Out of the palace, Lu Xiaoning saw Liu Fangai beside her carriage.
"Eldest brother, let’s go first." Liu Jizheng saw someone looking for Lu Xiaoning to be well-advised to pull Bao Liangyu and walked first.
Lu Xiaoning sighed silently and walked towards Liu Fangai.
I don’t know why Lu Fang-ai is looking for her. Either ask her to go home or ask her to leave Lujia alone.
Today, the treasurer of Longyu Bank will take over the house, and slag dad has been suspended again.
"Big Sister" Liu Fangai sincerely called Lu Xiaoning a big sister for the first time. She has no way to go, so she can come and ask for a big sister.
"I am not your elder sister anymore," Lu Xiaoning quipped, also trying to draw a line.
"Elder sister, whether dad wants to admit it or not, you are all Miss Lujia. This is a method to change the fact. I know I’m ashamed to ask you, but I still came. Elder sister, do you know that the government sent someone to seal the warehouse early today, and then Longyu Bank took people to collect the house? My father said that people would give me a grace until noon on Sunday, when my father couldn’t come up with 100,000 silver houses, it would no longer belong to Lujia …" Liu Fang choked up.
"How do you say that house is also your mother’s purchase? You have lived in it for more than ten years. It’s our home. The family can be noisy, but the home can’t be lost. If it’s gone, it’s really nothing … elder sister, even if I beg you, can you lend me two thousand first? Let me keep the house first, okay? "
Chapter 42 The most faint recruit
Liu Fang was so fond of playing the family card that she wanted to borrow 100,000 taels of silver. Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help laughing. "Since my mother gave the house deed to her father before, she really gave it to the house. She didn’t care who she would go to or stay in the future. What she cared about was bound to be arranged. For example, although I lived in the house for eleven years at that time, shops and 400 hectares of fertile land really didn’t leave me anything worth remembering in those eleven years, I didn’t care whether the house would be taken away or not."
"And you asked me to lend you money. I didn’t. I want to say yes. It’s also Jijia. Do you think I’ll take Jijia’s silver to solve Lujia’s urgent need? Yesterday, my father kicked me out of the house in front of everyone and refused to admit that I was his daughter Liu Youren. I didn’t expect that I would be offended by Ji Jia and scolded by my father for meddling. You’d better go back. No one can take away your things, and you can’t keep them. "
"Oh, right, since you came to see me, I will advise you not to want to suffer a big loss. Don’t listen to you, second sister. Have you seen your second sister once in total at Shuiyue Temple? You should hurry, but go to Shuiyue Temple to see you every now and then." Lu Xiaoning said and went to the carriage.
Liu Fang looked at Lu Xiaoning’s departure stupefied, still thinking about the elder sister’s speech. Second sister went to Shuiyue Temple to see her every now and then? But the only time the second sister came to see her, she said that she was going to leave without telling her home, which made her cry badly that day
If former Lu Fang-ai was kind, she might think elder sister was trying to sow discord, but now she won’t think so.
Then she remembered that she had come to the elder sister to borrow money, and when she said a few words, she shifted her goal.
Liu Fangai couldn’t help but feel depressed. Today, she ran to Loujia and Liang’s house. Not only was she scolded for what she got, but when she got home, she heard that her father had been beaten for a penny, but she was also beaten by someone. Liu Fangai’s language was so high in her mind that her father was always unable to do anything. Now her second sister doesn’t care about anything. As a result, she came to the elder sister and refused to help.
Of course, it is reasonable for the elder sister not to help. The elder sister was almost poisoned by her mother and almost drowned by the second sister pushing water. She also tried to calculate the elder sister’s father several times, but she may not be so generous.
Lu Fang felt the 1,200 silver tickets left in her purse and went back to the carriage to ask the old manager, "Is there a cheaper and cleaner inn in Jinling City?"
Liu Fu Liu Youren lay in bed holding a head and groaning and singing.
"Master medicine boil" Zhu Wangduan medicine came in.
Liu Youren sat up with a brace, Zhu Wang fed him a drink, and Liu Youren took a sip, almost without being scalded.
"Do you want to burn your master to death?" Liu Youren pushed the medicine bowl angrily.
Zhu Wang wronged and said, "It’s not hot to try it."
Lu Youren didn’t bother to pay attention to him. Can Zhu Wang be compared with him? It’s really not good for Zhu Wang to run errands and take care of people. Damn it, when Lu Xiaoning left, others took away the maid in his room, causing him to have no one to take care of someone else. I haven’t seen anyone coming to these naughty slaves for a long time.
"Miss two? Why don’t you come over? " Liu Youren leaned against the big pillow and whined.
Zhu Wang skimmed the pie mouth and said, "I’ve been there for a while, but Siqin said that Miss Er is not comfortable either."
Lu Youren asked, "What’s the matter with Miss Er?"
Zhu Wang, I’m sorry to say that Miss Er can be uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable and don’t want to wait on you.
"I don’t know"
"You won’t ask?" Liu youren urgent way
What did Zhu Wangxin ask? Can I tell you the truth? You must not have more headaches.
I really can’t see people’s hearts clearly until I meet something. Miss Er keeps watch over her every day because she thinks she can still get her a generous dowry. Now she knows that she can’t give her anything, and she doesn’t even want to come. Let’s say filial piety or filial piety! If the big lady hadn’t been driven away, the big lady wouldn’t have sat idly by.
Everyone is saying that the most stupid move of his lordship is to drive away the big lady.
He agrees that the most courageous and important thing in the Lu family is the big miss, who is so timid as the master. He has been wandering around in front of people’s houses all afternoon, even afraid to enter the door, let alone borrow money. It’s hard to find someone to summon up courage and go in. Who knows that he won’t be typed out soon?