"What happened to father?" Liu Fanghua see father looks pale very earnestly asked.
Liu Youren looked at her two daughters and said, "You’re just in time. My father has something urgent to tell you. Go to Jijia to see your grandmother. If your grandmother doesn’t see you, you should kneel in front of Jijia’s door and have to see her."
Liu Fangai and Liu Fanghua looked at each other and said to their father, What is this madness?
Liu Fanghua said wryly, "Father, do you know where Jijia is?"
Lu Youren was annoyed. "Father doesn’t know if you can ask the old manager to drive you to find it, or are you afraid you won’t find it?"
Lu Fang said kindly, "What do you want your daughter to say if father and daughter see grandmother?"
Liu Youren eyes a stare "say what also father teach? Father, no matter how you cry or beg, you must always invite your grandmother back. "
Liu Fangai really wants to leave her father’s convulsions. She doesn’t want to accompany her convulsions. Even if she finds Ji Jia’s grandmother, she will definitely see them. Even if I see them and say something nice, grandma can come back with them? Father, this is called fantasy. Father doesn’t even know what his grandmother is angry about and why she doesn’t help her eldest granddaughter. What’s the problem? Don’t cry and beg, it’s nothing.
Chapter 5 No way to be lazy
Liu Fangai just wanted to object, but she saw the second sister wink at her. Liu Fangai’s words just swallowed back.
Second sister, this is encouraging her to come out against it. She has shrunk behind as a good daughter again. Lu Fangai despises herself in her heart how stupid she was before. Every time she is treated as a gun by second sister, she still feels responsible and true. Say what she has.
When Lu Fanghua saw that Fang Ai refused to come out, she couldn’t do it herself. "Father and daughter think that whether Liu Ma was bought by her elder sister or really her grandmother means that now her grandmother is in the hands of her elder sister. Now, to prevent us from being tight is to find a door, and her daughter doesn’t think it’s better to wait until we are dead. It won’t be better for her to suddenly find a door to beat her, don’t you think?"
In the end, Lu Fanghua still wants to be generous.
Lu Fang’s improper "I listen to my father"
She got it. If her father insists on her going, she will go. Go out for a walk and then come back and make up a few random lies. How can her father know?
Anyway, these two people can’t listen to anything.
Liu Fanghua turned a supercilious look in her heart, and Fang Ai became more and more cunning. She didn’t believe Fang Ai was so obedient.
"Yes, father, you should think about it again. If you think your daughter is going to compare good words now, then her daughter will listen to her father." Liu Fanghua reckon.
Liu Youren was just angry and thoughtless. After listening to Youhua’s persuasion, he said that it made sense. Going now might make things worse, so he said, "Let’s talk about it after the battle."
Liu Fanghua secretly relieved and finally stopped looking at Ji’s family and Lu Xiaoning’s face. To tell the truth, she didn’t want the old woman to come back. Who knows if the old woman has any money in her hand? If you don’t have money, you have to raise an old woman. Besides, the old woman is very powerful. Everyone has to listen to her when she comes. She is restricted by her everywhere.
Liu Fanghua will go back to her room when she leaves her father’s room. Liu Fangai stopped her.
"Second sister, come to my room."
"Third sister, what’s the matter? I’m going to take a bath. "Liu Fanghua didn’t want to go to Liu Fangai. It must be a bad thing to hear Siqin say that Fang Ai received some embroidery work today.
"Then I’ll go to the second sister’s room and talk about it. The second sister’s bath will not affect me." Liu Fangai will go to Liu Fanghua’s room.
"Okay, okay, I’ll go." Liu Fanghua said with a face of reluctance to go to Third Sister’s room.
Lu Fangai slapped today’s bill in front of Lu Fanghua. "Second sister really enjoys it and thinks she’s Miss Lujia. There are fragrant pancreas in this inn. Don’t you think it’s too much for you to ask the waiter to go to Rouge Zhai to buy the best five taels of silver and ten pieces of errands?"
Liu Fanghua glanced at the bill or said, "Third sister, what’s this worth making such a fuss about? Didn’t it just cost five taels of silver? This inn is fragrant with pancreatic juice. What is it called fragrant pancreatic juice? It’s better to give it to the groom. At least we’re daughters. How can we be such a bad girl? What if I have a rash? "
"There is the world that I have left a message, such as he got will come to pick me up by then how much silver? I’ll just pay you back twice. "
"The second sister said that it’s easy for you and I don’t know what Siqin went out for most of the day today. Are you waiting for the world? You haven’t seen anyone again, have you? Second sister, are you so confident that the world will still want you? Qin Wangfu still has you? " Liu Fangai sneered.
Liu Fanghua’s face changed slightly, and he said, "The world is not the kind of philistine you think. He is sincere to me and he will definitely pick me up."
Liu Fang smiled coldly. "I don’t care whether the world will come to pick you up or not. Things like today are not allowed to happen again. I have told the innkeeper and the man that all the sales of our family must be approved by me, otherwise I won’t recognize the second sister. If you really want to sell another one, you should pay for it yourself."
"And now we have to work together to support our families. Today, I took some embroidery work from the embroidery workshop and brought some silk thread back. I divided the embroidery work into three parts: one for welcoming incense, one for lotus fragrance and one for siqin. Now we have to work together to help each other, but we can’t afford to keep idle people." Liu Fang said kindly at the bed.
Liu Fanghua looked at the bed and saw that the bed had three patterns, three piles of silk thread, three flowers and two bundles.
"Siqin, you choose a pattern to lead yourself to live," ordered Liu Fangai