She picked up the diary and put it away carefully.
This is the last thing her mother left her. Maybe everyone thinks her mother is a murderer, but she knows it, doesn’t she?
No, no, no!
A tear fell on the cover of the diary.
"What’s the matter with you? You look so ugly?" Chang Xi eyes with doubts.
"Nothing is that I feel a little sad when I see my mother’s handwriting." Gu Yi didn’t want to say more and smiled easily.
"Then I’ll take you to the hotel."
The hotel is the top floor of Chang’s industry in the city, and the presidential suite is exquisite.
Gu Yi is in the middle of the room. "Hope is too extravagant"
"Luxury? This room is mine. "
Gu Yi smiled, "I used to have the habit of preparing my own room in a hotel."
"That’s right!" Chang Xi suddenly narrowed the distance between the two in the previous step.
The man’s strong breath came to his face, and his body trembled and he wanted to go back.
But a big hand fell on her waist
I got nervous as soon as I meant it, and my face flushed red and moist.
My eyes are relatively dark, and my eyes are slightly dark. How much "I don’t care, your face looks very tempting"
As always, the sound is gentle and somewhat unruly.
Gu Yi twisted it unnaturally, but felt that this move would hurt his heart if it was too unfamiliar.
So I went on living and not living.
Chang Xi saw her silent and gently sighed and held her in her arms.
The room was quiet, and I could clearly hear his strong heartbeat and smell his unique flavor as a man.
She doesn’t want to move at this moment.
Chang Xi noticed that her arms were soft and her lips were raised high. "I’m actually not a good person, and you know how much endurance it takes for a bloody Fang Gang man to hold a woman."
As if to confirm his words, he noticed that there was a change in a certain part of his body
She knows exactly what that change means.
She gave him a red face and said, "You should go back."
"But I don’t want to go."
Chang Xi saw a woman blushing for shyness for the first time, which made her feel that this woman was cute and tight.
He is enthusiastic about foreign girls who are born and raised in China, and they will take the initiative to pounce on him, not to mention blushing.
This woman is really different.
Gu Yi met Chang Xi for the first time and laughed, "I really want to kick you out. I’m so sleepy."
"I accompany you! I can hold you to sleep. My arms are warm. Do you want to try? "
That’s enough.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m nervous or afraid that my tongue will get knotted and I’ll swallow it.
Chang Xi inexplicably felt thirsty. He jumped out of bed and stretched out his hand to draw the woman closer.
The tip of the nose of the two people almost sticks to the tip of the nose. Every facial feature of the man is so beautiful that it makes Gu Yi marvel.
There is no denying that he is even more handsome than Mo Jun’s night.
The words "Mojun Night" jumped from the bottom of my heart, and the pain in my eyes flashed and I laughed. "Chang Xi is really late, so don’t let me get up and go to your house."
Chang Xi looked into her eyes. "Are you afraid? I am shaking. "
Gu Yi knows that his body can reflect the fact that he can’t fool people, so he sighed and truthfully said, "I’m not ready yet."
What an honest girl.
"I’ll stay after our engagement for the first time. Anyway, there are only a few days left. You’d better get ready. Now you take a shower and I’ll wait until you fall asleep."
"Do you have to do this?"
"Or we can sleep together. Either way."
Gu Yi once again pushed him red-faced into the health care and turned his head again. "I must go when I fall asleep."
"Do I look like a lying face to you?"
Chang Xi put his hand in his trouser pocket and squeezed out a sincere smiling face.
The door closed and the smile faded a little. I went to the bay window and looked at the lights outside the window, showing complexity in my eyes.
It is obvious that her body can resist him.
And she resisted because she still had someone hidden in her heart.
"Buzz" several vibrations disrupted Chang Xi’s thoughts.
He went to the bedside table and looked at his eyes to show that the eyes were slightly wrinkled and thought for five seconds. He scratched his mobile phone.
"Is it you?" The other end of the sentence was obviously surprised.
"It’s my senior. Are you looking for something? She’s taking a shower."
Chang Xi listened to the words with a slight shrug at the corner of his mouth. "Senior is really rude. Am I telling the truth? Does he need to hang up without saying anything?"
Hot spring resort
Mo Jun’s face is suddenly gloomy at night.
She’s with him?
Taking a shower?
What does this mean? It doesn’t take him a second to make up the picture.
This woman, has she forgotten what he said that night?
How dare she?
Mo Jun breathed heavily at night, and a lot of anger strung from his heart.
Now he is angry and wants to kill someone.