Liu Fanghua also believed her father and third sister in the service road. "Didn’t you see that I was begging others to go to Wangfu to inform the world that I was going to get married? If I went to the door directly, I would be afraid that my daughter didn’t know that Wangfu had entered the palace until noon, and she would be very busy these days, at least until the world got married."
"My daughter hurried home, but she went back to my father and her third sister were gone. Later, my neighbor Zhao Jiamen told her daughter that her father and third sister had left in a carriage. My daughter wanted to make a hasty decision. You must have found an inn first, but Jinling City is so big and there are so many inns … My daughter and Siqin have found her father and third sister after asking about an inn."
Liu Youren said, "You just walked all afternoon? Always find it now? "
"Yes, the master, the handmaiden and the young lady walked on two legs and didn’t eat anything until now." Siqin said weakly that she was hungry and put her heart on her back. At noon, she ate two vegetarian bags and didn’t rest for a moment. Miss Er somehow slept. Did she wake up and have nothing?
Liu Youren was distressed and blamed Liu Fangai. "You never know how to leave a message for your second sister to find. Go and get something to eat and let your second sister rest in another room."
"Where can I find food for my daughter now?" Liu Fang ai murmured
"You won’t let the inn kitchen do it? Just add some money "Liu Youren face pull jaw didn’t good the spirit way.
Liu Fang was so kind that she took Lotus House to find the man.
"Miss San’s handmaiden really didn’t make it up. Miss Er said that at that time." When she got downstairs, she was in a hurry to defend herself with Miss Xiang.
Lu Fang said kindly, "I know you should be careful when you are not in a hurry."
"Is the third young lady and the second young lady coming with us?" Lotus fragrance was frightened by Miss Er once.
Liu Fang heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t know why the world didn’t accept the second sister. Since she found it, she wouldn’t leave unless the world took her away.
One father has been enough for her, and now another second sister, Lu Fangai, feels that her breath is not smooth.
A few maids in the backyard of Jirentang and Xiaobai who sleeps in the shop every night are still picking, cutting and boiling medicine, while Lu Xiaoning dissects the luhua chicken on the kitchen chopping board. Anyway, she will kill and eat it herself.
Of course, before starting work, she practiced one or nine stitches, but after ten stitches, the chicken still failed to live for a quarter of an hour. She had to see what the problem was and how to improve it.
When Huangfu Shaoye came in, he saw Lu Xiaoning rolling his sleeves around an apron and holding a Cheng Liang knife that he had never seen before, cutting and fiddling in a pile of dirt.
This picture is really … It’s a long story.
Lu Xiaoning also came in without looking up. It was Du Ruo who said; "Bring me the forceps."
Huangfushaoye looked at the toolbox next to her and found the tweezers in it and handed it to her.
Lu Xiaoning took the forceps, set aside the chicken gallbladder, looked at the knife, put the membrane into a porcelain plate next to it, and then the liver, ovaries and kidneys … were equally arranged in the plate.
HuangFuShaoYe see scalp pins and needles. He listened to Gu Shifeng and talked about some healers. When he learned more about the structure of human body, he went to dig graves and steal corpses to dissect them.
Now, seeing Lu Xiaoning dissecting a chicken so calmly, he can’t help but think of the time when she helped him to investigate the case and looked at the scene of the corpse without changing color. She dissected the human body picture and couldn’t help shivering. It’s not that she was afraid, but she felt that it was still very shocking for a woman to do such a thing. If she were Gu Shifeng, he might feel so-called
Lu Xiaoning finally completed the anatomy, which was the only way to "bring me a basin of clear water"
HuangFuShaoYe fart dian fart to fetch water to Lu Xiaoning.
Liu Xiaoning eyelid a lift corner at the next person can’t help but leng just ask "how are you? When will you come? "
Chapter 493 At worst, there is me.
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Huangfu Shaoye said, "You asked me to take the forceps when I came."
Er … So he’s been here for a long time. Will Lu Xiaoning be scared when he sees her dissecting a chicken? Or think she’s cruel
"That … didn’t scare you?" Lu Xiaoning asked.
HuangFuShaoYe touched the nose, there is a chicken shit smell and bloody smell in the air, which is very special. HuangFuShaoYe, otherwise, "How can it be? It’s just killing chickens. I’ve seen all the killing scenes. "
He personally experienced several battles, the most cruel one. It was raining heavily, and the residual limbs fell everywhere with blood, which almost dyed the street red. When he was in the punishments department and Dali Temple, he saw a massacre and a room full of blood. At that time, many people couldn’t help but vomit. He gritted his teeth and didn’t spit it out for fear of losing his share.
Lu Xiaoning said, I saw you almost nobody killed you.
It is normal for Lu Xiaoning to dissect animals and even corpses with a popular science doctor. Without such disgusting things, medicine would not develop so rapidly.
"To practice the nine-needle technique, one must know the anatomy of chicken structure very well, and it must be the most intuitive and effective method," Lu Xiaoning said while washing his hands.
Huangfu Shaoye handed a cotton cloth road, "I know you can rest assured that I won’t dislike you because of this."
Lu Xiaoning rolled his eyes and gave him "Do you dare to abandon one?"
Huangfu Shaoye smirked and flattered, "Dare you make a contribution to Zhou medicine? Courage is commendable and spirit is precious. I admire you for coming. If I want to dislike it, I am narrow-minded, right!"
Lu Xiaoning laughed and said, "This is a fair thing to say."
"That is, don’t say that you are killing chickens, you are killing pigs and cattle, and I won’t feel anything wrong."
Lu Xiaoning grabbed the cotton cloth and dried it and threw it back to him. "If you exaggerate, Huangfu Shaolong is unlucky today. Are you doing something good?"
Gu Shifeng came to talk to her, and she thought it was Shao Ye.
HuangFuShaoYe slow way "he is not too panic nosy? Then find something for him. Besides, it’s also to find some trouble for my uncle Wang, so that he doesn’t have to worry about how to tidy up me. In the past two days, the lights in Qin Wangfu’s room have been on until after midnight to discuss what not to guess, but it is estimated that their topic will be changed tonight. "
Lu Xiaoning poured himself a cup of tea and poured him a cup conveniently.
"You have been staring at Huangfu Shaolong, haven’t you?" Otherwise, how can you say that you can come up with so much detailed evidence?
HuangFuShaoYe way "staring at others have you when the empire is doing everything? But their participation also depends on the timing, and now the timing is just right. "
"What about Zhao Wangfu? Did they move? No falling stones? Yesterday, I saw Huangfu Shaoxuan and Huangfu Shaolong quarreling, which was quite fierce. "Lu Xiaoning asked.
HuangFuShaoYe corners of the mouth pulled out a sneer at "sometimes the surface see is not the truth, the surface noisy fierce may have reached an agreement in private, this time HuangFuShaoLong accident prince of Zhao there is jump out to a few urgent people say a few words, not as hard as before"
It can be seen that the two governments in Qi Zhao have reached a tacit understanding to a certain extent, instead of consuming each other’s strength and preparing to join hands to get him first.
Lu Xiaoning felt incredible. Yesterday, the two men quarreled with each other. If it was an act, who was it really realistic for? She or Chen Siyao?
Maybe it’s both. It’s natural that she and Zo In Sung are partners. She will probably tell Zo In Sung, and then Zo In Sung will tell Huangfu Shaoye to paralyze Huangfu Shaoye.
In Chen Siyao, Huangfu Shaoye was granted the title of Prince Chen, and the Prime Minister was supportive …
Oh, it’s too complicated. It seems that you need to be more careful when dealing with those people.
HuangFuShaoYe see Lu Xiaoning holding a cup become speechless and took the cup in her hand "you don’t drink I drink".
I really drank it when I said it.
Lu Xiaoning opened his mouth to stop the words from reaching his mouth or forget it.
Is she going to say … no? Is this equivalent to kissing?
Then what if he wants to discuss kissing with her?
Lu Xiaoning coughed twice to hide his embarrassment and asked, "Have you arrived at the Military Forces Company?"
"ah? Day to Dali temple there just after the handover "HuangFuShaoYe is in spirit? Slow to answer.
He didn’t remember that it was her drinking water until he was half a glass of water. He never used to drink with others, and he felt sick. But just now, he didn’t even think that he was thirsty, and she happened to have half a glass of water in her hand, so he took it and drank it. However, when he realized that there was no nausea at all, he felt that this glass of water seemed to have left her lips touching the fragrance. He secretly glanced at her lips, and her lips looked more ruddy and dripping with water. In early summer, the branches were ripe, and the red cherries were delicate and attractive.
Huangfu Shaoye couldn’t help but slip the Adam’s apple into one, rising a hot and dry feeling. He got up and went to pour the water and asked, "How are things at home?"
"The house has been taken away, and my father and third sister are now living in Laifu Inn. Liu Fanghua doesn’t know if she is still wandering outside Qin Wangfu." Lu Xiaoning said.
"Well, no matter what goes around comes around, they deserve it." Huangfu Shaoye obviously felt that Xiao Ning was depressed and wanted to knock on herself. Even if Xiao Ning had a reason to make her father and daughter turn against each other, she would certainly feel bad.
"I can’t control it!" Lu Xiaoning laughed at himself.
What can she do if she puts Lou’s rope method on Liu Fanghua and punishes him for it? Who doesn’t want to be filial to their parents?
However, Liu Fang’s growth and transformation was unexpected to her, otherwise, dad still doesn’t know where to stay in the inn like a beggar.
"Let nature take its course and I will be the worst." Huangfu Shaoye said with dribbling eyes.