Pa … Liu Youren’s hand is a slap in the face and hit Liu Fang’s face hard.
Liu Fang buried her face in shock and looked at her father.
Liu Youren binocular latosolic red nu scold a way, "have you so up the ambition of others destroy yourself down a peg or two? Where have you been? Didn’t I give you three thousand two hundred silver tickets? You won’t take these silver tickets to invite people? If we also have thugs to let them succeed so easily? "
Lu Fang’s face is burning with pain, but her heart hurts even more. This is why her father has always feared her father’s graceful, elegant and handsome father. But now her father is crazy like her mother. She really hates that she is not cruel enough. If she can learn half of the feelings of her second sister, she will not face the crazy father. Unfortunately, she can’t arrange the funeral, so she hurried back to pick up her father. As a result, she has to be scolded, beaten and complained.
Lu Fang’s heart is cold. "Father and daughter are here to take their father to settle down. If father doesn’t want to go, he will continue to stay here and throw eggs at stones to make people laugh. Father can take care of the car."
"You …" Liu Youren also wanted to reprimand Fang Ai for daring to talk to him like this, but when he saw Fang Ai’s cold eyes, he felt shocked and suddenly woke up from that madness.
Fang Ai’s eyes are really like Lu Xiaoning’s eyes when Lu Xiaoning refused to sell his shop to Fanghua as a dowry.
If he beats her again and scolds her, she will dare to throw him into the carriage.
This kind of cognition made Lu Youren’s heart tremble. How did he get into such a miserable situation? All the relatives around him have abandoned him. If he scolds Fang Ai again, he will really be alone.
Liu Youren grunted coldly, "Father is too angry."
The tone softened.
Liu Fang is too lazy to take a reason for her father’s slap. She has been chilling and told the old manager to drive.
The depressed atmosphere in the carriage is like a few days of rain in the south of the Yangtze River in summer, which makes people panic
Lu Youren broke the boredom. "Where did you settle down?"
I regret thinking that I haven’t packed anything and prepared Liu Youren. It’s good to have brought more things out early.
"Inn" Liu Fangai Road
"Live in an inn? That much money "Liu Youren dissatisfied way now situation have to count a penny.
"The somebody else yesterday to collect house where to find a house for such a short time? Or if my father knows many people, will my father find one? " Liu Fang ai indifference way
This father is just like a child who doesn’t think, knows and can’t expect anything from him. Liu Fang can’t help but worry in the future.
Lu Youren said, "Forget it, let’s talk about it after the inn is settled now!"
He is still going to find Lu Xiaoning’s silver stolen. He must ask Xiao Ning for an explanation. Maybe Xiao Ning is holding a silver ticket from him and Fanghua at the moment and counting on it.
When the carriage landed, Youren’s father and daughter went to book an inn, and Zhu Wang and Lao Guan sat side by side and passed a street, Zhu Wang yi yi.
The old man asked, "What’s the matter?"
Zhu Wang scratched his head. He seemed to have seen Miss Er just now, but he couldn’t see it when he looked again.
On second thought, why is Miss Er in the street? Miss Er should have gone to find Qin Wangshi.
Maybe he is wrong. Tunnel "Nothing, nothing seems to see an acquaintance, but if you look closely, it’s not."
Liu Fanghua waited for the carriage to go far before sticking his head out of a grocery store.
Fortunately, Zhu Wang was not found in the carriage, and his father must be in the carriage.
It’s past noon now, and Lujiazhai no longer belongs to Lujia! Father, where are you going?
Chapter 49 was stolen
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Liu Fanghua was distracted when someone bumped into her. Liu Fanghua looked intently at a dirty child.
"You don’t have long eyes? It’s bad luck to hit people at random and be dirty. "Liu Fanghua patted the place where dirty children met with disgust."
The child ran away without looking back.
"Miss’s bag is bought." Siqin bought a bag from the shop next door and came back to find Miss.
A handmaiden bought five three-meat and two-vegetable young ladies. This bag is delicious. You can taste it. Siqin handed the bag a delicious taste.
Lu Fanghua reached out but asked, "Where’s the money left?"
She gave Siqin ten coppers altogether.
Siqin reluctantly pulled out two copper coins and gave them to Miss Li.
It’s all her money. Miss said she would take it.
Liu Fanghua took the solution and asked for the purse to put two copper coins away without touching them. Liu Fanghua was surprised and looked down at his waist. Not only did the purse lose its waist, but a piece of Yu Pei was gone.
Lu Fanghua turned pale in an instant, and Siqin also found that something was wrong. "Why is the purse missing?"
"I … I don’t know?"
There are still before.
By the way, that kid just now
Liu Fanghua immediately looked for the child, but the street people came and went and the child disappeared long ago.