"Isn’t the family poor and fast? We paid half of our money last month. Where did Miss Er get so much silver jewelry? I heard that things in Ruifuxuan are valuable. "
"Miss Er must have a lot of intimate masters and wives who love her the most."
"It’s a pity that the most pet is the most heartless. You see, after the lady went crazy, Miss Er didn’t even walk to Wangxia’s house, but the fourth young master went back to the hospital to look at Wangxia’s house and knocked his wife on the head three times. Today, the master was beaten to death and sent someone to invite Miss Er. Miss Er also said that she was not comfortable with her, but she was busy packing things. Do you think she wanted to lose her master and Miss San and run away by herself?"
"Khan, the most immoral thing in this family is that Miss Er heard that Miss Er murdered Miss Da in those years. Fortunately, Miss Da was not killed."
Liu Fang’s servant girl Yingxiang saw that the young lady looked pale and shouted, "Who is gossiping there?" Are you all idle? "
A few old ladies and maids stopped at once and went their separate ways.
Lu Fang said faintly, "Yingxiang, do you think Miss Er will leave this house and run away?"
How can a handmaiden answer the question of welcoming incense and fear?
"Miss Third and Miss Second, she … shouldn’t be there!"
Not in?
Liu Fang’s eyes crossed with a sarcastic sneer.
Before, Liu Fang-ai would have caught those men and ripped their mouths open, so she slandered her second sister, but now she looks back on the past and she is sad.
Second sister seems to take care of her sister. Every time she is scolded by her father and mother, second sister will help to intercede and teach her what to do, but in fact, second sister always puts the blame on her and picks herself clean.
For example, at the princess royal Begonia Flower Banquet, the second sister told her that it was better for her to have bad luck alone than for two people. It was better for the second sister to have no problem and have the ability to turn the situation around … She actually believed it foolishly.
In everyone’s eyes, the second sister is always the most sensible one, but she is just ignorant. She has become an excellent villain to set off the second sister.
"You’ll know in less than a day," Liu Fang said faintly.
In the emerald green pavilion, there was a maid Qualcomm. "Miss San is here …"
Liu Fang kindly lifted the curtain and came into the room to see Siqin coming out from the room. His forehead and nose were all sweaty and his face was red. He just did the work.
"Three young lady is here? The second young lady is lying in it, feeling unwell. "
Liu Fangai nodded and walked into the room to see the second sister look weak and weary through illness on the bed.
"Second sister heard that you were upset. Father asked me to come and see you." Liu Fangai sat by the bed.
"It’s nothing serious, but I feel chest tightness and breathlessness, and I have no strength all over." Liu Fanghua said forcefully.
"I should have let the doctor show you when the doctor came to treat my father’s injury when I knew you were uncomfortable, or should I send someone to invite the doctor back now?"
"No, no, actually, I’m just too worried about my family, Third Sister. You and your father ran for an afternoon and got nothing. I think I’ll go out to find my better sisters on weekdays and try to borrow them." Liu Fanghua said.
Does Sister Lu Fang have any good sisters? The former Qinghe infanta was counted as one, but now the Qinghe infanta has broken contact with the second sister, but it is better with the elder sister. Yesterday, the Qinghe infanta gave a birthday gift to the elder sister.
"The second sister is in poor health or at home. Will the door come to you? It’s not good that you’re not here, "Liu Fang said deliberately. Today, my father asked my second sister to go to Liang’s house, but now my second sister has taken the initiative to go out and find a way. Don’t plan to run away.
Chapter 44 Well robbed
"Third sister, I, you and your father went out today to find a way to borrow some money. Who knows, ah, you can’t go like this." Liu Fanghua shook his head and sighed.
Said it seemed that she had to come forward because her sister and father were so capable.
Lu Fang asked kindly, "Does the second sister want to find the world?"
"I don’t want to bother him unless I have to. I’ll ask my sisters first!"
"Then I’ll go with my second sister."
"No, no, you see, my father is injured. There is always a need for someone to sit at home and I will go by myself." Liu Fanghua was busy.
Liu Fangai silently looked at the second sister’s face and could not find a trace of panic. Some of them were sincere and very sincere. If they were former, she would be very grateful to the second sister and have high hopes. But now Liu Fangai feels cold in her heart.
If Sister Tian really abandons her and her father, should she stop it?
"It’s hard for the second sister. She will have a good rest and wait for the good news of the second sister." Liu Fang said kindly and got up and wanted to laugh with the second sister, but she couldn’t laugh and turned away.
Second sister is leaving, so let her go. Father will be disappointed when he knows. Father himself has been hurt like that, and he still remembers his second sister.
Early the next morning, Lu Fangai was awakened by a noise.
"You can’t do this. You are rebelling or going to jail." Yingxiang yelled in panic because she was too flustered and scared. This yelling was more like a request.
"Don’t scare people. We all signed an agreement to enter Liu Fu, and we still owe half of the profit next month. We can’t even keep this house. We have to get back what we deserve."
"Don’t move. That’s Miss San’s stuff."
Liu Fang sat up in shock and saw through the veil that someone rushed in and went straight to the dresser to take her dowry, and someone rummaged through the closet to welcome the incense and chase it, but was pushed to the ground.