Liu Youren’s brain is stopping for a while, and even the furnishings in his room have been searched in the youth room.
"Father Longyu bank money steward door to debt, to collect the house to father now? Where do we live if the house is taken away? " After all, Lu Fang-ai is in charge, and the worry is different from Lu Fang-hua’s. Her first consideration is that they should follow the problem after the house is confiscated.
Liu Youren sighed, "Father asked you to come here to discuss this matter, so it is urgent for him to seal the house first when the warehouse is sealed. Now the money manager has limited the time to noon the day before yesterday, and asked us to take out 100 thousand taels of silver …"
It’s hard to say that Liu Youren bit his teeth, but I have to say that Liu Youren looked at Youhua. "Youhua, are you going to find a Qin Wangshi? Ask him to borrow 102 thousand first, even if he doesn’t have 100 thousand, he can have 70 thousand, as much as he can. "
Liu Youren has calculated that now he still has 35,200 yuan in his hand and 65,000 yuan to get through the day first. Now he can take it one step at a time.
Liu Fanghua want to also don’t want to oppose "father how can this? My daughter is not a Qin Wangfu yet, and she still has to borrow money from others. What do you think of our family? It’s enough that the world promised to intercede with Yang’s adult. Maybe he would be ashamed. How did you let your daughter get this mouth? Wan Yi is tired of thinking that our family is a burden and we don’t want a daughter. Who can we expect from the Lujia family? "
What’s the joke? Let her ask the world for money. Didn’t Wan Yi tell you that she had already given you 122,000 silver? How does she answer the phone? That’s 122 thousand. After the world married her, she was counting on this silver support
Liu Youren’s face is smoked. Think about it. Youhua is right.
Lu Fang lingered, "Does the father want his daughter to go to Lou’s house and ask Liang’s?"
Lu Youren feels that there is little hope. Lou Jia and Liang Jia have almost reached the point of breaking up, and Lou Jia Liang’s family never knew how to give Lu Jia silver from Lu Jia.
"Is that we should ask Lou Guhe Liang’s to ask how much silver they have asked from our house over the years? Besides, it’s unreasonable to ask my mother to borrow this money for my uncle, but it’s too unreasonable to ask them for it, "said Liu Fanghua."
Liu Youren has to try the service road whenever there is a glimmer of hope. "Youhua, you go to Liang’s house, you have more friendships, you go to Lou’s house to find your grandmother, and don’t go to your big uncle, you big uncle, who is dead."
Chapter 479 Shocked the virtuous princess
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Liu Youren’s words just stopped and Liu Fanghua objected again. "Father and daughter can’t leave home forever to find their daughters. What if their daughters are not there?" Some things the world will say to her daughter may not necessarily tell her father, and if the world comes, her daughter may be able to ask him. "
Liu Fanghua thought that the boss was going to touch the nail, so she didn’t want to go. It was also a waste of time to ask grandpa to tell grandma to look at people and beg for silver. She couldn’t do it.
My father is too lost. With such a big event at home, my father will not try to find a way, but his two daughters will try to find a way. They are not cash cows. If you shake the copper coins, they will fall.
Liu Youren frowned crossly, but it makes sense to think about youth.
Lu Fang-ai is very dissatisfied with the second sister’s shirking attitude and excuses so much. Now there are only three of them left in the family. If the house is taken away, doesn’t second sister have to sleep on the street? She hasn’t entered the palace gate of Qin yet.
"Forget Liang’s, I’ll take a trip." Liu Fang was so kind that she took Liang’s over and hoped for more.
Liu Youren nodded with relief. I didn’t expect this time to be fragrant and have some responsibility.
"Go now before it’s too late. Let the old manager drive you to your father’s and friends’ place." Liu Youren said.
Liu Fanghua waited for her father and Fang Ai to leave and hurried back to Didi Cuige. She had to hide the remaining 112,000 silver.
As soon as the afternoon class was over, someone was sent to Qionghua Temple to ask Lu Xiaoning to let her go to Qionghua Temple for lunch, which caused Huangfuyunlan to have a supercilious look. Lu Xiaoning ignored her and allowed you to go to Zhaoyang Temple for lunch every day, but she was not allowed to go to Qionghua Temple occasionally.
Lu Xiaoning followed Gong E to Qionghua Temple and accidentally saw Mrs. Chen and Siyao there.
Lu Xiaoning respectfully asked Xianfei Empress and Mrs. Chen to pay their respects and give Xianfei Empress a smile and a pleasant seat.
Gong E put a chair beside Chen Siyao and Lu Xiaoning sat next to Chen Siyao.
Xianfei Empress Wen Wan said, "Mrs. Chen and Miss Chen came to visit the palace today. I heard that you and Siyao are best friends and asked you to come over for lunch."
Lu Xiaoning looked at the eyes and smiled. Chen Siyao also laughed and said, "Back to the Empress, I am really a very good sister."
Mrs. Chen said, "Xiao Ning also saved my Yanping’s life. It’s our Chen Jiaen."
Lu Xiaoning and Chen Guyuan’s Princess Empress had heard about it before, but when Mrs. Chen got up, she didn’t know "Oh? There is this thing? "
Mrs. Chen said, "In early April, I took YanYu and Yanping back to Jinling by boat from Yangzhou. It happened that Xiao Ning took the minister’s boat and also went back to Jinling. Xiao Yanping was naughty and accidentally fell into the water. When his brother jumped to get him, Yanping was already out of breath. Fortunately, Xiao Ning abruptly pulled Yanping back from the ghost gate."
Lu Xiaoning embarrassed, "Aunt, this is the younger generation. It’s a matter of whether the younger generation is a doctor to heal the wounded and rescue the dying."
"It’s a point for you, but it’s a great kindness for us Chen family to remember a generation." Mrs. Chen laughed.
Empress Xianfei laughed. "Saving lives is to know the kindness and not forget it. If everyone can keep the points, the world will be peaceful."
"Empress is absolutely right," echoed Mrs. Chen Xiaoweiwei.
"So Mrs. Chen and Miss Chen are not strangers," said the fairy princess. "Xiao Ning has something to ask you. Today, your father compromised and your father kicked you out of the house. Is this the case?"
She was asked by the emperor that Emperor Lu Xiaoning was very concerned about this matter. It happened that Mrs. Chen and Miss Chen came over. With Chen Jiahe Xiao Ning, she wouldn’t be afraid of Xiao Ning’s grievances. She couldn’t come forward. Chen Jia could come forward for Xiao Ning.
Lu Xiaoning was a little surprised that dad was involved? Did you do it? Or do you want to take it out on her?
"Xiao ning what’s going on? Tell your aunt who made you feel wronged. Aunt Chen was shocked. Today, she went to the palace to visit the queen. Yesterday, the great-grandson of the emperor was given a weak crown. After the queen of the prince returned to the palace, she fell down. She ordered the minister’s wife to go to the palace to ask about the disease. As a result, the queen didn’t see that she had taken medicine and slept inconveniently. She came to Qionghua Temple to visit the virtuous princess. I didn’t expect to hear such a news.
"Yes, Xiao Ning, why is it so sudden?" Chen Siyao immediately worried.
It’s a big deal to be kicked out of the house by my father. I’ve heard of an unscrupulous family being kicked out of the house and removed from the genealogy. I didn’t expect this to happen in Xiao Ning’s body, which is very bad for Xiao Ning’s name.
Lu Xiaoning said with a wry smile, "It’s a shame for every family to recite scriptures."
"You can tell the truth that the final entry list of the Nine Needles Competition is determined soon. This is no longer a family matter for you." Xianfei Niangniang Daohuang is worried that part of it is due to this concern that Lu Xiaoning should be in charge. All this is to be said.
Lu Xiaoning is reluctant to talk about her dirty laundry, but the virtuous princess has said that this is not her family, so she can’t stop talking about it.
He found out that Ji Jia did not die of a serious illness, but was killed by Lou Shi and Dr. Hong, so the door begged for a statement, and Ji was fair to her father, who was angry with her elbow and turned her out of the house. After a detailed account, he made an account
Mrs. Chen got red in the face with anger. "This assistant minister Lu is so outrageous that he doesn’t avenge his ex-wife. In turn, he blames Ji Jia for making a big deal out of things and Xiao Ning for being really … right and wrong."
Mrs. Chen came to think of swearing and swearing, thinking that it was in Qionghua Hall that she could not lose her manners and abruptly changed her mouth.
"That’s JiGu daughter xiao ning mother was killed alive don’t they pretend to be deaf? What does assistant Lu think? " Mrs. Chen is indignant. It is no wonder that Lou’s name is not bad among Jinling butler’s wives. There is no reason why this woman is really vicious. Xiao Ning was not killed by Lou. It is fatal.
Xianfei Empress sighed, "The Emperor has suspended Assistant Minister Lu from his post to go home and reflect on this matter. I believe that the right and wrong have their own conclusions and are fair and comfortable."
He also advised, "Xiao Ning, you need to worry too, or you should focus on the Nine Needles Competition."
Lu Xiaoning reluctantly smiled. "Let the empress and aunt care about my daughter. Besides, my grandmother is still on my side. Yesterday, my grandmother and my younger brother all moved out of Lujia with my daughter."
Mrs. Chen said, "I didn’t expect Mrs. Lujia to be a fool."
Assistant minister Lu, that bastard is not as reasonable as an old man.
Chapter 4 Tearing Wedding Invitations
After lunch in Qionghua Temple, Lu Xiaoning and Chen Jia’s mother and daughter left first.
Empress Xianfei gave her a box of snails as a birthday present.
When Lu Xiaoning saw a box of exotic characters, he knew that this snail Dai was very expensive. It should have come from Persia, and it was not sold outside. Even in the palace, there were the most distinguished or favored concubines to have Lu Xiaoning hurriedly give thanks.
Chen Siyao also got a box of beaded flowers, which is much more common than Lu Xiaoning’s Luo Dai.
Mrs. Chen asked when she left Joan Huadian; "Xiao ning, where do you live now? If it’s not convenient outside, you can control Chen Jialai and take your grandmother and your brother Chen Jiazhai is still big enough. "
"Yes, yes, Xiao Ning lives in our house." Chen Siyao is begging to believe that she is not the only one who can beg.
Lu Xiaoning said gratefully, "Thank you for your kindness. I’m staying at my third uncle’s house now."
Mrs. Chen said, "Xiao Ning, I’m telling you, it’s better for you to live in Chen Jialai, okay? How can it be beneficial at this time, even if it is a short stay! "
Chen Siyao nodded and looked at Lu Xiaoning with little eyes.
Lu Xiaoning naturally understands this truth. If the Chen family lets her live, it will be tantamount to supporting her with a fresh flag. The Prime Minister’s office can easily control public opinion. After all, this is a wife who does not sue her husband and father. It is unreasonable to talk about the filial piety era of the Three Cardinals and Five Permanent Members. Even if she is not a Ji family, her expulsion from home will attract a lot of suspicion.
But Lu Xiaoning still refuses Chen Jia’s kindness. This is because Ji Jiahe and Lu Jiaen blame outsiders for not intervening. I believe that Ji Jia won the lawsuit with the evidence at hand and the strength of Ji Jia’s generations to occupy the commanding heights of public opinion. There is no problem. Ji Jia not only wants the murderer to get the punishment he deserves, but also wants Liu Youren’s selfishness and ingratitude. love rat is hiding. More precisely, let him return to his original shape. What was Lu Youren like ten years ago?