Liu Fang’ ai is settling accounts in her room at the moment. She is going to deliver food to her father. Second sister snatched the tray from her hand. Since second sister is going to court, let second sister go. She is busy.
It’s advisable to live in an inn. She has to rent a cheaper room in a month. It’s too crowded once in, and it’s better to have two, so she can live when her heirs come back.
Then I can’t sit and eat the mountain. My father has been suspended from his job now, and I don’t know if there is any money at home. She has to find a job. She and her second sister are spoiled by their mother’s needlework, so they can play with wreaths. However, Ying Xiang, He Xiang and Siqin embroidery skills are all good. Later, she is going to take Ying Xiang to various embroidery workshops to see if she can get a job.
"Three younger sisters …" Liu Fanghua knocked at the door.
"Can I help you, Second Sister?" Liu Fang ailing light way
"Father let you pass." Liu Fanghua glanced at Liu Fangai writing a pamphlet.
Lu Fang’ ai unhurriedly covered the booklet with "What does my father want with me?"
Liu Fanghua said faintly, "I don’t know if my father asked me to call you. I will come."
Liu Fang looked at the second sister suspiciously. She didn’t believe that the second sister would not know.
Liu Fanghua looked calm. "Third sister, hurry up. Don’t keep your father waiting."
Liu Fangai followed her second sister to the next door, and her father was still having breakfast.
"Fang Ai is coming."
"Father, are you looking for a daughter?"
"You both have something to say in the father" Liu Youren put chopsticks.
"Fang Ai, how much silver is there in our family now?"
Liu Fang’s heart thumped. "My former father gave my daughter 3,200 yuan, and my daughter gave it to the accounting office 2,420 yuan, which is supposed to be handed over to the accounting office. However, my daughter thought about leaving something around when she was not prepared. Fortunately, she left 620 yuan and didn’t let it be looted. My daughter paid 520 yuan for the inn, which was a deposit and then settled when she checked out. Now her daughter has a total of 552 yuan."
Liu Youren sighed. It would be nice if he didn’t give it to the accountant’s office. It’s been a long time since three thousand two hundred silver saved some flowers.
He also didn’t want to complain about Fang Ai’s not leaving a little more. "Tell you what, Fang Ai, you divide the silver in your hand into three parts, one for each of you, your father and your second sister."
"Father, is this a separation?" Liu Fang sneered and sneered. Surely this was the second sister’s idea? Second sister is penniless now
Liu Youren tut a "how do you say so ugly? What home? We are living in an inn now. Where is the inn? People come and go in disorder and are very uneasy. If a thief steals it, we will steal it all. What shall we eat and drink then? I can’t afford to live in this stupid inn without money. "
Liu Fang pursed her lips. If father and second sister really consider this, it is understandable that it is a problem to live in such an inn.
She thinks it’s not that simple.
Especially after she found out that Second Sister was full of lies and selfish, it was hard for her to trust Second Sister and her father was unreliable.
However, my father has spoken, and the reason is still very good. She refused to agree, but it seemed that she had ulterior motives.
So Liu Fang said kindly, "But my daughter is going to get the silver."
Liu Fangai simply called Liu Youren some accident.
In a short time Liu Fang kindly held a box and put it on the table.
"Father, there are five 120-denomination silver tickets, four 120-denomination silver ingots, one 520-pound silver ingot and five-pound broken silver, which amounts to 5520. How to divide it up?"
Lu Fang hit the box and then took two steps back.
Liu Fanghua couldn’t help but feel her heart beat faster when she saw the colorful silver ticket and the glistening silver ingot. She didn’t even want to take a look at the little silver before, but after yesterday’s penniless panic, even if she was given a silver or two, her eyes would light up.
Liu Youren looked at the silver ticket and silver in the box and mused, "That’s good. Father put two hundred and twenty here, and your second sister put two hundred and twenty left. After you put it away, all the expenses are yours. Ask your father for it when you’re done."
Lu Fang’s heart is full of sneer. Well, it turns out that it is divided into three parts. She should at least spend all her hands before asking people to beg for what she is. Mom in charge? Call the maid? Lu Fang’ ai really felt that it was a wise decision to hide 1,200 silver tickets.
"Even if the father and daughter have limited ability, it’s not good to be a second sister who is 100 times more capable than her daughter. It’s safer to be a second sister in this family. Second sister must be much better than her daughter." Liu Fang said kindly.
Liu Youren can’t help but look at Liu Fanghua. In his heart, he values youth more, and it is best for youth to be in charge.
Liu Fanghua said quickly, "Third sister must be self-deprecating. I think you should be a decent father and trust you so much, so don’t refuse."
Joke: If she wants to be in charge, she won’t be divided into three parts, and all the money will come over. Now, when she comes to be in this family, all the money will have to be spent in her hand first. Besides, there are so many trivial things about being in charge, she doesn’t want this mental effort
Lu Youren doesn’t want to think about seeing Youhua. Maybe when the world is busy with the marriage, he will take Youhua over and take charge of it. It’s not good to switch around. "Fang Ai lets you be in front of you."
Then Liu Youren took out the silver ticket and counted two, leaving two for Fanghua himself and then closing the box to Liu Fangai. "Put these away."
Liu Fanghua was a little excited with a silver ticket. Now she has two hundred and twenty pieces of silver.
When the time comes, I’ll bring my father’s two hundred and twenty, so there will be four hundred and twenty. I’m relieved to think about it.
Chapter 496 Slag Dad Door
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