The old suspected fox got up quietly and crept to the door to look through the door and see what was going on outside.
But one hand held his shoulder, and he turned around and almost called out in surprise, isn’t this the money manager Every time the money manager comes, he takes him with him. How did he get into the hospital?
I couldn’t help looking at the high wall by the door.
The visitor dragged the old man easily with one hand, then kicked off two thick sticks against the door with one foot, lifted and removed the door bolt and hit the door.
Money steward with people strode across the threshold and went straight to the inside.
"You can’t go in and take the house away. Damn it, this is the official residence. How dare you …" The old man cried and cried and wanted to chase and hold people.
Was advanced to the door the man a press on the door behind the man coldly, "so the somebody else is worth you their hard? Be honest if you don’t want to die. Maybe you can continue to watch the door here. "
How can he continue to guard the door here when he is always stunned?
Liu Youren is sitting in his room at the moment, and his mind is complicated. Many people and things come to his mind like a lantern. He thinks of his father who has been dead for many years. At that time, he was only eleven years old, and his father was lying in a dilapidated bed, holding his hand and telling him off and on … Be kind, you must read everything …
At that time, he nodded solemnly and engraved his father’s words in his heart.
But at that time, he didn’t know how extravagant reading was for poor families. How could he get money to read if he didn’t have enough food? If it weren’t for Mr. Xue’s deep friendship with his father, he would have let the cattle go long ago.
At that time, it was really bitter. My mother was running an acre of land to help the rich people starch clothes and make needlework. She was busy day and night and stuttered. The only requirement for him was to read well.
He made a determined effort to read what it is common for him to hang his head and stab his teeth. Without better sir and better resources, he can stand out from the crowd only if he has more merits than anyone else.
God helps those who help him, and his efforts have been rewarded. He became the youngest scholar in Huai ‘an history, and then he got to know Master Ji’s family. He got funding from the family, and then he got to know Qin Ruqin, who was bent on marrying him despite his family’s opposition …
From then on, he lived in a different place, luxurious and luxurious, and high officials and rich people traveled to and from Bai Ding
Ji’s everything satisfied him, but he couldn’t stand Lou’s, and then he went step by step to today.
Liu Youren looked up at the tree Haitang outside the window, or it was planted by Jishi himself from a small sapling, and now it is in full swing, and the flowers are in full swing, but Lujia is going to decline and wither.
Liu Youren’s heart was filled with sadness, and Ji’s defeat and Ji’s departure left him with such a scourge.
"Master San Xiao hasn’t come back yet. Would you like to look for it?" Zhu Wang came in to answer.
Lu Youren waved his hand and said with strength, "Let her go!"
Everyone has left, and now he is left alone.
The old manager came back and said that he had sent Miss Er to Lan Yi Fang. Only then did he remember that some time ago, Fanghua went out to see Fang Ai or buy a dowry at Lan Yi Fang. Now that he wants to come to Fanghua, he went to Lan Yi Fang to see the world. Today, Fanghua went to Lan Yi Fang to go to the world.
It’s better to be cared for by young people than to be with him without a father.
Yu Fangai, who knows where she went? Maybe she went to her elder sister, which is also an unfilial thing.
"Master, did you pack up your things?" Zhu Wang thinks that the master can’t keep this house on his own, and he will have to leave in the end.
Miss San packed a lot of things for the old manager to drive away, but he didn’t say where to take them, but the master just didn’t let it be noon.
Liu Youren didn’t good the spirit way "pack what? Don’t clean up "
I’m going to die today. Without him, I don’t believe that they dare to face him, the right assistant minister from the four rites department. How can you say that he is still a court official?
Zhu Wang shan shan went back.
Yes, sir, he likes to tidy up. Anyway, his own things have been packed.
Zhu Wang looked up out of the room and saw the money steward and others scared and turned and ran back to the room. "Master, master, they are coming."
Lu Youren jumped up and coughed, straightened his back and tried to be calm. "What’s the panic?"
Zhu Wang hurriedly ran behind his master.
Money steward with a foot in the door to "lu adult one hundred and two silver can be ready?"
Liu Youren cold ao way "no"
Money steward eyebrows a pick "no? Then I’m sorry. We’re taking this house. "
"Money management should not be too greedy. Lou asked you to borrow money, but the interest paid back in the past three years has exceeded that of gold. You should be satisfied. Don’t push too hard." Liu Youren said.
The money manager laughed. "Is Lord Lu talking like this to default?"
"How can the officer default? It is only natural for officials to pay back debts, which means that everyone will take a step back and officials will not lose your interest. Officials have raised enough money for a one-time return of silver, "Lu Youren said quietly, but not to discuss the tone, but to inform you of his decision.
Money steward said, "Lu adults push your luck? Yesterday, the house should have been closed. It was Lord Lu who repeatedly begged Qian Mou to give himself a day’s grace. Now adults have failed to raise silver and want to delay Lord Lu within a time limit. You are in trouble for Qian Mou. "
Liu Youren is still arrogant. "If you agree, you will get a penny less. If you don’t agree, you must take the house unless you step over the official body."
He doesn’t believe that these people really dare.
Money steward looked at Liu Youren with a smile. After a while, he smiled and his face became gloomy. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Somebody please take Master Lu out of this house."
Chapter 49 Take care of the car
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"Don’t you dare" Liu Youren angry.
However, he soon knew the answer, and the money manager did not hesitate to come to the left and right, and Liu Youren walked out.
These thugs are waist-round, strong, and poor. They grab Liu Youren with their hands like iron tongs, and almost lift his feet off the ground. Liu Youren’s feet are kicking and struggling, and his mouth is screaming, "You bandits and robbers let go of the official … the official is an assistant minister of does. This is an insult to the imperial court. It is a capital crime."
But no matter how loud he is, no one listens to him. His struggle is even more futile, just like a big bear carrying a chick.
Zhu Wangsheng was afraid that his master would be hurt and chased him out quickly.
Money steward sneers at Liu Youren with disdain, and wants to play tricks on him. I’ve seen a lot of money in Yinzhuang, and I’ve cleaned up Lai Fa.
Liu Youren didn’t expect that he was determined to keep his house, but he was so vulnerable that he was thrown out of the house by force like garbage.
"If you don’t name Lu Lu’s adult here after the roll, we can always get along with Longyu Bank no matter whether you go to the government to tell on it," said a thug fiercely and immediately closed the door.
Liu Youren was thrown out of the house and fell seven times. He struggled to get up and beat the door.
"You robbers, I’m going to sue you for being rampant …" Liu Youren shouted at the top of his lungs.
Soon, the neighbors heard the noise and went out to watch the excitement. Passers-by also stopped to watch assistant Lu being driven out of the house. This is really a rare thing in Jinling City.
Zhu Wang went to pull the master up. "Don’t shout, master."
"You go" Liu Youren a jilt Zhu Wang continue to curse "longyu bank you are blood-sucking vampire profiteers bully I swear with you … you also my house …"
Liu Youren cursed and couldn’t help but burst into tears. Without him, he wouldn’t believe that Liu Youren would be reduced. He hasn’t done anything unnatural. Is God going to do this to him?
A carriage stopped at a distance. Sitting in the carriage, Liu Fangai watched his father cry and scold, and the image was lost. Seeing it as a joke, I couldn’t help but feel sad. "I don’t care if you bring the master here."
The old man nodded. "Miss San, don’t get in the carriage."
Lao Guan and Zhu Wang even pulled and pulled the master who was almost in a state of madness to get a carriage.
"I don’t want to go, I want to talk to them desperately …" Liu Youren growled.