of Assistant Minister’s House. She saved the prime minister’s house and treated princess royal, so the emperor praised the doctor. If the doctor is still a shit doctor, the doctor is a shit. "
Lu Xiaoning heard the sound of Angelica dahurica in it, but they came with great joy.
And listening to the sound of angelica dahurica should be wearing a mask.
Lu Xiaoning briefly listened to Angelica dahurica and added, "You said that she has a black heart. What black-hearted doctor would like to come here? You’re afraid of death. Isn’t she afraid of death? Her life is not worth more than yours? However, she came back and asked Jirentang people to prepare medicinal materials for treatment at the first time. The First Times court asked the court to send doctors to treat everyone. She was enthusiastic and tried her best to treat more people regardless of her comfort. Do you still call her black-hearted? Is your conscience eaten by dogs? "
Angelica dahurica sounds cold and loud, like a heavy hammer hitting people’s hearts
"You think you’re unlucky to spread this shit, but have you ever thought that some of you have been infected with the plague and haven’t sent it out yet? If you let you out, you’ll infect others with the plague. If you don’t control and isolate it, maybe the whole Jinling City will become a dead city in half a month because there are not so many herbs and doctors to save everyone’s lives."
Everyone was more and more scared when they heard that they might have been infected with the plague, but everyone kept quiet and listened to the girl continue to talk.
Angelica dahurica said, "Now the situation is not too bad, and the epidemic scope can still be controlled. We need everyone to cooperate with the court. We will not ignore everyone. The Prince’s Palace is at the corner at the moment. If it is not the Prince’s Palace that is in danger of the people of the city, if it is not the soldiers who stopped him desperately, we will come in and share the difficulties."
"When I came in, the Yanwangdian asked me to tell everyone that everyone must have confidence in the court and listen to Dr. Lu’s words. But he will always pay attention to this place and help everyone."
Bai Zhi Yan Wang Dian came to shock these people, and at the same time, it was also to win the hearts of the Yan Wang Dian. Of course, these words were mainly said to the young lady to let her know the prince’s mind, and I believe that the young lady must have heard them.
I have to say that these words of Angelica dahurica have played a very good role in calming people’s hearts. Although people don’t believe in the government, they are used to thinking of the government first when something happens.
When the people heard that the Prince’s Palace was outside and that the Prince’s Palace wanted to come in despite the danger, they couldn’t help but be moved by the court. They remembered that they wouldn’t leave them alone.
At this time, Lu Xiaoning came out from the gate of the temporary clinic.
Angelica dahurica and others hurriedly salute the young lady.
Lu Xiaoning waved his hand and said sorry, "I’m sorry for dragging you in."
"Miss what to say? Miss handmaiden nature is coming here "angelica dahurica way.
Now is not the time to talk. Lu Xiaoning cleared his throat and said, "In fact, the plague is not as terrible as I thought. The plague can be cured and prevented. I want you to believe that the court believes that I can cooperate well and we can control the epidemic damage to a minimum."
"I said a word to Uncle Li Bao before. I said that the epidemic will not leave me. Now I swear in front of everyone that I will stick to it until the last patient is cured unless I die."
"Now everyone is scattered. At this time, the most taboo thing is that a large number of people get together, which will lead to mutual infection. Go home later. Uncle Li will take people to each house for disinfection and tell you how to prevent the plague and how to deal with it when the disease is discovered."
As soon as everyone heard that they would dye each other, they all dispersed and fled, and it seemed that they would soon be clean.
It’s not easy to make trouble when people outside are gone, and they are embarrassed to make trouble. They also think that this little girl is a little apprentice who has just studied medical skills for a few days. I don’t know if she is qualified to be a doctor. Now everyone is worried that everyone just said such ugly things. Will Dr. Lu take it to heart and not treat them well