Lu Xiaoning slammed the door and fell angrily on the bed. Sooner or later, she will be angry with these girls.
The cardamom complained, "It’s all your fault for guessing this well before you figure it out. Miss is angry."
"Even it scared us half to death." Few people can’t help complaining about the evening mist.
Du Ruo muttered, "I didn’t mean to look like that!"
"You don’t want to miss this call since hearing is such a fool? Is Taisun Hall that kind of dishonest person? " Cardamom righteous words way
"Well" evening mist nodded heavily.
Du Ruo said with a sad face, "Can you stop liquidating me first and try to please the young lady quickly?"
One by one, I know how to use Monday morning quarterback.
"Think about it yourself, coax me to cook sugar eggs for miss." Miss Du Ruo is good at it.
Evening mist said, "I’ll lock the door."
The two of them ran away with oil on their feet, and whoever got into trouble cleaned up the mess themselves.
Lu Xiaoning was happy in his heart. It’s time for Du Ruo to reflect on himself. Fortunately, Huangfu Shaoye didn’t know, otherwise Huangfu Shaoye must feel that he died of injustice and didn’t eat enough mutton to make him feel ashamed.
It didn’t take long for cardamom to bring a bowl of brown sugar eggs to accompany and carefully persuade the young lady to eat a little warm belly.
Lu Xiaoning has been blowing in the pavilion for several hours today. The lake is windy and windy, and it’s time to drink some brown sugar to warm up and get rid of the dampness. When the girl comes to the moon, she must be careless and not feel or pay attention. When she is old, she will suffer.
Looking at cardamom again, she barely ate half a bowl, and when she was relieved, she felt sleepy and thought that it was still important today, so she lay down and slept and ordered cardamom to wake her up when it was time.
Du Ruo is waiting outside the door to see cardamom come out with half a bowl of brown sugar eggs. Obviously, miss forgives cardamom or she won’t eat it.
"Did the young lady say anything about me?" Du Ruo asked nutmeg nervously.
Cardamom left the pie mouth "Miss didn’t have you"
Rico is so sad. Now Miss Li is angry with her alone. Du Ruo feels wronged when she thinks about it. She is also Miss Xin. Miss Li will think about it in that respect. Besides, Miss Li, why didn’t you make it clear earlier? It’s not a loss to come to Kwai Shui. Every girl will come to Kwai Shui and have to wait for her misunderstanding.
Chapter 453 Forgive a bai
Wake up the young lady on time as soon as the morning mist arrives.
"Miss, my uncle sent word that things were in order."
Lu Xiaoning suddenly felt sleepy. Doctor Hong confessed.
"Serve me to wash, then go to my uncle’s and then go home."
Go home and settle accounts
Du Ruo came in with hot water and smiled politely. "Miss handmaiden waits on you to wash. This water is burned and warmed. Miss, you can’t touch raw water these days."
"No, you wait on the evening mist here." Lu Xiaoning doesn’t intend to forgive her so soon.
"Miss, why don’t you come and give the handmaiden a chance to mend?" Du Ruo the cheek way
"You can’t change it." Liu Xiaoning turned supercilious look and said grumpily that Du Ruo was busy running over to wear shoes for the young lady.
Evening mist is still very kind to give this performance opportunity to Du Re-dao. "Miss Qian Tangmen has left the handmaiden to watch the point. Guys come and bother Miss."
Say that finish and leave quickly.
Du Ruo smirked. "Miss, we’re not angry, okay?"
Lu Xiaoning ignored her dress by herself.
"Miss handmaiden has really reflected on one province, two provinces and three provinces. Handmaiden shouldn’t be suspicious at random. It’s all handmaiden’s fault. Handmaiden promises never to guess again. You just point to the deer and say that it’s a horse handmaiden and never doubt it." Du Ruo’s mistake is very sloppy.
Lu Xiaoning: "Bah, do you mean your lady that I am a black-and-white deer and horse person?"
"No, miss, handmaiden means, for example, that handmaiden is loyal to miss. That’s what you mean when you say handmaiden will never go west." Du Ruo sincerely explained that she looked at miss with small eyes.
Lu Xiaoning said sullenly, "Don’t pretend to pity me. You just have too many thoughts in your head. It’s just that you talk nonsense in front of me. If you dare to talk nonsense in front of the Great Sun Temple, I won’t tear your mouth off."