"I knew you were here" sounded softly and quietly.
Lu Xiaoning looked up and saw Huangfu Shaoye dressed in a white brocade robe. Yuli was dressed in a silvery moonlight and came in from the side door. It seemed as if the celestial fairy suddenly appeared here.
Lu Xiaoning’s eyes are bent. This guy looks really good in a moonlight robe. dark black looks domineering. Moonlight is a bit warm and jade-like. It looks so beautiful.
Chapter 53 Is this a date?
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"Today is not a banquet? Why did you come so early? " Lu Xiaoning motioned for the evening mist to take the chicken to Du Ruo and rest his hands to make tea for the Prince’s Palace. Others also slipped away and moved their positions to give the courtyard to the young lady and the report.
Just now, when the evening mist came to hug the chicken, Huangfu Shaoye saw that Lu Xiaoning was practicing nine stitches with several silver needles in the chicken body. He wanted to see how many needles were inserted in the chicken body, but on second thought, this suspense was still more interesting to be revealed at last. According to this idea, he conveniently carried a bamboo chair and put it beside Lu Xiaoning, and sat next to her.
"As soon as I go, I am surrounded by a large group of people, and all kinds of flattery are very distracting. I am afraid that Wang Shu’s eyes will pop out of my body and I will leave before the banquet is over. It is better for you to have a cup of tea here." Huangfu Shaoye said.
"Your Majesty, have a cup of tea. Lion Peak Longjing is the best antidote." Du Ruo came to tea.
HuangFuShaoYe took the tea lamp with a sniff and laughed. "Fragrant as orchid deserves to be the first tea, and now you are the only one who can drink it. A few days ago, Anping uncle entered the palace to accompany the emperor to ask for a cup of lion peak Longjing, and the emperor said that he had given you all the rewards."
Liu Xiaoning way "how also didn’t listen to Zo In Sung? Otherwise, send some to the old man. "
"The old man won’t be afraid of losing face with Yin Cheng," said Huangfu Shaoye.
"Du Ruo, you remember to pack a catty of tea and give it to Zhao Gong." Lu Xiaoning first ordered to go to the province and forgot more things.
"Ah, I see."
Lu Xiaoning looked at HuangFuShaoYe "do you want? I have much more here. "
HuangFuShaoYe busy shook his head and said = "no, no, it’s good to drink when you want."
You can talk about tea when you really can’t find an excuse
Lu Xiaoning understood the mind and waved Du Ruo to go.
HuangFuShaoYe this just said "today in the qin dynasty palace saw Liu Fanghua side is locked, what’s the name …"
"Yeah, it should be her sneaking around."
Lu Xiaoning sniffed, "You didn’t expose her, did you?"
Don’t say Siqin must be fishing in troubled waters to sneak into the palace of Qin Dynasty. Liu Fanghua has been worried about Huangfu Shaolong.
HuangFuShaoYe ShiRan way "I expose her to do? They’re lovers, and I’m not interested in adult beauty. "
Lu Xiaoning said that your ya is eager for the Qin palace to be more chaotic, right?
Now she didn’t deliberately clean up Liu Fanghua. Liu Fanghua’s mentality has doomed her to have no good games, and it is a sin to live.
"It is adult beauty that is a virtue," Lu Xiaoning said in his tone.
"By the way, do you know if there is any possibility that my father will be reinstated?" Lu Xiaoning asked.
HuangFuShaoYe knife-shaped eyebrows tiny cu mused, "if Lou case convicted Lou adults certainly can’t continue to stay in does, the impact is too big and bad, the best result is demoted almost is dismissed on standby, the worst … is a demoted to the end this is not impossible"
Come, he is ready to let Lu’s adult be demoted to the end, and then think about it. It’s not right for Lu’s adult to be demoted to the end and become a civilian. He won’t stay in Jinling without making a living. Even if he deserves it for a long time, there will be some pedants who will accuse Lu Xiaoning of having a woman’s own scenery but regardless of her parents’ life or death. They will say that the world is not owned by their parents. He thinks it’s better to let Lord Lu put it away and find a remote hinterland to send it away.
This is similar to Lu Xiaoning’s thinking. It’s impossible for slag dad to want the original position of the government. This is good for saving slag dad. He is still so awe-inspiring. He thinks that his success depends on himself and Ji Jia’s failure. It’s all others’ reasons. Success is all his own credit. Typical ungrateful villain behavior.
"Lou’s must be guilty or I’ll sue the imperial court." Lu Xiaoning said bitterly.
"Which wear you to tell the royal shape? I’ll cut him to death if I dare not hear the case impartially, "said HuangFuShaoYe.
Lu Xiaoning saw him make a determined effort and smiled. "Guess Young adults are going to sneeze."
HuangFuShaoYe saw her smile and laughed. "On the 15th, when you spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with your grandmother, shall we go to princess royal to accompany princess royal to enjoy the moon?"
Look forward to in one’s eyes
Lu Xiaoning should come immediately without considering it.
Princess royal has been alone for so many years. Thanks to princess royal, she doesn’t abandon her. She should spend more time with her old man’s house or wait for the end of the Nine Needles Competition. She should have a lot of leisure.
Huangfu Shaoye laughs like a fool, and it’s good to take off. They can enjoy the moon together.
Lu Xiaoning was a little hot and shy by her silly smile. I think this is a date …
In a blink of an eye, it’s the thirteenth interrogation day. Yesterday, my big uncle and my third uncle came back from Yangzhou to see that they looked the same. Lu Xiaoning didn’t ask them what they were doing in Yangzhou. It was noon when the court was in court. Lu Xiaoning had to go to the imperial hospital in the afternoon and then asked for half a day off.
As soon as the afternoon class was over, Lu Xiaoning left the palace and Ji Jiu and Xi Wu came to meet her.
Halfway through the garage, the carriage suddenly stopped.
Lu Xiaoning asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Miss, someone in front fell down and didn’t hit her." Ji Jiu panicked.
Lu Xiaoning and Xi Wu hurriedly got out of the carriage and saw a girl lying backwards in front of it. She was sallow and emaciated, her eyes were covered with patches, and she looked like a poor girl.
Lu Xiaoning was busy squatting to check for her. It was really not hit by a carriage. To be honest, Lu Xiaoning had a psychological shadow on this kind of thing, because it is not uncommon to touch porcelain in modern times.