In fact, Liu Youren also knows that once a person runs away, he can’t catch it back.
"Beizhi is also curious, but the adult is a right assistant minister who doesn’t do it. The family doesn’t have a charter to rob the owner’s property. The whole Jinling City has never heard of anyone who happened this way." Zhuang Bantou said.
Liu Youren has suffered, and it’s all Lu Xiaoning’s bitch who got the ghost right.
Liu Youren’s heart suddenly became clear. These people say that they entered Liu Fu through their mother’s hand, but the actual controller is Lu Xiaoning. It must be Lu Xiaoning who ordered them to rob Lujia.
"Zhuang Bantou official knows who to look for. The official strongly urges your government to arrest Lu Xiaoning. This is what she did." Liu Youren said with certainty.
Lu Fang was dumbfounded. Father, is this crazy mad dog biting people? I cann’t believe I can drag my sister’s head
"Father, it’s not a big sister thing. It’s the second sister. She refuses to take out a hundred thousand silver tickets to solve her family’s difficulties. She also prepares to throw us away from home early today. Let people know about it. They are annoyed that we still owe them money and don’t give them money to run away. There will be looting incidents. Don’t always suspect the big sister’s head." Liu Fangai said depressed.
Chapter 46 Who is the loser
Liu Youren said without thinking, "What do you know? Is it time to investigate your second sister for not taking out the silver? The first problem now is to find out the mastermind of this looting event, except for your elder sister, there won’t be anyone else, Zhuang Bantou. You can quickly judge that it is the official female Liu Xiaoning who ordered these people to rob Lujia … Don’t ask me what misfortune happened to my family, just catch people quickly. "
Lu Fang ‘ai has always felt that it is too fickle for her elder sister to say that she is leaving home. After all, this is her biological father, but now she can particularly understand her elder sister, because she also feels the deep sadness and the impulse to lift her feet and leave, which is constantly impacting her father. Can she be a little more confused?
Zhuang Bantou looked at Lord Lu eagerly and shook his head. Who is Miss Lu? He has seen a very smart and responsible woman in Feng’s family. And yesterday, all the people in a government office were talking about the family of Lu. I didn’t say that Lord Lu was confused. Then Miss Lu’s stall was a bad father.
"Lu adults can’t catch people by inference is to have credentials how to catch people? So, Lu’s adult will look for evidence again. Go back and leave the adult first. "Zhuang Bantou perfunctory way really wants him to arrest people. He thinks it is more appropriate to take Lu’s adult back to prison to wake up."
"You let officer where to get evidence? People have already run away. If you can get people back, do you still have to find you? " Liu Youren is very dissatisfied.
Zhuang Bantou said, "Being humble is also helpless."
"What’s your attitude? Isn’t your government responsible for investigating cases? Why did you ask the victim to prove it himself? Is this how you do business while eating imperial grain? " Lu youren became angry.
ZhuangBanTou way "BeiZhi didn’t say no matter ah is called adults try to find evidence! More powerful and sufficient evidence is good for handling a case. Go back to Beizhi and leave it to adults. It’s also according to the rules to act according to the rules. Adults Lu Beizhi is conscientious. "
Lu youren is angry to death. That’s how the government handles affairs. If you are in a hurry, they will know how to be bureaucratic.
"That BeiZhi will be leaving now." With a wave of his hand, the head of the Zhuang squad quickly withdrew with him.
Go that call a quick Liu Youren didn’t want to pull and watched them go.
"This group of losers" Liu Youren gas scold a way
Liu Fang-ai is very kind. At this moment, she really feels that her father is so timid that even a squad leader despises him.
Liu Youren eyes a turn to think of a way to "fang ailing, housekeeper, they don’t want evidence? You just give them a piece of evidence to arrange for someone to say that when you hear their private comments, the big lady asked them to plunder. "
"Father, how can this be?" Can Lu Fang’s dumbfounded father say such things?
Liu Youren stared, "Why not? It’s a fact. What’s the matter with you today? Help your big sister and father everywhere. If we can’t get the robbed silver back, we will be swept out of the house today, understand? "
Liu Fang’s kind heart can’t just wrong people even if she is swept out of the house! What is this fact? The fact is that my father is desperate to throw dirty water at my eldest sister.
He Guanjia said, "Sir, I’m sorry that I can’t do anything wrong. I’ve never done it before and I won’t do it again. Please resign. Liu Fu owes me a small salary. Just don’t do it."
He housekeeper will leave with a gift.
"Ah ah ….. you give master Liu Fu is you want to come and go? Even if you want to go, you have to solve this matter before you go. "Liu Youren also posed as an official in an attempt to force the housekeeper to threaten the official."
Royal butler turned around and smiled coldly. "Master signed a contract with the old lady. Supposedly, the old lady should follow him when she left. There is really no reason for you to stay small."
He Guanjia said, "Don’t look back and walk away. Even the things are not cleaned up."
Liu Fang’s kindness is that she doesn’t want to let He Guanjia go, and then she doesn’t even have a counselor. But He Guanjia left a message and had to listen to her father’s perjury to frame her elder sister. She could bite her teeth and not talk, but she would rather let He Guanjia leave.
Lu Youren was furious. "It’s outrageous. A housekeeper dares to throw his face at his master."
Aside, Zhu Wang’s eyes looked up at the sky, and he couldn’t help sighing. Master, do you still have face now? The old lady abandoned you and went to the office, and the official position was stopped by the emperor. All the people in the government robbed things and ran away, and they didn’t bother to pay attention to you. Who else will buy your noodles now?
Liu Fang ailing see father’s head is still wrapped in gauze cheekbones a show Qing Wu dress belt is also in the wrong position, how much mess there is, I couldn’t help sighing deeply "father, you’d better go back to the house and rest first!" You still have a head injury. "
"Rest what rest? Does the father still rest? What about your second sister? " Liu youren asked
"The second sister has left the second sister and said that after everyone’s bridge returns to the bridge," Liu Fang said truthfully.
It took Lu Youren a long time for his eyes to turn black before he came to his senses and shouted at Lu Fangai, "Did you drive your second sister away?"
"Father and daughter didn’t drive her away. She left on her own. She planned to leave yesterday. Today, let’s take her ten thousand silver tickets." Liu Fang said coldly.
"Do you still dare to cheat your father? You must blame her for not taking out your silver ticket. Your second sister was angry with you, you fucking thing. What do you know? Where did your second sister get so many silver tickets? Master Shi must have put the money in her hand. Is it Master Shi who can move it? Why can’t you just think about it in your brain? It’s really stupid like a pig. "Liu Youren is flustered and youthful. Where can she go when she is alone and weak? Now Qin Wangfu can never let her into the house, and she has no money … Liu Youren is worried about it.
Lu Fang smiled angrily. If the second sister does something wrong, her father can always think of a reason. She will always be the best for the second sister. Her father is blind and blind.
"Why don’t you go and get your second sister back?" Liu Youren angrily pointed to Liu Fu’s gate to find someone to catch Liu Fang’s love.
Liu Fang said quietly, "Father will come back later. Ask the old manager yourself if it is the old manager who drives the car. Second sister has a lot of things to do from her daughter, so she won’t accompany her father."
After that, Liu Fang took a gift and went back to the hospital with Yingxiang.
Chapter 47 HuangFuShaoLong was taken.
Ji Sanye soon got the news from the government that Lu Youren wanted the government to catch Xiao Ning, and it was Xiao Ning who sent people to plunder Lujia’s property.
"Mad dog" Uncle Ji Jia snorted a cold hum.
"This time, Lu Youren was not stupid enough to know that he had been calculated, but he dared to be soft. Why didn’t he say that this was directed by the Ji family?" Ji Sanye quipped.
"Father, will Yang’s adult really ask Xiao Ning?" Ji worry way
"Young adults and not stupid? Did he go to Xiao Ningshi without evidence? " Ji San ye is sure to say
No one can get any evidence about this matter. It has been arranged long ago, and the arrangement shows no trace. Of course, Xiao Ning didn’t know that he would reserve this skill. He also improvised and ordered the housekeeper to give Liu Youren another blow. He should not only let Liu Youren get out of Liu Fu and live on the streets, but also let Liu Youren live better than beggars, and rob him and drive him out again and again.