"What?" Huangfu Shaolong jumped up from the ground in surprise. "Little Ye, he … who is qualified to seal the king? What does grandpa Huang think in his heart? Does he want to hand over the throne to Shao Ye? "
The king of Qin coldly winds his one eye and bites the back molar. "Not only did you seal the king, but you also let the young master take charge of the five cities’ military forces."
Huangfu Shaolong thinks it’s incredible. Today my father came to let him go to Shaoye’s weak crown ceremony, but he’s too lazy to go. What’s there to see? Now he regrets it. If he only showed up, he would resolutely oppose Grandpa Huang’s will.
"Is there no objection?" Huangfu Shaolong asked
Qin cold hum a "against it? The imperial edict princess royal sat in the seat of Prime Minister Chen and led a bunch of civil servants and the old man Anpingbo to support and oppose it? "
It’s really too small to look down upon Shao Ye, who is incredibly immobile. When the prince has so many powerful crowds, he was still fighting with his second brother to the death before today.
"What about father?" Huangfu Shaolong is also in a hurry to fight with Qin Wangfu and Zhao Wangfu, which is very difficult. The probability of victory and defeat is even, and there is a 50-50 chance of winning. Now it is good to have another prince, and the emperor has handed over the five cities’ military forces to the prince, which is equivalent to handing over Jinling soldiers to the prince.
"You know the urgency, just say that you haven’t been completely muddy. Father warned you that the family affairs of Lu were over. At this point, Qin Wangfu can’t call people to get the words. How many times have you been walking around this time? You two have always been very close, sounding out less, and giving a message to Qin Wangfu. This means that Qin and Zhao have joined hands to suppress less Ye first and then discuss it later." Qin solemnly confessed.
Huangfu Shaolong hesitated for a while and soon made a decision. He likes Liu Fanghua, but he is not in a hurry. At this moment, the opportunity for the emperor to fight is fleeting. If we can’t suppress Huangfu Shaoye while he is on the shaky footing, then the Qin Wangfu will be finished. The daughter’s affection and future life are naturally the latter’s important.
Huangfu Shaolong figured it out and solemnly said, "I’ll invite Shaoxuan to drink later."
The king of Qin nodded and patted his shoulder with satisfaction, saying, "If you want something big, you can achieve it. If a woman doesn’t have it then, even if you want Liu Fanghua’s side princess father, she won’t stop you."
Huangfu Shaolong’s confidence increased greatly, saying, "I will go all out."
Chapter 476 Suspended for introspection
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I woke up early the next day and told Lu Xiaoning a piece of good news. Before dawn, Mr. Zhang came to report that ugly Xiuyan gave birth to a boy last night, and his mother was safe and gave birth.
Lu Xiaoning delighted. "Why didn’t he come to tell you earlier? Didn’t you say that Xiuyan would tell me when she gave birth? "
Angelica dahurica helped her adjust the temperature of the water for washing her face and said with a smile, "Mr. Zhang wanted to tell me, but I didn’t expect Xiuyan to say that she had a stomachache and so on. She saw that the baby was born in a few minutes, and people wanted to tell her whether she would come or not."
Lu Xiaoning was very happy that after what happened yesterday, the horse ushered in two happy events: one was that the young master sealed the prince and the other was that Xiuyan gave birth to a son.
"Angelica dahurica, you’ll seal a 200-tael red envelope and then send a pair of silver bracelets, one with a silver lock, but not two with a silver lock, and also send one to Mei Er, and then pull a few pieces of good materials to make the supple children wear the kind of congratulations that you give me." Lu Xiaoning ordered.
"Know that when Mr. Zhang came to report good news, the handmaiden had sealed him two silver coins for good luck." Angelica dahurica laughed.
"Do you tell Mr. Zhang that I went out of the palace at noon to see Xiuyan" Liu Xiaoning refreshed to get up and wash.
Lu Xiaoning went to see the old lady first.
As soon as I changed my bed, the old lady didn’t sleep well last night, which led to her early appearance. However, when she saw that Lu Xiaoning and Xiao Chengxun were full of spirit, the old lady laughed at herself and said, "If I don’t move, I don’t know that I have a bed problem. It will be fine in a few days."
"The old slave didn’t sleep well in bed yesterday. Is it older than a child? Look at the spirit of the fifth young master." Liu Ma laughed
"Yes, we two old guys are old and will die of old age in that bed. Who would have thought that we would change beds?" Although the old lady was joking, her eyes were sad.
Lu Xiaoning felt very sorry. If it weren’t for her grandmother, she wouldn’t have left her hometown, but she had to take her grandmother out, otherwise she would be so angry if she stayed there.
Aunt Sue laughed. "If you want to say that Ji’s family has nothing to say to us, Uncle Ji is afraid of training a boy. It’s so happy that people sent a bunch of toys to train a boy last night."
The old lady was very pleased that the Ji family was really thoughtful. "We old people are accustomed to children crying in a few days. It is troublesome for the Ji family to even think of this thoughtfulness. However, we can’t take it as a blessing just because people are polite. Let’s try to be introspective, and don’t bother others, especially not to disturb the young master."
No matter how good it is here, it’s not your home. You can’t be too casual. That’s rude.
Lu Xiaoning really felt that she had a great prejudice against her grandmother before, and her grandmother had this knowledge, which shows that she is also a knowledgeable woman.
After breakfast with the old lady, Lu Xiaoning went to see the big uncle again before leaving the house and told her that there would be no problem with Yang’s adult. If you insist on intervening, Qin Wangfu will be asking for bad luck.
Big Uncle is not a boaster. On the contrary, Lu Xiaoning thinks that Big Uncle is the most honest and honest of the three uncles.
So he was at ease to tell Big Uncle, "Then Xiao Ning went to the palace."
"Go, go and do your own thing with peace of mind." Big Uncle said gently.
When Lu Xiaoning arrived at the palace gate, he unfortunately touched her face, and the rabbi’s face was still full of slag.
Lu Xiaoning didn’t salute in the same place and didn’t intend to say hello. She was kicked out of Lujia. Dad said he hoped she would die four years ago. She didn’t want to pay attention to this kind of dad.
Liu Youren came to expect Xiao Ning to make a mistake for him. Seeing that Lu Xiaoning didn’t want to talk to him, he became more angry and left with a cold hum.
He went into the palace today to meet the emperor about the selection of Jishi Shu.
Liu Youren tidied up his mood and left for the imperial house.
Yesterday, a young man said that Qin Wangshi promised to make moves, and even if Lou Shi could not be fished out, Yang’s adult would try to minimize the impact of this case, and his heart would settle down again. At the last moment, young man is more reliable.
Who knows, before he could reply, the emperor threw a fold in front of him and was angry.
"Look for yourself."
Lu Youren shook the cable, picked it up and turned it over. Suddenly, he was scared out of his wits. It turned out that it was Yushitai who wrote the bad things about Lujia clearly, in detail and in detail, and criticized him for being an ungrateful person. Yushitai people were sharp when they scolded people. Lu Youren looked like a cold sweat. He was almost sure that this was written by Ji family. Otherwise, how could he know so much?
Hurriedly knelt down and said, "Not everything the emperor said is true."
The emperor snorted, "It’s not part of it. Does that mean some of it is true?"
Liu Youren’s sweat dripped on the mirror-smooth floor tiles, and he dared not bully you and fell to the ground.
Listening to Huang Shen’s way, "Solitude entrusts you with the task of presiding over the selection of Jishi Shu, which means that your officials want you to select talents with excellent academic performance. Now you let Solitude trust you again?"
"You should suspend all your duties, go home and reflect, and wait for the government to make your Lujia case clear before you discuss it again."
The emperor gave a hand in disgust, and he was angry when he saw this fold this morning. No, Lu Youren even expelled Lu Xiaoning from Lujia. This is the place he can’t stand most. Xiao Ning’s child has a lot of filial piety and praised her father in front of him. Lu Youren’s sake is not necessary now.
Liu Youren couldn’t cry. He just lost so much yesterday. He hasn’t recovered yet. Today, he was suspended. He has been waiting for so many years to get a good job. He also lost his key. It is impossible for the emperor to question others before he wants to get back the weight. Everyone in officialdom is used to holding high and stepping on low. It is conceivable that it will be difficult to stay in does in the future. Whether he can stay in does is a problem.
At the moment, he wants to give up. What is his bad luck?
"Get out of here?" The emperor saw that he had lost three souls and two souls, and he looked more and more impatiently yelling.
Liu Youren rolled and crawled out of the imperial room.
Just to see the prime minister Chen Lin University Wang University and others coming together, Liu Youren thought that he was in a mess and wanted to disappear on the spot.